XboxEra's 2024 Backlog Challenge |OT| Surely this is the year?

Oh shit…you can finally get through your backlog Mort!! :slight_smile:

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Haha, well I’ve allready written off most of the shovelware on PC anyway so not much real difference.

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Nice. :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s just too much crap. Lots of humble bundles and shit throughout my PC years. Bought one game I was interested in, got 10 others with it. That sort of stuff adds up.

I’m pushing the backlog down below the 1k mark!

Damn, that’s a lot of freaking games. lol

Hope you can knock that backlog down even further Mort. That’s just way too much. lol

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Minecraft Story Mode (+ 1)

Minecraft Story Mode Episodes 6-8 (+.5)

Great game, interesting story, slightly odd packaging (of what is included in the main game & what is DLC), and sadly isn’t available to buy any more.

This really felt like Episodes 1-4 were a story, and then Episode 5 (which still was part of the initial game) kind of queues up the story arch for the remaining DLC episodes. Those were also pretty good. Really enjoyed all of this but it’s a shame that it’s all delisted at this point. I picked up Season 2 earlier this year so will probably go onto that sometime soon.

  • +1 - Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz (Vita)

I’ve loved the series since I bought the first one on GCN; picked this one up for cheap a few years back and finally took the damn time to beat it.


Another week has gone by so time for an update! Bit of movement here as @MasterLeePhD plummets all the way down to last place… Temporary setback I’m sure :slight_smile:

Current leaderboard:

  1. @ShhIAmBatman 33.5

  2. @Searsy82 16

  3. @Zip 16

  4. @Jorge_Alexander_Acos 14

  5. @SilentJay76 13

  6. @Knottian 10

  7. @vrinn 9

  8. @ACyberRazorCut 6

  9. #Mort 4

  10. @profjjj 3.5

  11. @MasterLeePhD 2.5


I finally have a completion to report! Just finished FF7 Rebirth.

+1 → 4.5 total

Great game, but too darn long (for me). Other than a couple of the mini-games there was nothing in the game I didn’t like, and tons that I loved. But the overall combination of it was just too much. Having so much optional/side content also really threw off the pacing of the game (for me).

I ended up with about 90 hours of playtime and didn’t even come close to doing 100% of the game. I barely touched a couple of the open world areas, skipped all the optional chocobo races, and skipped a bunch of the optional mini-games.

If the game had been about 60 hours it probably would be on my all-time great list. As it stands, it falls a couple of notches below that.

Time to go back to Yakuza then dive back into the Trails series.


That sounds like a lot of bloat… Good completion though!

Also, my celebration over 9th place didn’t even last half an hour haha.


I’m alive! After a much needed mental break from gaming after a torrid sprint, I’m back and ready to make incremental advancements against an infinite backlog!

+1 League of Extraordinary Losers

NET 34.5

I will likely be finishing Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice today, but with the instant-grab of the sequel next week I’ll just mark that as a net-zero move either way.

I’m also secretly hoping that Square drops all of their PS exclusive FF games onto Xbox at the Spring Showcase, I don’t want to start FF7R2 on PlayStation if a replay through on Xbox is only a few months behind it.


Welcome back!


Question for the community: with the impending Xbox 360 store closure, should we give amnesty for any of the non-BC titles so people can pick them up without incurring a penalty? Just a thought so people don’t forgo great games for the sake of the contest.

  • Penalty?
  • No Penalty?
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I’m going to incur a massive penalty if these are not amnestied. So I selfishly vote no penalty.

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I won’t buy anything but still voted No Penalty! :wink:

Good that you brought this up, @Knottian .


I likely am going to pick up some stuff, so appreciate this. At those prices it’s kinda hard not to, and I have a 360 again so…


Well, someone has to be “that guy.” :smile:

Backlog is backlog! But I get it… :wink:


+1 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

This was a pleasant surprise. Seems to have been quite buggy on release, but I didn’t encounter any major issues. Good game!



+1 Fallout 76 (completed every quest in the game, including every side quest, all that is left is events and dailies)

+1 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (1000/1000)

Pretty much played through Hellblade in two sittings. What a cool game

Total - 18