XboxEra's 2024 Backlog Challenge |OT| Surely this is the year?

Lego Batman + 1

Had issues with one of the achievements but finally got it :slight_smile:


No farcy game has come close to 3. Vaas is the GOAT and his theme…uuuuuuuffff.


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I prefer Far Cry 4 more than 3 because it adds verticality to the game and I think the story is better overall. Vaas is the better antagonist but he’s only in the first half of the game. Love both games though!!

And yes, the soundtrack was fucking awesome in Far Cry 3!!

Well I’ve 4 on the backlog but expectations are up now after enjoying 3 and 5. I just think 2 put me off until 5 came out and loved it so had 3 and 4 for a while after picking up in sales.


I just finished 4 recently and am almost done with the Yeti valley dlc, I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Have not played 3 before but have it installed so I might try it soon. I’ve also been playing some game pass games that don’t count.

I’m planning on making a Far Cry DLC sweep through in either April or May of this year, I love those games and have accumulated all of the DLC over the years. And yes, Vaas is unquestionably the best villain in the series, by far.

As far as scoring, we’re finally moving in the right direction!

  • High on Life +1

  • High on Knife DLC +.5

  • Final Fantasy VII Intergrade DLC +.5

  • Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril +1.

Net change of: +3.

New Total: +5.


Rolled credits on the FC4 Valley of the Yeti just now. + .5

Honestly the last part of this was significantly easier than I was expecting (that buzzsaw is super powerful), and I only failed one night (but I also waited to do any of the nights until I had basically upgraded everything & had most of the weapons). Went from being scared of the Yeti & running away from them to not caring any more if they saw me.


I’ve started Tales of Arise and Disco Elysium so may be a while before next completion. Both purchased in previous sales and never started. Enjoyed the first couple of hours and very different experiences.


This TrueAchievements challenge keeps on giving with these completions. Somehow I’m going to have to balance staying alive in that challenge with FF7R2 when that comes out next week.

+1 for Dungeon Color

Feb 22nd Edit: +1 again for Dragon’s Lair Trilogy (which is absolutely not 3 separate games, and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Net Score: +7

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Bought that weird poker game. Balatro.


Bit late this week, sorry for that, but here’s the current leaderboard:

  1. @Searsy82 9.5

  2. @Zip 8.5

  3. @Jorge_Alexander_Acos 8

  4. @MasterLeePhD 7.5

  5. @Knottian 7

  6. @ShhIAmBatman 7

  7. @ACyberRazorCut 5

  8. @vrinn 5

  9. @profjjj 2.5

  10. @Mort 0

Some very good progress being made!


Once you finish BG3 I have faith in you getting through a few!


+1 Sherlock holmes: crimes and punishment on PC.



Did you like it? That is in my backlog too.

No, not really :c

Dont know if you have played or heard about Danganronpa but it felt like a AA one but in 3D, sluggish, boring and without style, and interesting characters.Had to dropped it in the third case because I couldn’t muster the strength to continue playing and I have enjoy games with socres of 5/6 :sweat:

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Is it still possible to join this little endeavour?

If yes, a couple of questions:

  • Does claiming free games on Epic/Prime/etc. count as a purchase? (I’d imagine so, since it adds to the backlog.)

  • Where do we stand on quitting a game because it’s too hard, too crap, too buggy, etc.? I give every game a fair try. But if I’m not enjoying it, I’ll quit, hide it from my games list and consider it done. I’m also old and suck at hard games, so this is happening more than I’d like. :sweat_smile: (Super Meat Boy and Hotline Miami, for example.)

  • Would you want my stats retroactively, or starting now? (I use Exophase for tracking, so I could tell you exactly what I’ve played. Purchase histories are a bit trickier, since those free Prime games don’t show up on Epic, for example. But I have a pretty good idea and will check what I can. Don’t remember adding much other than the Atari Recharged games that Prime keeps giving away (two per month) and Rage 2 on Steam.)

If it’s too late anyway, no worries. I’ll join you guys next year. :slight_smile:

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Yes, the more the merrier! Unless anyone objects?

It should count since you own it, and “purchase” it yeah. (We don’t count subs though.)

We try to complete games, as per the rules in the OP:

“A game doesn’t need to be 100% completed to have it count. Your definition of “completed” is up to you, but if the game has a story, then at minimum it should consist of beating the main campaign and seeing the credits roll. If needed, we can discuss and have the council come to an agreement as to what counts as “completed”. And again, any length goes.”

So… in a classic Xbox way it’s a bit of “case by case basis” :wink: We usually discuss things we are unsure about and come to an agreement that seems fair.

If you have solid stats, I suppose we can do it retroactively but I would like everyone to give their opinion on that tbh.

@Jorge_Alexander_Acos @Searsy82 @Zip @profjjj @MasterLeePhD @ACyberRazorCut @Knottian @vrinn @ShhIAmBatman

If there were any sort of stakes for the contest I could see going through the extra steps. However, this isn’t much more than a friendly message board contest to try to prod you to play your backlog.

If anyone has some sort of itch to fudge their numbers so they can “win” and contest with no prize, they should seek help.

Additionally, I do not think claiming free games should count against you. Sure, it grows your backlog, but I didn’t pay money for them so there is no real impetus to complete them or ever install them for that matter. Hell, I claim all of the Prime games on twitch every month and have never played a single one of them.


Final Fantasy VII Remake +1

What a game! Absolutely loved it and really hope Rebirth lands on Steam soon. A real shame MS hasn’t managed to get it on Xbox yet.

It really was the perfect way to do a Remake of the beloved classic PS1 RPG. Excellent graphics, new combat system that allows you to stop and select magic/Items giving it a good in-between of old and new. And the story is even better than the original by adding and expanding it. I played it from start to finish on my Steam Deck and honestly couldn’t put it down.

Now I’m going to check out the DLC.