XboxEra's 2024 Backlog Challenge |OT| Surely this is the year?

Finished Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter last night. Showing its age but had a really good atmosphere and tension running through streets not knowing what to expect. Wish I had the enemies sixth sense to know where they were lol


I just reinstalled that one last night but think it’s going to wait a little longer before I pick it up.

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Very nice! Please put a +1 or whatever number is appropriate in your posts when you have changes to your score, as I might miss it otherwise. :slight_smile:

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Whoops was beginning to wonder if i was missing something. +4 total for year.


Think I’m going to jump into Far Cry 3 next.


Nice. This one is in my backlog as well. Good to know it’s worth playing.

Yeah it was frustrating at times but got to remember can’t go rushing in without checking areas and had to be a bit more tactical. I’m glad I played it even after alll this time and like many older games you can get through relatively quickly.

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I have still been on a bit of a retro tear. I have finished 11 games since my last report. I have a similar challenge on going with coworkers that is a cooperative challenge. Where I will buy the group holiday prime rib dinner at the end of the year if we collectively beat 100 games for the year. That number may get adjusted slightly. We (five of us) are at 33 as a group two months into the year, so I might bump it to 150.

However, it will only be +4 for the ones I own the cart for and have never finished.

  • Toejam and Earl (Sega Genesis) +1
  • Batman (NES) +1
  • Haunting: Staring Polterguy (Sega Genesis) +1
  • Castle of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse +1

The other ones that do not count as they were either played via Nintendo Switch Online, Emulation Station, or were beaten previously and I just wanted to play them again were:

  • Alien Storm (Sega Genesis)
  • Musha (Sega Genesis)
  • Zero Wing (Sega Genesis)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)
  • Batman Returns (SNES)
  • Final Fight (SNES)
  • Technocop (Sega Genesis)

Total 10.5


That sounds like a lot of fun. Great progress too!

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Yeah, there is something about old games that just works for me. There is a certain something to it that is just absent now days.

That said a couple of those, particularly technocop, put me through the grinder. So I might be on a little retro hiatus. The game isn’t particularly good, I just remembered it being violent. And it was, but it was not fun to finish.

I’m not sure I could make it through half of those hehe.

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The NSO and Emulation Station ones are way easier than an actual cart. They both have suspend/save states and rewinding built in.

Ah, yeah that would makes things much more manageable heh. Cool stuff.

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Naturally, Banishers is being Gamefly’ed for the -1, just in time to offset Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale being completed.

So: -1, then +1, for a net change of: 0.

Luckily, with Suicide Squad and Tekken being just about completed, I can attack more backlog titles and finally move this score in the right direction!

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Time for another leaderboard update! This week we have a new leader, with Searsy82 taking the pole position.

New leaderboard:

  1. @Searsy82 10.5

  2. @Jorge_Alexander_Acos 8

  3. @MasterLeePhD 7.5

  4. @Knottian 7

  5. @Zip 7

  6. @vrinn 5

  7. @ACyberRazorCut 4

  8. @profjjj 2.5

  9. @ShhIAmBatman 2

  10. @Mort 0


Do you get a free plus one at the end of the year for all the updates?

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Haha, maybe that’s the way I finally get a point… :wink:


I’m just enjoying diving into backlog with this challenge keeping me away from sales :rofl:


Another net-0, as I finish MK1 the same day I pick-up Skull & Bones. At SOME point I have to start scoring in the positive, but for now I’m happy to tread water.


Completed Far Cry 3 this evening. Enjoyed that story more than I thought I would.