XboxEra's 2024 Backlog Challenge |OT| Surely this is the year?

Two more from my backlog. I finished off the other version of Hitman Absolution, and if I were buying today I’d definitely recommend the newer one, just for small polish things, but honestly the 360 version holds up well.

Also finished my copy of Walking Dead A New Frontier, and I cared a lot more about the family than I thought I would. I did end up with Kate at the end, but a death right before that wasn’t real expected and kinda hit me a bit… Good game, I have a couple of the other ones so might check them out sometime too.

  • 2 = 6

Went back to Far Cry 4 and have about half of the missions done so going to try to focus and get that done. Neat setting.


Ah hell, gotta subtract a point. Tekken 8 showed up from Gamefly. I’m starting to think I’m going to end the year massively in the negatives with how often I’m playing the next thing, and not something I own and should probably get too.

Tekken 8: -1 Total Score: 0* (the asterisk to signify that I’m active!)


I’m REALLY fighting with myself to not buy stuff. I know I will later this year, but thankfully I still have stuff I got last year I haven’t started so trying to discipline my normal reaction to deals.


You’re far more responsible than I. I managed my own Gamestop about 11 years ago, and to this day I still have to touch every new release (within reason) and I can’t stop myself. Gamefly’s 4-game subscription does alot to have me not pay full retail for many of them, but my backlog is closing in on 2000 games without even mentioning all the emulators on my PC that have games screaming for me to play them.

Even a work from home career that lets me play games during the workday doesn’t help me catch up at all. I’m almost curious to see just how far in the negatives I can get too this year


I tried game fly when I was in college, asked for halo 3 two times and both copies got lost before I saw them, so I was like I don’t want to keep using this and have them think I’m stealing stuff…

Having that historical physical connection with stuff would be hard too. I’m not at 2000, but it’s definitely at or over 1000. And that’s with me not getting into non pc games until the 360, only ever buying an Xbox (though I do have 1 switch game), and hating steam and not having much of a library there.

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I’d be lying if I said I had more than 100 or so physical copies on hand of anything, my 16tb on my Xbox and my 5TB on my PC though? well that’s a different story!

Gamefly has been a lifesaver - I get every new release a few days after launch, and with the 4 game plan I always have an open “slot” for the next thing. For example, HellDivers 2, and Banishers, Tekken and FF7R2 are all games I’m not paying full price for, just in February alone. I did end up buying SS:KTJL, but that’s still tons of cash that I’m not spending on new releases.

It’s fair to say I have a problem with buying games that I know I’ll never get too though, as the new release parade only affords me a few days each month to get into the backlog. I’m hoping to get to High on Life and Atomic Heart this month, but I don’t have high hopes at all.


+1 Fobia St Difna hotel----Basically AA resident evil (the new ones)


Do retro games count?

If you own them, digitally or physically, I think that’s all that matters… I hope so anyways because half of what I’m playing fits the retro moniker now.



Technically I beat three games tonight, but only two of them count since I have beat one of them before.

  • +1 Rambo III (Sega Genesis)
  • +1 Gremlins 2 (NES)

The one that doesnt count:

  • Jaws (NES)

Total 6.5

I was feeling nostalgic so I busted my Samsung GX TV out of the closet and hooked up the old stuff.


Thrilled to see so much activity in this thread. Our new competitors are bringing the heat this year. Ha.

I keep downloading “short” games from Steam thinking I’ll knock a couple out sometime soon. But so far I have not followed through. All my time the last few weeks has gone to Infinite Wealth and Persona 3, which I am nowhere close to completing.

I am having a blast with both games though - which is what really matters.


Bro. So excited to hear your thoughts on Infinite Wealth. I just finished it last night and man… so damn rad.


I’ll be happy to share them when I finish, but it will probably be a while. Persona has been dominating the little gaming time I have so I’m probably only 20% into Infinite Wealth so far.

Skylar and Plux: Adventure on Clover Island +1

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This Trueachievements LeapFrog challenge is going to have me digging out random games from my backlog. In this case:

Mina & Michi → +1.

Net Score: +1


Leaderboard update:

  1. @Jorge_Alexander_Acos 8

  2. @MasterLeePhD 7.5

  3. @Knottian 7

  4. @Searsy82 6.5

  5. @Zip 6

  6. @vrinn 5

  7. @ACyberRazorCut 3

  8. @profjjj 2.5

  9. @ShhIAmBatman 1

  10. @Mort 0

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Dam this year competition is fierce!!


We can add Prehistoric Dude to the list (thanks again, TA. There’s going to be alot of that coming down the pipe the next few weeks).

Prehistoric Dude → +1

Net Score → +2


FarCry 4: +1 = 7

Might go back & do the Valley of the Yetis DLC at some point. Shangri La missions were interesting but hated the boss fight one against the dragon thing. Liked the rest of the game a lot. I apparently also own possibly all the other games in the series other than the first one, so likely will play at least one more of these sometime this year. Loved the grenade launcher paired with the mini helicopter :slight_smile:


I’ve got this and 3 in my backlog. Played 2 but never got into it but loved 5 :person_shrugging:. 3 and 4 look like they have interesting bad guys.

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