XboxERA's 2021 Backlog Challenge. Are you Game Enough?

Welcome to XboxEra’s 2021 Backlog Challenge. Are you game enough to shrink your backlog in 2021?

The Challenge:

Shrink your backlog.

The Rules:

  1. Each successfully completed gaming your backlog earns your one point (+1).
  2. Each newly purchased game loses you one point (-1) .
  3. XboxERA poster with the highest score on December 31st, 2021 is the XboxERA 2021 Gaming Backlog Champion. Priza TBA.
  4. GamePass games are worth ZERO points UNLESS:
    • The game was already apart of a backlog (physical/digital)
    • You purchase a copy of the game at which point it becomes a (-1) until beaten
  5. Games gifted by family/friends/strangers count as ZERO points. It was a gift and not an active decision by you the challenger.
  6. Multiple games can be played at once. Getting bogged down with that Ubisoft collect-a-thon? Beat a few Telltale titles at the same time to boost your score. Doesn’t matter how many games you play, if you beat it, you get a point.

How To Play:

  • Sign up below! Game starts January 1st, 2021.
  • When a game is beaten, you state the name of the game, what system, and add yourself +1. Once a day of two, the total scores will be updated via a Google Drive Spreadsheet for all to see.
  • Honesty is the best policy. This is supposed to be a fun challenge/contest, so don’t try cheating.
  • Games DO NOT HAVE TO BE 100%d. If you see the credits and the story is over, the game is beaten. If the game is story complete and credits roll, and you’re only at like 50% completion, it counts as a +1.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a 100+ RPG like Dragon Quest, a 5 hour indie darling, or something in between. If it’s in your backlog, you beat it, it counts.


Sign up below in a reply. Sign-ups close let’s say second week on January. Contest starts tomorrow. So theoretically, someone could sign up today, beat a bunch of TellTale games and take an early lead. So get to work!

How Can I Track My Backlog?

Free to use, free to sign up! Build your collection, track it, complete it!

Current Challengers:






Sounds fun! I am constantly working on my backlog, with other games mixed in though. I have hundreds of games in the backlog though so it’s a bit of an uphill battle.

Sign me up!

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What games are qualified for backlog? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything that you have previously purchased and have not played, played but shelved, or are currently playing.

I rarely play shelved games ever again. Soma is one game I’m sitting on atm. Otherwise I have no personal backlog. I try a lot games but once I stop I rarely go back…

One exception might be Sekiro. I really want to start this once again.

Well for me Soma and Sekiro in this case :stuck_out_tongue:

Not signing up for this as the only reason I even have a backlog is because I still don’t have the Series X yet. It’s still listed as preparing for shipping with January 5th as the date from GameStop. If I had the Series X console back when it launched, it’s unlikely that I would even have a backlog at all. With that said, I have the following games which are in order of when they will be played and completed 100% -

  1. Gears 5: Hivebusters
  2. Watch Dogs Legion
  3. Immortals Fenyx Rising
  4. Outriders (February 2nd, 2021)
  5. Gears Tactics
  6. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  7. Wasteland 3

1 - 3 are set in stone. 4 - 7 are subject to change in regards to the order. If I buy Outriders on disc, it stays at 4 but if I buy it digitally, then it could slide down the list while another game would slide up.

Mid 2021 games -

  1. Cyberpunk 2077 (waiting for the next gen upgrade so for me, this game doesn’t really exist yet.)
  2. Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales (will be the first game I play when I buy PlayStation 5 in the Spring/Summer.)
  3. Marvel’s The Avengers (may give this a second chance depending on the next gen upgrade and how good it is. Can go either way.)

Overall, not bad considering I don’t have the Series X yet. If I had it at launch, im pretty sure the three Ubisoft games would have been completed already. Since work is slow between January-March, I should easily be able to get back on track especially since there’s no new releases for me thus far outside of Outriders which for me is great as it gives me more time to catch up.

I’ll join this, even though I’ll spend a lot of time on new releases rather than my backlog because of how many new releases there are that have caught my interest. I think I can still make a good amount of progress though.

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I’m game. However, I get review codes. How do they count?

They don’t so feel free to give them away to those here, especially those who reply to you. Hehe. lmao.



Well, guess whose on the board with a negative… Damn you Hitman 3!

ProgStopper: -1 (Bought Hitman III)

I’ll make up ground soon.

ProgStopper: -1

@Mort 0

@PhantomFox 0

@DeoGame 0

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Haha, I have made 0 progress so far. Still playing Cyberpunk 2077!

Well, I’m about to put some serious positive points on the board. Nearly done with Star Wars Squadrons, then to the Resident Evil 3 remake, back half of Days Gone, then finishing Hitman 2 inside Hitman 3 (it counts), so I’ll easily get a nice buffer at the start.

I always buffer with shorter games or multigame collections, before moving onto longer stuff. Because if I didn’t it would take forever with Valhalla.

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I’m doing pretty good so far. This year I’ve completed:

  • Quantum Break
  • Mirror’s Edge
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

And now I’m playing Yakuza 0. Haven’t bought anything yet.

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You officially declaring those +3? Do those three met the pre-determined criteria to be counted as a plus points?

All are on Game Pass but I do own them so they should count. Including Yakuza 0 when I’m finished.

Then you’re on the board!

@PhantomFox 3

@Mort 0

@DeoGame 0

@ProgStopper: -1

Updated 1/17/2021 3:36PM EST/12:36 PM PST

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Beat Star Wars: Squadrons. Out of the hole! Let’s get going!

@PhantomFox 3

@Mort 0

@DeoGame 0

@ProgStopper: 0

Updated 1/18/2021 7:04PM EST/4:04 PM PST

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Just beat Gears Tactics, Little Nightmares and Neon Abyss within the past three weeks.

Other games in my backlog that I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time:

  • Halo Wars 2
  • Hitman
  • Alien Isolation

Despite the recent hot streak, doubt I’ll be able to keep up. Notoriously bad for starting and not finishing games.