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OK, replying to some of the answers @Sikamikanico made on my question regarding the Halo TV series. He referred to the absence of the Halo theme. I believe (and I think the YHMAH team can confirm) that at the time the first season was being produced composer Marty O’Donnell was suing left right and centre regarding the soundtrack, and there was no way O’Donnell would give permission for Paramount to use the theme. Secondly, when adapting the game it is to be remembered that the game is huge in scope, that adapting it into first a movie and then a TV series was much larger in difficulty. I am personally happier that what they did was create their own canon for the TV series.

Lastly, it is to be remembered that The Last of Us is much much smaller in scope, being it a journey of two suffering people. It is not the story of the ruin of mankind, such as what World War Z portrayed.


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That was one of the best shows we’ve ever had. Seamus was incredible.

I tried to jump in and say that about Marty suing. You can’t use any OG Halo music anymore without him DMCA’ing you.


Just catching up now with the podcast, 20 minutes in, this is amazing.


Yeah, I went to go say it, but Seamus had already changed the subject a bit. :sweat_smile:

@Doncabesa, I thought of a twist on the quiz to keep Jon and Nick on their toes- rather than substituting words in the game titles for synonyms, substitute them with antonyms. For example,

The Evil Within = The Good Outside

Hifi Rush = Lofi Stroll

Ryse, Son of Rome = Falls, Daughter of Carthage


Was a bit busy this week, but here’s a clickbait thumbnail that would make the perfect alternate thumbnail for last week’s show:

(Sorry Nick! A part of me wonders if you finally gotten over it & I don’t want to pick at wounds but that probably what I’m doing here lol)

To make this image I was listening through the podcast again just now and it was just stellar. Seriously, well done everyone.


You need to add tears streaming from Nick’s eyes :smile:


I actually had cartoon tears coming out at first because that’s clickbait gold but I felt like I was going too far :laughing:


You can never go too far where Nick is involved.


Hytham G’s question (cued to the right place on the podcast.

Hytham quotes “Brad sams”. However, as Brad Sams says here, this is Brad Sams, and this is Brad Smith- Brad Sams asks people to stop tagging him on Twitter as ‘Brad Smith’.

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I just did timestamps because Nick hadn’t



Nick has worked his magic again to get us a special guest for episode 150


On this recent Episode 152 with the discussion at the end about the patreon, I always meant to ask is it possible to have a tier in between the Contributor membership and the Supporter membership?

For myself personally it would be a sweet spot for what I could afford, but understand maybe it makes more sense as it is :slightly_smiling_face:

I woul dlike us to have a $5 instead of 3 and then 15 instead of 12 but it’s all up to Jon and hard to change after the fact


I would definitely like the option to be able to pay $5, 6 or 7 as it seems like a big gap between Contributor and Supporter memberships.

Also do you know what the music is that plays at the end of the podcast? I really like it :notes: It sounds like it belongs in a dreamy level of a Sonic the Hedgehog game. :blush:

I feel like I need to find Nick when/if he is in LA and solve his alcohol problem lol