XboxEra Multiplayer/Social/Looking For Group Thread

There is one. Has been for ages

There is? My bad, posting a link to it in the top post might get more members!

My Gamertag is XBruh87. New account here, so I’d really appreciate some friends. Add me and I’ll definitely add you back!

My Gamertag is deathtroopers. Feel free to add me if you want, I’m not a native English speaker ( French) , but I’m doing my best to speak coherently, though I don’t understand all expressions.

You can’t “link” clubs, but folks can go find it. I’ve added some details to the OP. Thanks!

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Sik, could you add me to The Xbox Era Discord club? I’ve already sent a request to join. Thanks!


As far as MP games go I play mainly Monster Hunter, and on occasion Rocket League, World of Tanks, World of Warships…

I would love to try PSO2 but haven’t decided if right away, I also liked the littleI played about SoT but have a hard time finding a moment to play with my little brother so we haven’t played much

XBL: TheSlickTony

My internet has been acting up as of late, so no online for me right now.

It’s all fun writing our gamertags, but maybe we should start adding each another to friends? If not, what’s the point of sharing GTs?

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Ok, added a lot of you, now add me back, you bastards :upside_down_face:

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HaloCrysisKIA88 when available im down for some good old halo action

I’ve been meaning to get back into Forza lately, Halo too, I’ll add you!

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Hey! Recently Joined this forum and would definitely love to add more people to play with. I guess I should preface by saying that I am only on console right now, I don’t have a PC.

Gamertag :achievement:: EverlastingSaga

My current most frequent games that I play

| Rocket League |

| Super mega Baseball 3 |

| Forza Horizon 4 |

| World War Z |

| Halo: The Master Chief Collection |

| Minecraft |

I’m open to other games to play too, just shoot me a request.

Also games I might be getting back into but I’ll definitely be kind of sloppy lol

| Monster Hunter World |

| PUBG |

| State of Decay 2 |

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

GT: axelchen

just need one new follower / friend for a quest

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think i have added most of you if i have missed you out feel free to add me

GT: negan41

plays cod started playing halo again but down to try any games really

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need 2 more followers to complete ambassador task lol

Me, too. How can we do this. Because if I follow you, you can’t follow me anymore without becoming a friend instantly, right?

try it pal see what happens lol