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There just changing their strategy not de-prioritizing. They don’t want to do these HBOMAX straight to streaming movies. That was one of the reasons why Batgirl was cancelled (which I’m not here to argue whether that was right or wrong, just telling what was reported), the other reason is because it wasn’t a very good movie according to multiple news outlets and Zaslav thought it would do more harm to the DC brand than good to release it (again not here to debate whether its right or wrong just telling you what was reported). Streaming is still very much a part of their future, Zazlav has said the priority moving forward is “Quality not Quantity” in the investor earnings call. However, that doesn’t mean they are going to spend less, in fact during the call they said they plan to spend even more in 2022 and 2023. I personally will take that approach any day over a Netflix shotgun approach. And the person who will be in charge moving forward along with his entire team is long time HBO veteran Casey Boyles who has been there for almost two decades and is responsible for all those wonderful shows we love such as Westworld, GOT, Barry, Succession and Board Walk Empire.

I feel like you aren’t looking at the whole picture when you say that. When they tried it the first time with Snyder at the helm there was no plan, no roadmap, no vision for what the DCEU was supposed to be. They just threw things together after Man of Steel (who btw Zach never wanted to do, he always wanted to make a Batman movie that’s probably why he went straight to Batman V Superman) and rushed things out hoping it would work which obviously it didn’t, and they failed spectacularly. This time around they want to put a figurehead in charge (who’s not Geoff johns) and actually PLAN a real layout of what the future for these films are going to be moving forward, while keeping Hamata and doing these spinoff series/movies that can exist on their own. Oh, and Allen Horn and Bob Iger are there now as well so who knows maybe lightning can strike twice and they can find another Fiege

I mean listen, we got good things out from this old regime absolutely. But we also had this very same group abandon Superman, abandon Green Lantern, completely destroy any momentum that Wonder Women had with 1984. And to top it off, this very same group was green lighting a fucking Wonder Twins and Blue Beetle movie before fixing any of the above. Just saying

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So 8 1st party devs at the event but… The Initiative you say? (left side of the pic). color me interested.

Very strange, because that tweet was from this year I think, saying that it’s coming to Xbox too. Not sure if that was the dev itself though.

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to check out Sword 7. So it’s worth it?

@Shpeshal_Nick and others who are Rare / Goldeneye fans: I’m reading the latest Boss Fights book, Goldeneye 007 by Alyse Knorr. It’s an interesting look into the development of the game, a lot of fun details about how the team at Rare was able to overcome the decline of the Bond franchise and create an all-time classic. It’s easy reading and not a huge time investment, might be worth a read.


God what nonsense

They should hope that Emracer will give them money for at least something close to AAA

Embracer can’t be worse than Square Enix


Τhis. At least now there is a chance that we may see a new Deus Ex game in the future, with SE there was no chance at all. Both HR & MD were amazing games, the more immersive sims the merrier!

Hopefully Embracer will release a Human Revolution: DC remaster at some point too, both games deserved much better sales wise.


I kind of hope xbox does buy embracer. They have a lot of good IP


Warner was poorly managed, DCEU was a failure, Zaslav wants to take the big numbers before repeating it on the service months later, and the reason for this is because TV stuff relies solely on subscription, they don’t sell stuff to be considered a primary profit factor like it does with consoles, I see the issue with the Netflix is their poor curation that makes them waste big money on stuff that dies on the first season, while their lower budget but better cost benefit foreign content is the one helping to bring in the money.

I need someone to make some games in th Android Universe. Embracer owns FFG via Asmodee. I don’t care who makes them, but I NEED someone to do it. I’m actually a bit upset that Embracer owns Deus Ex now, because it feels like that would be their default Cyberpunk property.

AI is made by the same devs that made 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors right?

I played 999 the other day and was beyond addicted to getting all endings, it was so good

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Maybe I’m just biased on this point because I think subscription services are going to bring a good future for the industry - it’s just really hard to see how this isn’t a de-prioritisation of streaming when his first actions are to cancel multiple projects planned as smaller budget streaming films because they don’t fit their plan of big cinematic releases, and has announced that they would be getting rid of the 45 day release window on films. It’s like looking at Sony and Microsoft with their subscription services - it’s great that Playstation are spending more on PS+ and are trying to improve upon it but without day one game releases it’s clearly not a priority for them the same way game pass is with Microsoft. I’ll stress with that - I’m not even criticising WB for not having day one streaming releases, it’s clearly not economically viable yet - but to not even have a middle ground where they get their big cinematic release but also maintain the initial hype for the streaming release shortly after feels like streaming is really not the biggest priority here.

I also don’t for a second believe the “quality not quantity” line, whether or not Batgirl has some creative issues if they had been the ones to spend 90 million dollars on the project rather than it being a remnant of a previous company they would 100% be releasing it regardless of quality. There is no way in 5 years time when they’ve spent 200 million on a new Superman film that they cancel it at the last minute if it’s not up to their standards. But this point isn’t super important.

The bigger picture at the moment is that they don’t actually have a plan. It’s something I’ve seen misreported a whole bunch “WB has a 10 year plan for DC”, which is incorrect, they have a plan to hire people who will make a plan. So right now they have a business executive who’d like to make a big cinematic universe akin to Marvel, much like the dozen other business executives across the industry who have all probably thought they could hire their own Feige and wanted to make a big cinematic universe akin to Marvel in the past. Actually no, they have a bit more than that - they have a business executive who’d like to hire someone to come up with a ten year plan, but already knows he wants it to focus on major cinematic films focused on the core marketable heroes and not smaller streaming films like Batgirl. It’s much the same thing but sounds like it’ll have just a smidge less creative freedom.

Also Horn and Iger didn’t really have much to do with Feige being there? He had been at Marvel for years prior to Disney acquiring the company and the MCU had already begun at this point.

I get it, the DCEU isn’t where it should be right now but at the same time it’s in the best place it’s ever been because they just stopped trying so hard to copy Marvel and are just letting people make the films they want to make. It’s hard to be excited because a business executive has announced he wants to go back to trying to copy Marvel again. It’s hard to be excited when we’ve seen Disney expanding their franchises in new and creative ways using their streaming platform, and WB’s immediate plan was to scrap a project that felt like a step towards that and go back to what Disney were doing a decade ago. Maybe they will find someone great to lead the DCEU, maybe this will mark the turning point for the franchise - but so far it just feels like a step backwards and I don’t really find much to be excited about in the whole thing. Yet.

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Okay all fair points, I see your concern that creative freedoms will be restricted (and that you don’t buy the corporate propaganda speech) and we won’t get these movies and shows like Peacemaker and Joker. But I think they understand that both can exist cohesively. We can still have our wacky R-rated James Gunn projects with Hamada, while also trying to build out the DCEU again. I don’t think it needs to be a “only one can live situation”. I’m just a little more optimistic is all, but I think we can both agree that we want them to succeed a second time around.


Ooohh never heard of it, now I’ll give it a try


Site should be packed with content this week. Aarsal may have a Digimon Survive review from Genghis on Monday. I have the Halo book review Tuesday then embargoed reviews on Wednesday and Thursday.

YHMAH on Thursday as well and of course the main podcast on Saturday. Plus who knows what else may pop up :slight_smile:


Nonary games in game pass, has 999 and virtues last reward in it. I’ve played 999 and loved it, just started VLR when my niece was over a couple weeks back and need to play more. It’s quite good as well.

The tweet was from May. They haven’t mentioned it since despite a few people asking them about the Xbox version on Twitter. They’re having an AMA on Reddit tonight at 8pm EST so im sure someone will ask them about the Xbox version so we’ll see.

As for Xuan Yuan Sword VII, I ordered it Thursday, wasn’t supposed to get it until Tuesday but got it yesterday. It’s already installed, verified and ready to go!!

I’m hoping to start it later tonight. If not, tomorrow for sure. Either way, I’ll post my impressions once I get a few hours in.

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I mean im not buying it until christmas so hopefully will go down by then

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I put off playing Yakuza Like A Dragon. Been playing for 10ish hours, this games awesome.