XboxEra Community Hangout |OT7| Define "AAAA"

This could’ve been you, PS.


Yep. 1 and 2 are in a combo pack. They were originally 3DS eShop games

Xbox has the spinoff series Gunvolt Chronicles 1 and 2. None of the main games though.

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Guess I’ll use Switch as mainline with Xbox spin-offs. Thanks.

Jez’s news is that they are working on a family plan for Game Pass.


Fair imo

I am happy about this

So nothing new there.


It is funny that employees now want Microsoft to interefere more. Microsoft need to create their own “diversity and inclusivbity” police unit I guess and deploy it to various companies :rofl:

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Whatever Microsoft is doing, people*** want them to do the opposite.

*** = people who are fans of other companies or simply hate Microsoft.


Well considering all the latest chantes and the rhetoric, I guess Phil and co. decided to use more hands on approach recently.

I do wonder what Kotaku has edited as they delayed the article.

Being hands off doesn’t mean you simply turn a blind eye to everything.

When people say that, they usually mean in terms of how much input MS has on a game, not the work culture or environment.


I think everyone knows what “hands off” means.


Goddamn it this fu*king industry

State of Decay 3 is still in pre production . 2027 game confirmed ? Could be next gen xbox launch game .

This is not what matters from this

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state of decay 2 came out 2018. how is it still in pre production

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2025-2026 seems more likely if you weren’t making a Hindle refference.

There’s no magic more hands on fix here. Microsoft can’t do anything but investigate claims, fire the offenders, and hope the replacements aren’t also a problem. That’s what they’re going to do if the Activision deal goes through as well.


Ik . Im commenting as Im reading the article.