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Yeah, if Xbox do any superhero stuff I bet it’s DC at this point.


Aka sony up to their usual bs not surprising its honestly a miracle that ultimate alliance 3 on switch even happened side note interesting sony didn’t pull this till the 2018 game

Wonder what this could be. Hoping it’s Xbox related, but it could be Sony or Nintendo too or multiplatform. Really hope to see some true next gen visuals from Xbox here of a upcoming game.


Fast & Furious Crossroads 2 .

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Literally just announced on a Japanese only anniversary stream, coming April 2022.

MS, PLEASE work with Sega (Atlus is the publisher) to get a Western Xbox version out with it by then :pray:.

This is actually really huge. Nobody thought Vanillaware would ever leave PlayStation exclusivity.


Didn’t they make Muramasa for the Wii ?

They went completely PlayStation exclusive since then, and it was apparently that title that made them go PlayStation exclusive (Muramasa did not sell well on Wii after the intense development). This is their first non-Playstation release since 2009 (Wii Muramasa). They were so committed to Playstation exclusivity since then that they are one of the very few devs who haven’t ported their Vita exclusives to anything else (hopefully this possibly means they are gonna bring em to Switch)

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That’s a great statement. Let’s hope Microsoft is trying to push for more games from Japan on Xbox.

Was listening to jez earlier and he says the only way to make these work is — to work with the devs directly. And not necessarily the pubs like sega and Square. The Japanese devs under Square, for example, are more autonomous than we think.

So, for FF14 it has to be Square Enix Business Division 5, for 13 sentinels it had to be both Vanillaware and Atlus, for FF mainline it has to be Illuminous(?)

My take is that they need a boots on the ground approach and have a publisher in Japan. This could be by acquisition (quicker) or establishing a ground-up publishing division there. Either way they need a Japanese representation to talk to the devs directly ALL the time.

We joke about Sega affectionately in the acq thread, but this presents a clear and present solution for their relationship and business building efforts in Japan.


I would buy this if it released on Xbox. They cancelled the Vita version and I had bought all their games on it until this was cancelled.

I hope in halo they answer what happened to Lock and the other Spartans of halo 5. I dont know why but this was on my mind all night

Glad as I was yesterday to go pick up my new glasses, I only just a hour or two ago started using them and I don’t know wtf is going on, but they are much worse.

I noticed it immediately when I powered on the XSX, the dashboard looked like 1080p again. I played some games like FH5, Destroy all Humans, Skyrim and it was like the games had received a resolution downgrade, this while vision itself was still clear for everything outside of gaming, movies or shows.

My eyes didn’t go worse compared to years ago when I got my old glasses, so that’s not it, clearly isn’t when games, shows and movies look great with the old glasses. This optician did install what they call supercoating that is extra resistant to dirt and scratches and this coating is the only thing I can think of being the culprit of this.

Anyone ever had a similar situation?

Sometimes when ive gotten a new pair, screens have looked wierd for a day or two but then they eventually normalized again. Try wearing them for another day or two and if your eyes dont adjust to them id talk to your optometrist about it.

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Hmmm, I see. I never had this before though and these are my third pair of glasses now. As soon as I put the old ones on again it looks fantastic, dashboard is crisp, games, subtitles don’t look off or like they are in bold font, but they do on the new ones.

I’ll take your advice, I was going back to them tomorrow but I’ll give it some time. And should I then stop comparing them to the old ones? Even though it shouldn’t have to matter since the material is the same, except the coating. My old ones didn’t have this coating.

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You know, you might be on to something here… or it is a complete coincidence but my partner just experienced the same thing the other day. New glasses, also some sort of protective coating on, TV looks shit.


Theres also always the off chance that something went awry with your prescription or during the process of making them/applying the coating. Is it just TV’s and Screens that look bad or are other things like reflections bad too?

When i got my most recent pair of glasses, looking at screens made the screens look slanted and wierd like /_/ for a few days, but that eventually corrected itself after my eyes adjusted, but that might just be because i have astigmatism

Also your vision may not have gotten noticibly worse, but your eyes ultimately do change over time and as you get older, and its normal to have some initial wierdness going on with a new pair after youve been wearing the old ones every day for years. The eyes are extremely adaptable, and they usually can sort this out on their own, but if they dont after a few days you should go back to your doctor and tell them about it

I heard there are Spartan cores to find from dead spartans. I hope Locke is still alive but still could be a way to show that. Imagine Osiris and Blue Team all being dead

I believe Xbox will get them in time. Kind of funny for Phil to mention Persona 5 in Xbox Conference without having one in their own ecosystem. It’s like if Starfield was name dropped in PS Conference.

But seriously, it will take time and I do believe it will happen. Lately, it has been surprising to see releases, like Octopath Travelers and Dragon Quest 11, which mind you is a debut for Xbox ecosystem. You got some niche titles like Corpse Party and Ai, and returning franchise like King of Fighters. I wasn’t expecting Yakuza titles but here we are.

Atlus is the only one and if they hop on board, then anything is possible. Like buying Bethesda.