XboxEra Community Hangout |OT3| Setting Low Expectations

LOL, who cares about any continued stupid Starfield on PlayStation chatter as that is literally free advertising for Xbox and the game that looks absolutely amazing and will be exclusive to Xbox as clearly communicated yesterday. Todd was likely hedging due to some possible version of Game Pass streaming app if Sony ever allows it (or the interviewer just grabbed those words however they chose), but frankly Todd works for Microsoft now who ultimately makes the final decision of course on something that huge. It is funny how the same people saying Starfield will just be some buggy Bethesda crappy game that can’t compare to God of War or something are also the ones clinging to silly things such as this.

What crazy to me is that although they may not say it out loud, many Xbox players will for some reason will still choose to believe the clickbait sites over the top Xbox executives. It’s inexplicable, but I know that this is true.

I was quietly wondering, “how are they going to pull this off?” 8 people streaming from home. Not only could there be so many technical issues, but also talking over one another. And it all went so well and was a really entertaing way to watch the showcase

And SoulBlazers and Doncabesa were a great duo, reacting to of the other E3 streams

Xboxera is legit A F


Man, Halo Infinite is looking fucking sick, daaamn. JESUS NOVEMBER WHY ARE YOU STILL NOT HERE :sob:


Love you guys and this forum, thank you, this has become a pretty big part of everyday for me now lol and it wouldn’t be so without the community. Sure, there are predictable, almost exhausting times every now and then where it feels very difficult to navigate this space, but those are far eclipsed by positivity and a genuine sense of good conversation and energy around the xbox ecosystem.


I’ve been cheeky and made a thread. Thought we’d enjoy some more of that E3 hype:

Let’s play a game. Let’s rank. Hype-O-Meter Xbox/Bethesda Edition - Gaming - XboxEra

Ikr for real give it to me now I

i need it! water GIF

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That’s right Aaron !


They did excellent for the number of people they had, great crew all round. Tip to @Doncabesa, damn you are a quietly spoken man. Don’t be afraid to speak up next time, I feel that you like the rest of the team are worth listening to, so I would love to be able to hear you :wink:

Blame Jon, my mic was at the norm :phil_lmao:


Put up those fists then, don’t let him hold you down.

Fight Kangaroo GIF

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Oh wow, it’s still alive and looks stunning!!!


Awesome, I thought this died a very quiet death.

Wait , this is still pixel art? This looks crazy.

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@TavishHill it finally showed up Excellent work man it looks amazing


Man that preload section on GamePass is nuts.

Even if most of them are placeholders, it’s still a crazy ass list to preload.

Except Hades, that appears to be the full game available to preload.


I didn’t know they had a section for that. I always head straight to the section called newly added. This is good to know

Yup, just preloaded Flight Sim, Forza Horizon 5, STALKER, Back 4 Blood, Lemnis Gate, and Hades all on my Series X. Psychonauts 2 is also available for preload.

Hades is the full game. I think Psychonauts 2 is as well.

The others are just 200 MB product license keys.

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That’s awesome, good to know it won’t eat away too much off the SSD then.


I’m expecting Flight Sim to be 80 Gigs.