XboxEra Community Hangout |OT2| Cracking down on shitposting

Jesus christ

When even Nintendo is being more generous than you, you know you look bad.


Epic vs Apple is really exposing everybody, but man Sony has been looking awful. It’s funny too because Sony has a minority stake in Epic. I guess for sports fans like myself it probably will take a long time to have crossplay because I feel Sony will block it



I’m not going to sit here and act like Microsoft is a charity, but Sony seems to partake in some shitty deals.




Remember when Sony came up with that BS excuse for not allowing crossplay? That they wanted to protect the children?

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Yeah… I mean they really abuse their position. Not a very nice look.

Haha, yeah…

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I think we all knew Jim Ryan was chatting a load of the brown stuff when he said that lol.


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Why should we care about how Sony makes their money? Epic agreed to the terms, right? They must have felt it was worth it.

Haven’t we been hearing a lot about how we shouldn’t all concern ourselves with how these companies make their money?

I don’t care that much, but it’s obvious Sony is holding back gaming with their views on crossplay. I feel every multiplatform multiplayer game should have crossplay, and I feel Sony would be the major console manufacturer to block that vision.


I’m going to be that guy.

I don’t blame Sony at all for charging Epic because if people are playing on other platforms and in turn, spending money on micro-transactions and whatnot to where im not getting any of that money, yeah, screw that, im charging you and I don’t care what Microsoft/Nintendo are doing. And Fortnite is free to play correct? If so, im definitely charging you because at the end of the day, I want everyone on my platform, not anyone else’s.

So while a lot may see this as bad, I personally don’t give two shits either way as it has nothing to do with me but if I was Sony, I would be doing the exact same thing because I would only care about my platform period.

But whatever, at least this is entertaining to read.

I guess you could use this as the excuse every time a game doesn’t have cross play if you want to, but you could also just look at the evidence that exists, which is that lots of games in different budget categories have implemented cross play, so whatever Sony is charging it must not be too much.



Ah shit, it’s back.

I assume they’ll scale the fee due to developer, so it’s case by case. I am just saying out of all the parties for crossplay and based on evidence it seems like Sony is providing the most roadblocks. Again, I understand the business of it since they’re market leaders and can dictate market like Microsoft or Nintendo wouldn’t be able to do that for multiplayer games.

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Yup, that guy who asks the obvious questions. :wink:

If these Sony fees were outlandish you wouldn’t see small indie projects supporting cross play, and yet we do. So then it becomes a question of who are you concerned about here? Poor Epic having to pay out something to Sony? If this was some sort of prohibitive problem for small developers surely it would have been leaked by now. There would be a whole lot of complaining on Twitter, you can be sure of that.