XboxEra Community Hangout |OT2| Cracking down on shitposting

Yeah, or they’re fishing for more money. If they go public, good luck to em. Anyone who thinks Discord can go public and stay like it is now is fooling themselves.


But now people can’t blame Microsoft for ruining Discord like they did with Skype. /s

Seriously they can’t survive with just Nitro. I’m expecting ads everywhere in Discord.


Damn, this would’ve been a great get for Microsoft, but as someone who is mostly invested in Xbox rather than MS as a whole, this could’ve been great for Xbox. Oh well, more focus on other things.

You should go let other era know that lol. They are too busy parading that MS wasn’t able to purchase something that probably doesn’t effect them anyway to think about how Discord will change once it’s public

Exactly. If Discord goes public, they’ll have to change their platform so it starts to focus on recurring revenue, which hasn’t been the primary focus previously. This will mean locking currently free benefits behind a paywall, potentially cost-saving on video and audio quality, and ads galore. They might temper some of these changes or roll them out slowly, but they won’t be able to maintain the status quo.


For those who want to discuss MLB The Show 21 on Xbox I have created a topic for it :slight_smile:

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Note to self, if Kotaku runs some bad story about Overwatch 2 in the future, with a post signed by Jeff Kaplan…it’s probably bullshit

Wait a minute…you’re not Xplainin


Second extinction coming next week!!!

Excited for this


Yes, Second Extinction will be great to play with friends. Fortunately with Game Pass that is covered :sunglasses:

I am interested to see how they grow the game, there is a horde mode planned for this year.


@javycane I reached out to an Xbox dev on OtherEra in regards to the resolution issue you are still experiencing.

Munki said: Hi OscarK! I apologize if I’m out of place here, but do you know if the resolution defaulting to 640x480 issue is being addressed?

OscarK said: 640x480 is used a fallback resolution as it is defined in the standards as a resolution that all TVs must support; it’s used when the HDMI handshake fails for some reason trying to determine a better resolution/refresh rate. If you are seeing the console boot up to this resolution sometimes, please try another HDMI cable and possibly a different HDMI port on the TV. Also please file a bug as that will contain various diagnostic logging that we can look at.

thanks Munki! appreciate you reaching out.

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All good, bro!:call_me_hand:t4:

Anything interesting from Gamestack?


There is a new DirectX SDK where the feature set is not coupled to Windows updates anymore. Basically, the game ships with the DirectX dlls its needs.

DirectStorage like on Xbox still needs some time and drivers for PC. Will be public with more information later this year.

And i got a lot of respect for the assistants who translated these technical talks in sign language, holy shit.



Shpeshal Ed on Twitter: “Guess it’s not possible. Sony locked that shit down hard it seems lol.” / Twitter

oh well if its not on gamepass I will wait until it is or just buy it on sale. Lots of stuff to play


If Sony is fearing GP like this it means it’s really working.