MLB The Show 21 [OT] Own The Show (or rent it on Game Pass)

MLB The Show 21 is a baseball video game by San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, based on Major League Baseball (MLB). It was released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S (a first for the franchise), with MLB Advanced Media co-publishing digital versions on the Xbox platforms. It is sixteenth entry of the MLB: The Show franchise, and it was released on April 20, 2021. The game was made available on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Be a 2-way star

For the first time, take your Ball Player from Road to The Show and use him in other game modes. Now your Ball Player can be a 2-way star!

Streamlined Diamond Dynasty experience

Our live content now streamlines programs to provide clearer goals, faster paths to rewards based on how you play, and welcomes a new class of Legends to build your dream squad.

Tailored and focused gameplay

New to MLB The Show this year is gameplay styles alongside new gameplay onboarding tutorials to expand gameplay for all playstyles and skill levels – Casual, Simulation, and Competitive.

New experiences

New pitching mechanic! Complete fielding overhaul New player onboarding experience New Franchise and MTO tools to better plan for the future.




I’m enjoying the 2-way player aspect. The only thing that bugs me is that my player is the best hitter on the team, yet they have a DH for me when I’m pitching or they have me batting 9th simply because I’m the “Pitcher”. I’ve been player MLB the Show for years and they consistently have quirks like this that drive me crazy.

Another example is there was a popup in front of the plate and even though it was 10 feet away from the catcher, the game still expected me to field it. In no real world scenario would that ever happen.

I’m also confused year after year why the infield grass looks like they pulled the textures from World Series Baseball '99. :smile:


This game is really well produced. I haven’t played a sports game in a long, long time.

Pretty good so far, started a “Road to the Show” in AA, I scrapped the 2-way stuff, I just want to hit and field. Couple things I don’t like too much so far, mostly fielding and base running but I suppose it’ll get better in time as I get more familiar with it.

I haven’t played a baseball game in many years, and I had a lot of fun checking this out earlier playing through my first game. It was actually very accessible once I went through the basic tutorials on things. This is why I love Xbox Game Pass because I wouldn’t have checked this one out otherwise.

Baserunning has always been a pain for me in this series. If you’re already on base and there’s a hit but you’re unsure where the ball actually went, just look at the Diamond box that has the bases on it and look to see which base is lit up in gold. That’s where you should be heading. With the way I have the camera set, it’s impossible for me to look at the third base coach to see what I should do, so I rely on that.

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Ohh nice tip thanks!

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far. The only problem I’ve come up against is when achievements pop the frame rate tanks and the sound breaks up.

I absolutely hate it. Great that it’s free to try with gamepass though and I’m sure plenty of people will enjoy it.

I’m a huge baseball fan so this is a series I’ve missed since leaving the PS ecosystem.

I spend most of my time in Diamond Dynasty and Franchise. Planning to try March to October. RTTS has never really done anything for me. Some minor nitpicking; I’m not crazy about the menus. I just find them rather bland.

I’m looking forward to future entries built ground up for the new consoles but at the end of the day I’m just happy to be playing baseball on the Xbox. With the money saved by cancelling my pre order to play on Game Pass, I may have to throw $10-20 towards some stubs!

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Love pitching and hitting, but fielding feels awful in the game. There are a few aspects of the presentation that are real bad too.

I’m a baseball novice (I’m wearing a Yankees jersey right now, ironically, as a result of a holiday purchase) and don’t understand half of what’s being said by the commentators in regard to my pitching, but they seem generally happy.

I’ve got the hang of all of it except batting, playing the story mode thing and so far about two hours in I think I’ve managed to get one run (hit it out of the park) but otherwise ever hit results in me being either caught straight or beaten to the base. With no love specifically for the sport, I’ll probably drop it soon - although I’ve done my part for proving Gamepass is viable.

Pitching seems to be the easiest part by a distance.!Aqy-ojDUVrjM7ww-HV6-2yV9D5eg

So uncanny seeing PlayStation Studios logo on an Xbox game :sweat_smile:

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Getting annoyed with this popping up occasionally

As far as I can see there’s no option to try and connect to the servers

Has anyone else noticed the game is not uploading cloud saves?

I loaded up the game on my Series S after having played the game on my X the day before. It seemed to start the game as if I had no save file.