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This will go well.


Nier Replicant before Automata. Not just because Automata plays better, but also because of some lore and other stuff are much more impactful when playing in this order.

If you are interested you could also play Drakengard 1+3 to get the full story line. Would recommend to skip 1 because it’s a horrible game while 3 is solid.


Can we use it to indicate that we dislike Twitter? :blush:


Be cool if they gave the Drakengard games the Nier Replicant treatment in the near future.

Drakengard 3 ages pretty good. Drakengard 1 will probably need some changes of the story and lore because of some stuff like incest and pedo lmao.

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It does seem like they are slowly doing what people thought they would do back in the old report.




1 million? so like thats five Nvidia GPUs


“Cool! That means PS is very generous to the consumers, right?”


Note: This was exclusively to those who preordered the game. You do the math.


Does that mean not enough people pre-ordered to do enough testing?

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Either that or it was planned to create temporary incentive for pre-orders.

Going live

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Finally is right. I wonder why it took that long. Oh well. It’s here and that’s what matters.


Which is actually not that many, works out to like mid 300s to high 400s quanitity…

Is it just me or does it feel like The Verge has been doing a lot of paywalled reporting that…not sure on this one, but generally seems to have been big headlines, not much meat?

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I am honestly really intrigued to learn how you can actually market Xbox in Europe less.

I am from Europe and I play on consoles so recent messaging is telling me Xbox consoles are not for me. Series X will probably be the last one.


From the article:

Microsoft has since released Xbox-exclusive games on PS5 and scrapped plans for an overhauled Xbox Series X design, leaving Xbox fans nervous about the direction of the Xbox brand.

Every so often (almost every day, really) I find myself wondering if all journalism standards have changed since I went to school, or if it’s just an online thing.

I have some respect for both The Verge and Tom Warren, but if I had submitted that sentence in school, I’m sure my prof would’ve circled it in red and written “some!” next to it.

Meaning, since obviously not all Xbox fans are nervous, you need the qualifier “some” in there.

“leaving some Xbox fans nervous”

It might seem a small thing, but as far as I’m concerned it isn’t. Words matter. Precision matter. Especially when it comes to journalism.

Now, granted, almost all of this is academic for me. I never did end up writing professionally, but a lot of what I learned has stuck with me, and I don’t remember these kinds of lapses being as common 10-15 years ago as they are today. So I have to assume journalism standards have either officially changed at many outlets, or enforcement has been seriously relaxed.

I’m assuming the latter, but I’m open to the former.

Anyway, when I hit reply I didn’t intend to go on a rant. I only intended to point out that it’s not all Xbox fans that are nervous. I for one am very optimistic about the future and direction of the Xbox brand.

From my perspective that’s one of the few good things the ABK acquisition has brought me: complete certainty that Microsoft is all in on gaming, and that the Xbox eco system is here to stay for a good, long while.


It’s more of “not familiar with your game” than anything.

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I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.