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Copium levels reaching all time highs

If they are willing to release Starfield as an exclusive, im not sure why people think they won’t do the same with ES6

It’s not a mulitplayer game with crossplay and endless MTX, it’s a single player epic that releases every 5 years or in ES6 case it will be closer to 15


I just think they simply don’t have the studios to make banjo or any of these games.

Every gaming media journalist:


I mean, Hi-fi Rush came out in January, so technically there’s not even any reason to think any plans changed between the two statements and they can both still be referring to Redfall and Starfield for this year anyway. No reason for them to think it had anything to do with future plans changing.

Fun though.


Anyone know where there are good deals to buy gamepass subs?

I had like two years built up from when they were severely discounted, and by putting it on auto renewal they were giving extra months. I think I spent 100$ on 27 months of gamepass ultimate lol. But I got six days left now.

Civ 6 has me in a choke hold

  1. Let it expire.
  2. Then stock up on 3 12 Months of Xbox Live Gold (max upto 3 years, so dont let it turrn on auto-renewal if going for 3 years)
  3. Then redeem a 1 Month GanePass Ultimate that will convert everything to 36 Months of GPU.
  4. Enjoy your years of GPU for ultra cheap.

I did exactly this in January for another friend.


Redfall previews drop on Wednesday, am I right? Do you guys expect tons of kind of unedited gameplay?

Xbox Live Gold, best deal in gaming? And people want to get rid of it.

Dang I can’t believe stuff like this still works. Ok I can buy 12 month subs to gold for 60$ a pop. So I’ll buy 3. Get 36 months of gold. And then buy 1 month of ultimate and it then upgrades all 36 months to ultimate?

That’s 5.5$ per month of ultimate lol. Sweat.

Back when I was younger it was fun playing around with photoshop this sort of reminds me of that but more futuristic.

A.I. continues to amaze. And continues to advance at lighting speed.

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Yep. And the website actually mentions HFR too, so I’m not sure what they’re getting at, lol.

As such, it’s now being speculated that one of the secret “three future titles” mentioned by Microsoft last year may have actually been Hi-Fi Rush. Developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda, the funky rhythm-action game was announced and released out of nowhere at the end of January - exclusively for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’d tick all the boxes to be included in that original document, and since the number of future exclusives has gone down now, everything adds up.

That means that now, those remaining future titles may simply be Starfield and Redfall, which in theory leaves The Elder Scrolls VI safe. Obviously, at the time of writing, this is still speculation, but it seems a lot more likely that the highly anticipated RPG could still be multi-platform.

There is zero reason for MS to backtrack on what they’ve said before about the game and where it will go to. I think any chances (if there were any) are completely gone now that Sony really showed their lack of goodwill with the whole ABK situation, just refusing anything MS offers them.


No idea about the gameplay, depends on if they were allowed to record it. But with the game dropping in less than two months it definitely would be expected. But I’m really curious about what some of the channels I watch and trust say.

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I’m more looking forward to impressions, more video isn’t going to do a ton for me at this point.


I have recently been researching the Titanic for my family tree and stumbled across this:

I know it’s perhaps not the most entertaining content, but I was thinking it would be pretty awesome if Microsoft helped with recreating these historical events in Unreal Engine which you can explore/interact with (it would potentially bring in a different audience too!).


I’ll repeat was they said above, don’t forget to turn off auto renewal whenever you reach that step, otherwise you’ll end up with more than 24 months after adding 2*12 months gold and will not be able to add your third 12 months because it’ll then surpass the maximum gold allowed (3 years)


Well, you got to hand it to them for making a very dark material into silly anime short. Then again, USA did transform some of Rated R material into Saturday morning cartoon, so hey, who’s talking.

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Yeah, the next most obvious response is that the filings were only mentioning plans for games that were coming out this year, in the near future. I mean, technically elder scrolls 6 isn’t even in production at the moment, it’s only maybe in some state of pre prod planning and most likely has no more than a best guess for a release year, so it would be a little odd for them to be detailing it in any filings anyway.

I think one of things that the ABK acquisition(and to a lesser degree the zenimax acquisition) has brought out is that there isn’t a lot of knowledge about the legal or business side of gaming by many of the journalists covering it in the gaming media. The above is an example when in reality it’s more likely that Microsoft are just covering games that are announced in the near future. The other thing is that most websites are dependent on advertising so the more click bait in the title the better for attracting viewers.

Another example is the amount of joutnalists who took Rod Ferguson’s tweet about no plans for Diablo 4 coming to gamepass as the game won’t be there even if the deal goes through.