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Heck, look at journalist attacking games from Xbox well-run studios like Starfield and Avowed. They ran stories about status of those games, but they held back info of Factions which has been one of the most hyped games


It’s not even like we’re asking for unreasonable things or being crazy, just treat all games and platforms the same that’s all. If they want to shit on Xbox for 1 thing and another platform or game does the same thing the same things should be said about that. It’s not even about only reporting good news about Xbox because that’s all we want to hear.

It’s the funny saying, “Keep the same energy”


It’s odd that Dark Tide for Xbox didn’t get an update at the Warhammer showcase at all. Wonder why it’s taking so long, but it could also be a thing for the Xbox showcase.

Personally I say, we’ve seen enough, if it’s ready just launch it and done.

Bungie walking into Sony HQ like


Despite the after launch support issue, Halo did tell them to suck on that for making a solid game. I’ll give them a benefit of doubt that they probably don’t want to out them until the employees give them an okay. I’m guessing though.

You guys are right about media bias.

Although let’s be honest articles are going to get a bit strange for the rest of this console generation. Xbox has more games, developers, stronger ip, larger profits (after Activision), more players per game (Gamepass brings 30 million players ), Xbox will have a E3 of dreams pretty much every year from here on out (Activision/ Bethesda/ others), PlayStation is probably done with showcases for the rest of the generation due to lack of content.

Things are about to get strange in Sony cult land as they accept or deny the reality before them.


Yeah, these people are either one or all of:

A. Cultists

B. Anti Xbox

C. Afraid of Sony

It’s quite eye opening just how widespread this is. I knew it was this bad on my home front, living deep into PCMR-Cultist land, but this is everywhere it seems.


D. Cash


E. All of the above.


To some extent yes, but how would not writing about something you know generate cash? Unless you suggest they are being paid off?

I read this as Jeff is looking into what is going on and getting info about the state of the game at various times, not that he knew ahead of time and is only saying it now. He’s just finding it out, and reporting it for people.

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Irrelevant. Its a stay at home device. Pointless.

All of my handheld devices are used at home, so not irrelevant. I think it will be pointless for most people though.

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Lawn Mowing Simulator is my Game Of The Generation lol.

I usually check out the games in the leaving soon gamepass section, and stumble onto that masterpiece :rofl:

How it got no Game of the year is a crime.

Is it similar to Powerwash Simulator?

I don’t know. Have not try Powerwash yet.

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Pretty much. You accept jobs for different areas and then go mow them. You get money based on how well you did (you can cause damage to lawns if you turn while going too fast, etc). You then use that money to buy better equipment. It’s fun if you like these types of games.



Finally got around to playing through Mario Odyssey. Fantastic game. Kind of hard to believe it’s been almost six years since its release.