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Just snagged a ps5 via amazon


Probably a Elite V3 feature incoming. I do hope the gearing is made from metal and not plastic to lengthen the lifespan.

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Multi-platform games being slightly worse or equal on Xbox Series X compared to PlayStation 5 despite not not using any of the tech in the console is if anything, very impressive because if they’re close to or at the same level without using any of that tech, they should be far superior once they get everything setup and ready to use.

Xbox Series X is 12TF while PS5 is 9.2TF overclocked to 10.3TF which despite not being a PC guy at all, even I know that you’re not supposed to overclock your GPU unless you’re buying an upgrade soon and don’t care if it burns out.

As for the controller comparison, I will be turning off all the vibration crap on the PlayStation 5 at a system level once I get the console in the Spring and easily prefer the Xbox Series X controller.


Wonder what this is.


I posted about this a while ago. The patent is actually from 2018.

Not into the vibration aspects at all so im happy that Microsoft didn’t include any of it but as long as there’s an on/off option, they can implement all of it if they want to.

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Tom also reports on other Microsoft things. So could be anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not too keen on the force feedback triggers. I mean kind of neat in concept, but I feel like the novelty will wear off quick and it will become just another thing to break. I don’t know about anyone else, but when a trigger becomes more resistant to being pushed I think I would automatically put more force into it. Now you’ve got these little springs and plastic bits fighting against being pressed.

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Exactly, after watching a teardown of the Dualsense it’s very obvious that the device will be prone to damage. As you mentioned there are lots of springs and plastic pieces that can easily break.

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Came around to watch the Digital Foundry Ori interview. Soo much inside on development and stuff so goood.

In singleplayer and racer I like vibrations but in multiplayer this is the first thing you have to turn off.

Indeed, don’t want.

Zune HD2 baybee


Have any of you guys used a Dual Sense? It would be a welcome addition and will likely be standard going forward.

It is currently a bigger differentiator than performance for third party titles, you guys should want this for the platform even if you’re not interested.

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Didn’t like it in demon souls or cod. Liked it in Spiderman. Right now it’s hit or miss for me but has a lot of potential.

Since the Xbox controller is more widely adapted on PC and increasingly mobile, I’m not sure if they have the same options to do all the haptics. It would increase the price of controllers, for one thing.

I haven’t but my friend has. He liked it in Astrobot’s Playroom but that’s it. Thought it was okay in Miles Morales and doesn’t think it exists in Cyberpunk 2077 as of yet.

Personally, I don’t want any of this stuff at all. It’s gimmicky. Reminds me of Nintendo. Just another gimmick like motion controls or the touchpad (which is just an oversized world map button) on PS4 in my opinion.

I care way more about the performance of a game because if a game runs and looks like crap, none of this controller gimmicky stuff will even matter since im not playing the game anyway. No interest and no thanks to any of this stuff.


Does anybody have any recommendations for non gamepass games to check out in the year end sale