XboxEra Community Game of the Year - Post your lists!

  1. Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  2. Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  3. Cyberpunk 2077
  4. Gears 5: Hivebusters
  5. Maneater
  6. Tell Me Why
  7. DPA: Little Hope
  8. Coffee Talk
  9. Gears Tactics
  10. Ghostrunner

Best Ongoing Game: Dead By Daylight

Best Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

  • 1: Hades - the best game I played this year and the best I’ve played in a while. It reminds me of how I felt about Hollow Knight at the time I played it, it just does everything so incredibly well. A fantastic gameplay loop that leaves you hungry to dive back into hell time and time again.
  • 2: Ori & the Will of the Wisps - this would be a fairly easy pick at #1 if not for Hades. Improves on everything about the original Ori, which was already a masterclass of 2D gaming. Lots of emotional moments, beautiful art, stunning soundtrack. Top notch stuff here, can’t wait to see where Moon goes next.
  • 3: Ghost of Tsushima - I was initially cool on this game, but after reflecting on it throughout the year I realized just how much I liked it. It’s exactly what I wanted out of a game set in feudal Japan. Sure, it can feel a bit “samey” over time and not all open world activities hit, but it’s just a fun game that doesn’t require a ton of brain power to enjoy. Gorgeous visuals btw.
  • 4: Final Fantasy 7 Remake - FF7 was a huge part of my earlier years, one of my favorite RPGs up there with Suikoden II & P4 Golden. I wasn’t sure what to expect for this remake, but they nailed such a large portion of what made the original so special. There’s some stuff here that doesn’t connect with me - the dungeons, filler, and ending in particular - but I’m excited to see where they go in this retelling of a classic.
  • 5: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - First off, the story was really dumb and doesn’t pay off. That said, this is far and away the best musou game I’ve played and was a great one to play while listening to a book or podcast. It’s just mindless fun, and sometimes that’s ok. Being a Zelda game didn’t hurt either, I love that world.
  • 6: Yakuza 5 - I know this came out in Japan forever ago, but this was the first time it hit U.S. shores. It’s another Yakuza game, not much more to say. I love the story, Kiryu, and just the vibe of this series. Can’t wait to start up Like a Dragon after I wrap up a few other games.
  • 7: Carrion - it’s always cool to see games that subvert the hero trope and put you in the role of the baddie. In this case, you’re the monster which is just a great premise. The movement is fluid and unique, the puzzles are just the right difficulty to keep the game moving forward. Only real negative is I wish there was a better mapping system.
  • 8: Last Campfire - Hello Games isn’t known for much outside of No Man’s Sky, but Joe Danger and now The Last Campfire show that this developer can create some fun little games of a reasonable scope. This melancholy world is beautiful to explore, the puzzles aren’t overly difficult. It plays great on mobile, made for some fun evenings.
  • 9: Little Orpheus - another mobile game, this 2D platformer is a looker. It has a cool narrative structure, fairly tight gameplay, and never overstays it’s welcome. I love that it never takes itself seriously, it brought a smile to my face multiple times while playing.
  • 10: Animal Crossing New Horizons - If you’d have asked me in March/April, this would have been #1. I love AC, and this is no different. I just fell off hard one day and haven’t wanted to go back.
  • Best Ongoing Game: Final Fantasy XIV
  • Best Publisher: Nintendo

OK I’m not sure I can come up with ten, so Ill try my best during the homeschooling “quiet 20 minutes drawing” lesson. :slight_smile:

  1. Hades - Wonderful game, tight and fun to play, gorgeous artstyle and even though I lack the skill and patience for most roguelikes/lites/whatever. It just kept me wanting to play again.

  2. Ghost of Tsushima - Like Horizon Zero Dawn, I wasn’t bothered at all until I saw reviews and impressions just after launch, I picked it up and massively enjoyed playing it, I’m looking forward to getting back into it on PS5 since it looked gorgeous on Pro.

  3. Yakuza Like A Dragon - In truth my first Yakuza game, for long and boring reasons. I grabbed it after seeing reviews and simply because I love turn based games. Amazing fun, wonderfully camp and with great voice acting.

  4. Wasteland 3 - I paused playing this after putting in around 20 hours due to worries about bugs, but it was hard to do I was enjoying it so much. Aside from the lack of polish when I played it was just a fantastic RPG, great writing and characters.

  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Came out just as we entered lockdown and I needed to keep the kids entertained/bribed after doing schoolwork. My eldest and I spend so many hours together in what should have been a stressful time being totally delighted and laughing at each other missing butterflies. We have rather fallen off it, but a wonderful game.

  6. Sackboy Adventure - Just as above, I picked this up to play with my eldest as we re-enter lockdown, we have only played a few hours but we have laughed like idiots for most of that time, Her face when she realised she could slap my Sackling to steal my gold trophy was a joy to behold, but that came second to when we realised we could pickup and throw each others sackling.

  7. Hyrule Warriors - Been years since I bothered with a Musou game, whenever I have had the urge I am not wowed by reviews. This one though, just solid enjoyment and really makes me remember those nights with my friends playing dynasty warriors on PS2. Colourful and pretty too.

[edit] 8. Call of the Sea - Last minute addition. Goegeous to look at and with wonderful voice acting. A desperately eerie island and puzzles which do not infuriate and a length that never overstays its welcome.

Best ongoing game: No Mans Sky. - I enjoyed the game at launch and every update has thrilled me more. My most played game of the generation by far and the one that I have enjoyed most. While some updates concentrate a little “too much” on MP functionality I don’t care for there is always something there for me. It looks stunning on PS5 too, Have yet to try PSVR again.

Best Publisher: Sony - Just some great games released during this tough year, Astrobot and Sackboy has delighted us over the holidays.


I have trouble remembering which games released this year, as i tend to play a lot of older games as well. But here goes:

  • 1: Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • 2: Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • 3: Gears 5: Hivebusters
  • 4: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2
  • 5: Cyberpunk 2077
  • 6: AC: Valhalla
  • 7: Minecraft Dungeons
  • 8: Crash 4
  • 9: Gears Tactics
  • 10: F1 2020
  • Best Ongoing Game: Forza Horizon 4
  • Best Publisher: Bethesda (played a lot of Rage 2, Doom Wolfenstein, etc.)

My list! :grinning:

  • 1# Cyberpunk 2077
  • 2# The Last Of Us Part ll
  • 3# Mortal Shell
  • 4# Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time
  • 5# Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • 6# Tell Me Why
  • 7# Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • 8# Resident Evil 3 Remake
  • 9# Ghost of Tsushima
  • 10# Doom Eternal
  • Best Ongoing Game: Fortnite
  • Best Publisher: Playstation Studios
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Looking back I didn’t actually play many games that were released in 2020 and worked mostly on my backlog. I’m sure many of the big games that were released in 2020 would have made my list, but just haven’t had the time or money in this new world of COVID.

Yakuza 0 & Dragon Quest IX would have made the list but are disqualified.

1. Cyberpunk 2077

Disappointment on old gen consoles and a treat for those who managed to nab a XSX, PS5 or have a meaty PC. Gripping story with interesting characters. Gameplay that makes you feel like a high tech god draped in gear from a 1980s vision of the future. Missions where you are sneaking in the dark with rain beating down in the streets with neon lights everywhere making you feel like you’re living in a Blade Runner movie. It’s pretty much everything I wanted from a Cyberpunk game and more.

2. Wasteland 3

Open world adventure where the story and characters are king. Easy to pick up and play for new comers like myself. An open world that is familiar but fresh by just adding some snow. Difficulty is also perfect. Oh, and every character being voiced makes a huge difference. Loading times are atrocious tho.

3. Resident Evil 3 Remake

I remember saving a pound of my lunch money for a month to buy Resi 3 on PS1 back in the day… also remember finishing the game that very day too. So when the rumours came out about it being really short it really didn’t bother me. Same Resident Evil formula with pretty graphics. I’m eventually going to do a few more playthroughs with all the new weapons and costumes.

4. Gears 5 Hive Busters DLC

More Gears on a short but beautiful wee island.

5. Gears Tactics

XCOM with a new coat of paint. Excellent game only let down by repetition.

6. Tell Me Why

Same old adventure gameplay with a great characters and a fascinating story. Refreshing seeing a studio tackle some difficult situations.

7. Coffee Talk

I like to fire on a cup of Chocobee Miruku or a Lemony Snippet in the morning and chill out with this bizarre story based game. Very relaxing with brilliant retro graphics reminiscent of the 1994 classic Policenauts/Snatcher. Love getting lost in the atmosphere of a rainy neon lit coffee house, listening to everyday problems set in a fantasy world. It’s not for everyone, but try not to be so closed-minded and try it out. It’s just the right length and the Achievements are easy but fun.

Best ongoing game

Gears 5 MP keeps grabbing me and pulling back into the world of popping skulls and gnashing punks.

Best Publisher

Xbox Game Studios. Variety of different games for everyone.

Best game not released in 2020 :smile:

Dragons Dogma. Wow! I finally sat down and played it for real and I can safely say it’s one of my favourite games. I got kinda addicted to this and everyone should give it a go.

I Will update my list if I manage to get through some of my 2020 backlog.

  • 1: Cyberpunk 2077 - This game. What a blast! Of course there are some bugs here and there, but on Series X it’s not a deal breaker for me. The story, the characters, the atmosphere of the city, the art direction (especially at night)… I’m just loving every second of it, even after the 30+ hours I’ve put into it.

  • 2: Demon Souls - Reaaaally big From Software fan here. I had a great time playing blind through this game for my first playthrough, and I’m already excited to return to get that platinum. However, the game plays very similar to Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing, but Cyberpunk was a completely new world for me to discover, that’s why Demon Souls is my number 2.

  • 3: Destiny 2: Beyond Light - The game I always come back to. Really loved this DLC. Bungie is so damn good in creating beautiful environments, and the gunplay is still good as ever.

  • 4: Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Breath taking visuals and art direction. And that soundtrack…

  • 5: Gears 5: Hivebusters - What a rollercoaster! Exactly what I needed from a Gears game.

  • 6: Warzone - During the first months of COVID-19, this game really was my social get together with friends and colleagues. Besides that, the endgame of Warzone is just unmatched. The combination between fun and anxiety, hell of a time.

  • 7: FIFA 21 - Started playing Weekend League for the first time, as I couldn’t go to the stadium to support my club. Really scratched that football itch. Did costs me some money though, as I wanted to score some packs. Turns out, I should never go to a casino…

  • 8: DOOM Eternal - Just one of the best first person shooters ever. No nonsense, just shooting monster at a extremely high pace. And although I wouldn’t listen to it on Spotify, this soundtrack is completely how it should be in this game. Awesome!

  • 9: Assassins Creed: Valhalla - First Assassins Creed I’ve actually played for more than 20 hours since the first three games. Was really impressed by the visuals and didn’t encounter a lot of bugs. Running around like a Viking felt good.

  • 10: Grounded - Took me by surprise (thanks Game Pass). The whole idea of this tiny person living in your backyard is what triggered me to play. Can’t wait for the full release!

  • Best Ongoing Game: Sea of Thieves - By far the most fun I’ve had playing a video game. I actually think I haven’t laughed so hard whilst gaming with my friends. Game improved a lot since launch.

  • Best Publisher: Bungie - Didn’t really know who to choose, so a small shout-out to Bungie. It was their first full year as an independent publisher, and they didn’t disappoint.


• 1: Gears Tactics

• 2: Gears 5: Hivebusters

• 3: Ghost of Tsushima

• 4: Cyberpunk 2077

• 5: The Last of Us part 2

I never played many new games this year, outside of the bigger releases, & was quite disappointed with almost all the games I did play. Valhalla turned out to be an irritating chore, GoT & LoU2 both had garbage stories but great gameplay, Cyberpunk had it’s laundry list of issues but a great story & characters.

Gears Tactics & Hivebusters were both top quality gaming without any serious flaws I could point out. Hivebusters is number 2 because it’s just a short dlc.

I was tempted to put Battletoads in there, because it was great fun as well, but decided to just stick with a top 5.

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1: Cyberpunk 2077- I’m cheating a bit hear as I’ve barely played the game but I could already tell that it would be my GOTY. Just waiting for that next gen patch before diving back in

2: Ghostrunner- This game is outstanding. Hard as hell but fair and the gameplay is smooth and so much fun

3: Nexomon: Extinction- Caught me by surprise as I never heard of it until it released. Saw the thread on here and thought why not and I didn’t regret it. This is what Pokémon should be

4: Call of the Sea

5: Monster Sanctuary

Call of the Sea is the only game I completed on my list but I have enjoyed these games the most out of any I played in 2020. I haven’t played a lot of games released last year as I’m working my way through my backlog

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I have to say I’m surprised that Hades isn’t on far more of these lists. Perhaps this is due to this being a “mostly Xbox community”, but it runs well on a low-end PC so I just figured more people would have played it and loved it.


I got a switch for Christmas and I plan on buying Hades soon. If it comes to Xbox at some point I’ll buy it again.

I probably buy it on switch at some point.

My time with a heavily modded Fallout 4 at 60fps in HDR on SX surpasses anything released in 2020 that I played. Its been like finally coming home.

For me my personal GOTY is always what game I enjoyed/played the most regardless of when it was released… heresy I know! :slightly_smiling_face:

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When I think about my personal game of the year, as in my favourite game I played this year regardless of when it released, then I end up back at The Master Chief Collection.

Honestly, it would probably be my game of the year most years :+1:


Yay! Someone else who appreciated Coffee Talk.


I have it on switch, but I would have preferred to play on Xbox, I like the controller more and though Im not a “hunter” the achievements. I will grab it again when it comes to Xbox, (unless it ends up on gamepass). The only two roguelikes/lites I have enjoyed or been any good at were Hades and Dead Cells, both I got on switch first.

I’d highly recommend a pro controller for Switch if you can swing one. It’s a great controller, probably the best feeling in my hands of the current crop. And I totally get buying on Switch for games like Hades, Dead Cells, and soon Spelunky. They fit the platform well.

Yeah I should, the joy-cons are too small for me to enjoy playing with them for extended periods. And handheld I cant manage for very long at all, especially for a mode active game like Hades. They are so pricey though, and I still need a series X :slight_smile:

Joycons have a serious drift problem and I won’t buy new ones for it until they fixed it.

  • 1: DOOM Eternal & The Ancient Gods Part 1 - This game is like a mix of two of my favorite genres, FPS and character action. It’s a game that demands your attention and rewards your dedication, it will push your skills and knowledge of the mechanics to the limits by putting you in more and more challenging situations by mixing enemies and using different terrains to put you out of your comfort zone (The Ancient Gods is the epitome of this philosophy). The only game that I’ve played that comes close to Eternal in terms of tension and satisfaction is Ninja Gaiden 2. Of course the god-tier combat system and expertly designed combat encounters are accompanied by the amazing id Tech 7 engine, great enemy variety, a metal af OST, lots of different environments with impressive art direction/varied level design and some really fun platforming sections to break up the pace to form a superb package. I’ve put almost 200hrs into the game and I feel that I barely scratched the surface, definitely on my top 3 of last gen (along with Breath of the Wild and Prey). Also Marauder is one of the most badass enemies in a game ever plus destroying him in fifteen seconds never gets old.
  • 2: Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • 3.Τetris Effect: Connected
  • 4: Streets of Rage 4
  • 5: Resident Evil 3
  • 6: Gears 5: Hivebusters
  • 7: Desperados 3
  • 8: Katana Zero
  • 9: Darksiders Genesis
  • 10: Call of the Sea
  • Best Ongoing Game: Forza Horizon 4
  • Best Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Best game I’ve played that it’s not a 2020 title: Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (what a fuckin’ awesome FPS!). Also loved Valfaris, Trine 4 and Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood.

@Thanathorn Can’t wait to start playing Like A Dragon! excitement at critical levels! :partying_face: