XboxEra Community Game of the Year - Post your lists!

I loved the Touryst but wasn’t it released in 2019?

Oh boy, Switch release end of 2019. Windows and Xbox release in 2020. That’s one for the jury!

  • 1: Cyberpunk 2077 - Sure the launch was rough but my experience playing it on Series X has been a blast. I’ll give it 6 months for some patches but definitely doing another playhrough in 2021.

  • 2: AC: Valhalla - While i feel that i enjoyed Odyssey more it’s still another great entry in the AC series for me. Keen for a next gen only AC in the future.

  • 3: Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Coming of the success and brialliance of Blind Forest it’s no surprise that Wisps is another fantastic Ori game. Can’t wait to see what Moon Studios is up to next.

  • 4: Gears Tactics - As a big XCOM fan from back in the day, Tactics is bloody fantastic.

  • 5: Wasteland 3 - Big Fallout 1/2 fan so W3 was on my list to check out. Fantastic gameplay and excellent story. Expecting big things from inXile in the future.

  • 6: Hades

  • 7: Undermine

  • 8: Ghostrunner

  • 9: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2

  • 10: Spiritfarer

  • Best Ongoing Game: Forza Horizon 4 (if that counts)

  • Best Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

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Ooh. How’s I’ll check. Sure I only played it last year… On xbox at least. Maybe Switch in 19?

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I would have picked it myself but thought it was against the rules as I played it on Xbox.

Normally I would’ve put Xenoblade Chronicles DE right at the top but since this is not allowed :smiley:

1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

I never played the original game so no nostalgia points from me :wink: However out of all new games (aside from Xenoblade) I played this year this was surely the best! I love the cast, that gave me some really emotional moments, the story was engaging, setting is amazing and some of the most epic boss battles. Additionally this game got me through some though time. Some aspects I did not like. To me it seemed they could’ve made it bit more dramatic. But overall I binched all 40 hours of this game and can’t wait for the sequel!!

2. Ori and the Will of the Wisp:

First of all Ori and the blind Forest is one of my favourite games of the gen and as such I had HIGH expectations. The streamlined nature of the first game had the right amount of difficulty spike I soo much adore in Metroidvanias. Now Will of the Wisp made in my eyes one mistake. They put a lot focus on the combat the snappy movement from the first game had to be comprised. I love a continued sense of progress as such in the complexity of the lvl design. Sadly WoTW took the a different approach. Thanks to the option to complete certain goals in a different order all lvls has to be designed in such a way that each is doable with the given option at the moment as such the level structure can’t build on new abilities as easily and I felt like it lost a bit of it’s momentum the first game managed so frickin good. NONETHELESS this game is amazing! The story is heartwarming the visuals are gorgeous and the soundtrack is stellar. (great study music) also it gives Ori fans a beautiful ending. As such I can’t be soo strict on it however it didn’t had the same impact as the first game on me and has less superior gameplay. Still one of the best games from this year.

3. Warzone

Well it is the perfect Battleroyal. I put some serious hours into Vandansk and fought intense firefights with my mates.

4. Tell me Why

Surely surprised this game was soo enjoyable. I like the mystery revolving around the plot and I the last episode let me shared a tear. Overall great story great ending great cast more! I certainly enjoyed the episodic nature of it.

5. Gears 5 Hivebuster

That was a pleasant surprise. FULL ON glorious ACTION show packed with epic setpieces, LAVA and stunning visuals. I truly enjoyed those 3 hours.

Best On Going:

SEA OF THIEVES well what should I say best game in the world I had some serious adventures with my crew and I shall have many more. During this year it has been my always going back to game and recently I put some serious hours into it. 1000 hours playtime and growing. I also met my crew mates in real life during this year friendships where forged…

Publisher of the Year: Xbox Game Studio The amount of support I see by XGS in current available games is something to behold. Each and every studio has something in the work I can’t wait to get my hands on… the future is bright.

Year in Review: Well in the end I did not played many new games this year I rather took my time to play some other games from the years before and a lot remastered JRPGs. Next year is going to be different I can smell it… I also wait on some major next gen updates Cyberpunk Doom Eternal


Ok that’s awkward for me. Most of my games I played are ports. (Crosscode, DQ11, KH 1.5+2.5, KH 2.8, Yakuza 0-2, Messenger)

So my list will only contain a Top 3:

    1. Cruisader Kings 3

If you like this kind of games but the CK2 was too hard to get into CK3 solved this problem and has still the depth and complexity CK2. Amazing Role Play factor and don’t just reload if some problem is coming up. Embrace this problem and just watch what wonderful situation is created by it.

    1. Football Manager 21

Honestly their is nothing big to say about this game. If you like football/soccer and like to manage your team and especially players this game is for you.

    1. Carrion

Thank you Gamepass for this game. Sometimes you want to be the villain and destroy everything. It’s still not a braindead game where you can run around like a maniac. Solid game all around.

  • Best ongoing Game: Minecraft

I just love this game so much. All the updates that Mojang pushes out are so good. The new nether with the biomes with the material give the game a new impulse to explore it. I can’t wait for the mines upgrade.

  • Best publisher: Activision Blizzard

Not a fan of their games at all but if you have the best mmorpg without any doubt and release a new Add-on where every Wow fans goes bonkers you do something right. And if you look at the most played games on Xbox for this month the first two places are Call of Duty. Tony Hawk and Crash Bandicoot shows that they want to make/remake good SP games as well. A really good year for them.


Yes but on Xbox it was 2020

Ditto for New Super Lucky’s Tale

Also, can’t believe I forgot the Touryst in my list.

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Maybe we should be a little less strict with 2020 Xbox or PC ports. But I kinda want to avoid that we’re all going to nominate 5 year old games due to a late port. :stuck_out_tongue: (Hi Yakuza)

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To be fair, both Touryst and NEw Super Lucky’s Tale were November 2019 Games. They missed 2020 by literally less than 2 months and both came out halfway through 2020 on Xbox

Kingdom Hearts :eyes::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

So no NHL '94 Rewind then? :wink:

  • 1:Assassins Creed Valhalla
  • 2: Ori The will of the wisps
  • 3:The Last of Us Part 2
  • 4: Streets of Rage 4
  • 5: Star Wars Squadrons
  • 6: Tetris Effect Connected
  • 7: Animal Crossing
  • 8: Resident Evil 3
  • 9: Fallguys
  • 10: CrossCode
  • Best Ongoing Game: Fortnite. Fortnite isn’t my favorite game but they do ongoing better than anyone imo and the marvel season was great. Plus my wife and I play all the time so having a game that I can play with her makes it more special to me.
  • Best Publisher: Sony. I know I’ll probably take some flak for this but their year was incredible. I’ve only played one of their games this year but if I’m just objectively looking at things they published 7 really well received games this year I know XGS put out a lot this year too but the scale of those games where very different. Not that that’s a bad thing, I mean look at my number 2 and 3.

I’d like to give a shout out to the games that released this year that I didn’t get to play yet but are on my list. (I played mostly 2019 releases or older in 2020 and because of gamepass that trend will probably continue) Doom, GoT, Spider-Man MM, Gears Tactics, Battle Toads, Hive Busters, Cyberpunk, Immortals, and Final Fantasy 7.

I’d also like to list the games I was most disappointed in this year. Avengers and Paper Mario. Both of these were giant punches to the gut for me. I have to just accept that Paper Mario is never going to be what I want again and Avengers, though I liked the story, is a mess.

Edit: my list would look very different if I could include stuff that came to Xbox this year but was available on other platforms for awhile.


No on Kingdom Hearts. Things that released somewhere else in a different year and are not full remakes aren’t eligible. Save it for a Game Pass list though.

1.Cyberpunk 2077

  1. Ori and the Will Of The Wisps

3.Doom Eternal

4.Immortals Fenyx Rising

5.Resident Evil 3 Remake

6.Ghost Of Tsushima

7.Mafia Remake


9.The Messenger

10.Journey To The Savage Planet

If the messenger isnt allowed then put Last Of part 2 at 10 and move Journey to the Savage Planet to 9

Best Ongoing game Sea Of Thieves

Best Publisher I have to give it to Sony this year


Dam it :pleading_face:

My list would look very different if we could include ports and remasters lol! I’m not complaining though. Yakuza 0 winning GOTY would be kind of funny and awesome though.

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  • 1: Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • 2: Yakuza Like a Dragon
  • 3: Streets of Rage 4
  • 4: Wasteland 3
  • 5: Gears Tactics
  • 6: Tetris Connected
  • 7: Doom Eternal
  • 8: Ghost of Tsushima
  • 9: Hivebusters
  • 10: Carrion
  • Best Ongoing Game: Forza Horizon 4
  • Best Publisher: Sony

Metroidvanias have been one of my favorite genres since I first played the OG Metroid and Ori is potentially the best one I’ve played since Metroid Prime.

I haven’t been into Japanese RPGs since Final Fantasy 7…on the OG Playstation yet I couldn’t put Yakuza down. It’s a game that has heart in a year we needed it.

Streets of Rage 4 did a great job throwing me back to happier days. Was faithful enough to the OGs while still adding enough new things to be interesting.

Wasteland 3 is one of the best designed western RPGs of this generation. Would’ve ranked higher with a little more polish at release. Impressive game design. Good writing. Interesting characters. A RPG with choice and agency. Everything to be a classic except the polish and production values.

Gears Tactics is my surprise of 2020. It doesn’t stack up to Xcom due to the lack of base building. Became very repetitive. Foundational game design was excellent though and did some things better than Xcom. I can see many strategy games stealing it’s overwatch system going forward.

Tetris Connected was an experience more than a game. Both single player and multi. Loved the music and visuals.

Ghost of Tsushima will likely rank higher in the long run however I’m waiting to play the rest of it at 60 fps.

Publisher is a tough choice. Microsoft published my favorite game of 2020 and my biggest surprise. They also helped make Wasteland better. That said, even as someone who mostly plays on Xbox, Sony’s AAA output during a pandemic year is nothing short of astonishing. Not having a big launch title was still a miss.

  • 1: Ori and the Will of the Wisps (PC)
  • 2: Tell Me Why (PC)
  • 3: Cyberpunk 2077 (Series X)
  • 4: Immortals Fenyx Rising (Series X)
  • 5: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC)
  • 6: Assasins Creed Valhalla (Series X)
  • 7: Tetris Connected (Series X)
  • 8: Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)
  • 9: Wasteland 3 (PC)
  • 10: Genshin Impact (PC)
  • Best Ongoing Game: Civilization VI (PC)
  • Best Publisher: Xbox Game Studios.

The continuous updates on Civ this year made me go back to this game time and time again so that’s why I think it was the best ongoing game this year.

For best publisher I chose Xbox Game Studios because they made my favorite games, but Sony had an amazing year for games.


My list will be rather short… Because even though I finished over 50 games, and played even more, during 2020 there was not many of them actually released in 2020. A few honorable mentions which does not qualify though: New Super Lucky’s Tale and Wasteland Remastered! Had some good fun with those.

My list:

1. Cyberpunk 2077. While I’m not done with it yet I can definitely say it’s the best I played from last year. It may be unpolished but runs great on the Series X. The setting, stories and characters are great. Really looking forward to more content for this game!

2. Gears Tactics. Gears of War is perfect as a tactics game! Really enjoyed this. Looks great too!

3. Tell Me Why. I like these kind of games, and DontNod is great at making me feel stuff. Really good!

4. Minecraft Dungeons. It might not be Diablo, but it was great fun in co-op.

Best Ongoing Game: Forza Horizon 4. Incredible game! Such great post launch support.

Best Publisher: Xbox Game Studios. So many good games with a great diversity in 2020!