XboxEra Community Game of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!

I think the message is clear. Let’s allow ports.


1. Elden Ring - Really not much more I can say about Elden Ring that already hasn’t been said a million times before. It’s just spectacular. Dark Souls in an open world, filled to the brim with secrets/mystery and has the most Satisfying combat. It’s how I imagined a gritty Zelda game would look like when I was younger

2. Persona 5 - I’ve literally been asking for Persona on Xbox for multiple years and now we can all experience it. Live your teenage fantasy of chasing cake and becoming a master thief to destroy the demented minds of Tokyo. Steal treasure and change hearts.

3. Grounded - Most underrated survival game. Tiny people in a big world combined with scavenging for resources and bug parts… It’s the perfect combination and I’m surprised no one else thought about it before.

4. Tiny Kin - Hands down the best platformer I’ve played in decades. I’m starting to realise I’m a big fan of Tiny people in a big world concept. Very unique art style combining 3D world with 2D characters that just works. Platforming that feels buttery smooth that allows you to actually enjoy finding every little collectible.

5. Shadowrun Trilogy - I love the cyberpunk theme and tried for years to pull myself away from Xbox and go and play Shadowrun on Steam. Never happened. So I was chuffed when they announced the trilogy for Xbox. Oh boy! Did I get hooked on these. Amazing world and lore. Each game having its own take on a futuristic beaten down city. Simple but effective Turn-based tactical RPG combat that had me looking for more games that play similarly.

6. Vampire Survivors - Kill demons. Collect gems. Become a god. Old school arcade gaming where you’re the bullet hell. Proves gameplay is king no matter how simple it is. Lizard brain active!

7. Signalis - As someone who grew up with PS1 and playing every Survival horror game I could get my hands on (even though I was probably too young) I find myself with a real nostalgia thirst for the PS1. Signalis kinda has a mash of 3 big titles from that gen. The perspective of MGS, The enemies of Silent Hill, And the game play of Resident Evil.

8. High On Life - A Very polarising game as most comedy is hit or miss depending on your taste. I’ve only ever watched one episode of Rick & Morty but ever since they unveiled the trailer for High On Life, I knew it would be my jam. Funny, really eye popping art style and gameplay that is reminiscent of old school shooters without all the fat of an open world game.

9. Dying Light 2 - Honestly, it’s more of the same. But that isn’t always a bad thing when the game play loop is still as fun as the original. Looks stunning too.

10. Tunic - When I first played Tunic it really didn’t click with me and I was so disappointed since action adventure games are one of my favourite genres. It finally clicked when I started playing it in small chunks on my Steam Deck. A good mix between FEZ with its obtuse puzzles and game play of a Zelda game. Collecting the pages from the game manual to figure out what was going on was very unique.

Ongoing game: Halo Infinite.


I didn’t play many new games this year as evidenced by all of my posts to the “What are you playing?” thread. So here is my top 3:

  1. Shovel Knight Dig

    • I never played the original Shovel Knight game (nor will I), so I took this game as an opportunity to try out this beloved franchise. Dig is a very hard game that I haven’t beaten yet. I’m not even sure that I can beat it, but I’m glad to now understand why people love Shovel Knight. For whatever reason, I cannot overcome 2D games that are very difficult (the only exceptions being Metroid Dread and Hades).
  2. Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope

    • I’m still conflicted on whether or not the first game is better than this sequel, but it’s still great. The open-area world design is weaker than the first game’s more linear design. I also think the grid system may have been better than the new free-form movement for a number of reasons that I won’t bother typing out now. Still, the gameplay is fantastic.
  3. Kirby and The Forgotten Land

    • I do think a lot of Nintendo fans are overrating this game, but it’s still a charming and engaging experience. People praise the endgame, but I really disliked it. For those who don’t know, the endgame has you repeat a bunch of segments from old levels with a terrible colored filter overlaid on your screen. For a game that encourages you to replay levels during your regular playthrough, having the endgame make me replay parts of these levels again was terrible.

I also played a good chuck of Horizon FW, but I really disliked it. It’s way better than HZD but still pretty boring. I truly don’t understand the love for these games (and yeah I realize I’m being very negative about a PS game on an Xbox forum…). Therefore, I am not including HFW in my list.

I have nothing for best ongoing game since I am struggling to find any motivation to play Halo Infinite. I loved Forge and the Custom Games Browser in Halo 5, so maybe I’ll make a real effort to get back into Halo this year.


What’s the justification for Slay the Spire being an “ongoing” game? I absolutely love the game, so I also want to vote for it if it’s eligible.

Hmmm, might be me misreading it. Ongoing game for me is an older game that I still play. Think I said SotS last year too. :slight_smile:

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Honestly this year was one of the weakest years in gaming. For several reasons in fact. I did way more social activities and played a tone board games.

But during my exam phase I played a game the stuck in my mind very heavily.

  1. Far Changing Tides

I played the first part before and was intrigued. I saw that the second part is in gamepass and it was the perfect chill and small game I needed that time. First of all stellar soundtrack. It immediately landed in my study :arrow_forward: list and I still listen to it. I absolutely loved the setting. Post environmental changed world and water in a post apocalypse. Interesting gameplay. Gorgeous artstyle and lovely effects and 2D camera work makes this my goty.

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3

While a disappointment still a great game but the story for me was a total failure and I am sad my most anticipated game of the year was such a disappointment.

  1. Danganronpa

Completed it with my girlfriend was a neat experience we had a lot fun finding the clues and solving the mystery

  1. Vampire Survivors

Yeah that is my list…

I suspect Grounded and High on Life would’ve been on here but neither I completed in time and A plague tale requiem is another disappointment :disappointed:


  1. Sea of Thieves

Favorite game of all time nothing to add.

  1. Halo Infinite

Still a very fun shooter I wish the br would get nerved rank is not fun. Game needs desperately new/more weapons.

Instead here is a list of my favorite board games of the year I played last year :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Terraforming Mars

  2. Barrage

  3. The Crew

  4. Feed the Kraken

  5. Everdell

  6. Underwater Cities

Yes Elden Ring is missing I literally had not the patience to complete it but played about 20 hours was great! On the other side this year looks very very promising!

  1. Elden Ring
  2. Plague Tale Requiem
  3. High on Life
  4. The Quarry
  5. Nobody Saves the World
  6. Cult of the Lamb
  7. Two Point Campus
  8. Dying Light 2
  9. Tinykin
  10. Sniper Elite 5

Ongoing Forza Horizon 5 & Halo Infinite


Board games are awesome too though. So no less there! :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah grown on it trough last year. SOOOOO many options. I envy people that jump now into gaming, probably have soo many options :smiley:

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  1. Elden ring. Played it for a month and a half, loved every bit of the 150 hours i put in.

  2. Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Just so well done, really nothing like it.

  3. Tinykin. No bloat just pure Rare/Nintendo like platforming greatness.

  4. Pentiment. Loved it. Really hope they do other smaller games in this mold in the future.

  5. Vampire survivors.

  6. Citizen Sleeper. Brilliant game, wouldve been higher up if i hadnt played the other 5.

  7. Norco. Genius game. Play it now.

  8. As dusk falls. Loved it.

  9. F1 22.

  10. Lets build a zoo.



  1. Tinykin
  2. Immortality
  3. Vampire Survivors
  4. Norco
  5. As Dusk Falls
  6. Prodeus
  7. High on Life

On Going Games

  1. Forza Horizon 5
  2. Rocket League
  3. Minecraft


  1. Tinykin - I love this above all other games. It was a love letter to platforming, with such a wonderful world and level design, as well as actually managing to make movement around the world incredibly fun, which is key to making a collectathon type game actually fun. Genuinely one of the best experiences I’ve had playing a game in decades. Try it.

  2. Immortality - Is this a game? Who fucking knows. But I will say that it was one of the only actually mind blowing experiences I’ve had as a gamer where YOU are the character in the game, a true RPG, but delivered in such a strange way, with such a strange story.

  3. Vampire Survivors - I’m the same as everyone else; wrote this off as a strange bit-graphics nonsense, and when I tried it I didn’t get it… and then I did get it, and then I was hooked. A brilliant concept perfectly executed and delivered. Brilliant.

  4. Norco - Narrative games are my new things, and thanks to Game Pass I can go back and play a bunch. And this… this got it’s teeth into me. A deliciously simple premise, but with a deeply odd and almost David Lynch style world, delivered ina gorgeous bit art and synth wave style. Do not miss this.

  5. As Dusk Falls - I know folk weren’t too sure about the delivery of this story, nor that even if the story manage to hold up, but I found it compelling and incredibly engaging, despite it also not really being a game!

  6. Prodeus - Now this is a game. Fuck me. Glorious shooter in amazing levels with brilliant weapons. If you fancy fucking smashing a bunch of folk, then this is it.

  7. High on Life - This was a lot more fun than I was expecting, and honestly I didn’t find it that funny… but the gameplay actually, in my view, holds up. It’s a great game, with good movement mechanics and guns that, despite the talking, feel great. The gunplay and traversal are excellent. Music too.

  1. Elden Ring
  2. Vampire Survivors
  3. Sniper Elite 5
  4. Tunic
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shedder’s Revenge

Love this! Thank you

  • 1: Elden Ring
  • 2: GoW: Ragnarok
  • 3: Vampire Survivors
  • 4: Tunic
  • 5: Infernax
  • 6: Nobody Saves the World
  • 7: Hardspace: Shipbreaker
  • 8: Death Stranding
  • 9: Cult of the Lamb
  • 10: Let’s Build A Zoo
  • Ongoing Game 1: Halo Infinite
  • Ongoing Game 2: Forza Horizon 5
  • Ongoing Game 3: Path of Exile

And for my reasons why, I’ll link my article!

Game of the Year 2022 | SoulBlazerz - XboxEra


Looking forward to seeing more lists!

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  1. Elden Ring
  2. Vampire Survivors
  3. A Plague Tale: Requiem
  4. Powerwash Simulator
  5. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
  1. High on Life

  2. Plague tale requiem

  3. Scorn

On going games

  1. Forza Horizon 5

Vampire Survivors could do very well it seems.


Didn’t play a lot of 2022 releases since Elden Ring & Bayonetta 3 consumed my life last year plus I played/revisited a lot of older games but I had a ton of fun with all of them. Here is my list:

  1. Elden Ring - Spent over 300hrs into this world and I am still tempted to start a new save file. Along with BotW Elden Ring is the best open world game that I have ever played mostly due to the unparalleled sense of discovery and exploration, of course the god-tier boss gauntlet and impeccable designed legacy dungeons were two more reasons to fall in love with this game. From proved for one more time that they are among the top studios of the industry.

  2. Bayonetta 3 - Instead of releasing a Bayonetta 2.5 Platinum instead decided to bring something fresh to the series and the genre with Bayonetta 3, the inclusion of Demon Slaves is a game changer in so many ways. Amazing combat system, a batshit insane amount of content and an enjoyable story makes this easily one of the best games in the genre IMO.

  3. Tinykin - This was the surprise of the year for me, Tinykin is such a fun and relaxing experience that was really refreshing to see. Collectathon platformers can still be relevant today and Tinykin is the proof. Can’t wait to see what this team does next!

  4. Signalis

  5. Tunic

  6. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

  7. The Callisto Protocol

  8. Prodeus

  9. High On Life

Ongoing game: Forza Horizon 5

  • 1: Rogue Legacy 2 - pure and simple this is the game I played and enjoyed the most

  • 2: Overwatch 2

  • 3: Tunic

  • 4: Stray

  • 5: Vampire Survivors

  • 6: Pentiment

  • Ongoing Game 1: Terraria - 10 years on, massive free updates, never charged a dime for any of it - the ultimate labor of love