Xbox Wireless headset announced! Now a wired one 😉 also

Unboxing :eyes:


Price is reaally tempting

It is really tempting, but I have to remind myself that I already have one I paid for the same price… still tempting though.

For me two things really count…

Seperate dials for game chat and party chat, I hate just one button for balance. Not sure what’s the case with this one.

And I love a powerful bass and often I’ve tested headphones and they just weren’t that good in that area. So I’ll have to test them.


Ok, I need this!

I need a mono chat headset that is great man but this is a good start

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Sounds like it’s not just one dial then, nice!

by the way, the headset was already shown in one of the advertisment for the Series X :

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These look good. Having a separate dial for voice chat and game audio is nice. However I would wait to see what reviewers say about the sound quality.


We will something different to argue about now.

PS5 Headset vs Xbox Headset


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they took a page from Lucidsound :+1:

good stuff


I currently have SteelSeries Arctis 7x, but I ordered one of these for the sake of SCIENCE!

Worst case scenario is it becomes my PC headset.

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you can return it without a problem

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Ill probably keep it either way. The Arctis replaced my Rig 800 set that I gave to my best friend when he got his series X. I usually have a set on my PC and a set for my xbox. If the sound on these is comparable to the 7x I will probably make these my Xbox set and use the Arctis on my PC.

How is this possible? I thought that PS patented sound?


This look amazing! I’m legit surprised and happy to see this. I’ve been looking at wireless headsets for my Xbox but just couldn’t find anything that suited my needs and my budget at the same time. This headset does! I’ll wait for reviews of course, but I hope they’re good so I can order this one ASAP.

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