Xbox Wire: Xbox Series X|S are the only next gen consoles to have full RDNA2

Does anyone remember the days when people were saying Navi was exclusive to Sony?

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I remember when Jason Schreier said it was rubbish that Microsoft would release the dev kit so late because they have a little surprise. He was dismissing Tom Warrens statement. Look what he tweeted. :phil_lmao:


Every other thing yes! But still skeptical of the Infinte cache.

Nov 10 is not far away. A mention of cache size would clear up all doubts.

Its nots just software features.

The Xbox Wire blog post says

In our quest to put gamers and developers first we chose to wait for the most advanced technology from our partners at AMD before finalizing our architecture.


main account posted as well, oh they hate to see it


Only DF can answer this. How much improvement we may see because of this stuff holds the importance of this.

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Its not about directx in this case its hardware features.

For example in ps5 presentation Cerny talked about primitive shader which is a rdna 1 feature and less flexible than mesh shaders touted by rdna2 and Ms.

Then there was the Sony gpu engineer saying that ps5 was based on rdna 1 and lacking vrs, sampler feedback, machine learning hardware acceleration.

And finally theres evidence that the hardware implementation of rt on ps5 is different than of SX/SS and less efficient.


I want my XSX delivered ASAP! Im so pumped

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AMD builds their GPUs around high level features. For RDNA2, AMD says those big tentpole features are perf/watt, hardware accelerated RT and hardware accelerated VRS.

RT is ray tracing, which faithfully simulates how light bounces around a scene. It is useful for generating realistic reflections, better shadows, better lighting in general as well as can be used for some simple AI stuff and some audio stuff. Both PS5 and Xbox Series have hardware accelerated RT.

Perf/Watt is graphics performance per Watt of power. This has to be a good ratio in order for graphics performance to be good without the console generating too much heat. Both Xbox Series and PS5 have this feature too.

VRS is variable rate shading, which allows devs to cherry pick pixels in each frame to dedicate higher or lower computing power towards. Some stuff is in background or even out of focus, so pixels showing that part of the imagery can have less computing time dedicated to them. Other parts are more important, like the HUD or the enemies or the player character or other elements of a scene devs need to draw attention to. Those can get higher compute time to be super fine resolution and top quality shader fx. Devs can see boosts of 10-30% in performance using VRS. Xbox Series has hardware accelerated VRS. There is no evidence whatsoever suggesting PS5 has VRS.

We know for sure that PS5 is missing one of these 3 features, since Rosario Leonardi (PS5s Principal Graphics Engineer) said so a few months ago. He also said privately in a twitter DM to another dev that PS5 was middleground between RDNA1 and RDNA2, which he likely meant it lacked 1 or more of the full features.

The writing has been on the wall here for a long time, but not many wanted to admit or acknowledge it. PS5 is essentially confirmed to lack VRS now.


Not surprised whatsoever as I have said that PS5 doesnt have the full RDNA 2 feature set for months. When you listen/follow people who actually know what theyre talking about and dont give you bullshit, you dont really need to wait for confirmation especially when one side only talks about SSD, Tempest Audio and Dual Sense controller. Thats all you really need to know.

Plus, Microsoft posted a full glossary back in March listing everything Xbox Series X has and can do. You only do this if YOU KNOW what you have is missing from your competition.


Sampler feedback is unique to RDNA2 and xbox series. As are mesh shaders, VRS , direct ray tracing and direct ML.

While the PS5 does share the same base RDNA2 2 design the feature sets are different,

Ps5 does not have gpu hardware support for VRS, machine learning at int4 and int8 or sampler feedback.

Ps5 does however have the same RDNA2 hardware for Raytracing but the api will be a custom sony solution. And while PS5 does not have mesh shaders they have something similar called primitive shaders.

I think the ray tracing and mesh shading techniques will have similar efficiency between the PS5 and xboxS|X, but the performance will be dictated by the brute horsepower bof each platform.

Xbox series look to have significant advantages in VRS, machine learning and sampler feedback. However the sampler feedback situation will probably even out between the platforms because sony are using raw bandwidth and supplementary processors to close the gap or perform better then Microsofts software and GPU embedded SFS hardware.


I believe primitive shaders are very less capable than mesh shaders. Its a rdna 1 vs 2 feature set


Theres evidence that while the hardware rt on ps5 is similar in strategy of rdna2 its not the exact hardware.

One developer specifically on another forum said ps5 implementation was less efficient.


Im confused, because the AMD page lists PS5 as having this too. What is the difference?

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Its says RDNA2 is the foundation for PS5,XBOX etc

Wow. The github leak ended up being all true?

That comment about waiting to finalise tech is massive.