Xbox Series X = Xbox One X Pro

I think in due time adopting DX12U will come down to how easy or hard it’ll be to implement it into a studio’s existing pipeline. We already know of 4A deciding to skip over mesh shaders because they are happy with their existing implementation.

As the generation goes on and studios are looking for ways to draw out more performance from these machines, I can see wider adoption to the features as long at the performance gains is worth the work.


They got unlucky with Covid, I’m sure we’re getting good lookers from the entire industry in the coming years


Can’t wait for xbox 2023 games because they all seem to be Xbox Series only.


Yeah, not a fan of this cross-gen stuff. I understand it, so no need to @ me lol, I just don’t care for it from a purely selfish pov. Will be fun to get some proper stuff coming soon.

With cloud streaming even to old consoles there is no need at all to take the old consoles into consideration any more. Time to move on.

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Presumably Xbox passed on publishing The Quarry when Google Stadia closed their publishing company. Xbox did nab Kojima from Google Stadia so not sure why they passed on the Quarry.

As for Gamepass the Take Two CEO famously broke nda about Gamepass’ projected numbers last September when Phil presumably gave Zelnick their projections on close to 30 million by the end of 2021. That mishap has caused Xbox to be more guarded with their subscriber numbers. Zelnick gave the 30 million estimate far too early and publicly so it has been an Xbox headache ever since.

That would have been a very cool addition though!

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Yeah Xbox publishing the Quarry would’ve really benefitted Xbox this year since the game is being regarded as Supermassives best since Until Dawn. As a bonus it would’ve been yet another former PS4 exclusive developer that would now produce an Xbox exclusive (similar to Hellblade). Sometimes I really question Xbox management’s decisions.

In terms of some Game Pass additions or exclusions, yeah I agree.

Current gen only games have been massively delayed, in general. Covid is still a thing.

Actually, in the context of a global killer virus that snuffed out over 5m human lives, I think it’s remarkable that we’re getting truly next gen games only 3 years after console launch.


Is this a troll? lol