Xbox Series X = Xbox One X Pro

Honestly, where is the next gen gaming? Forza Horizon 5 is running 30-60 fps modes on Xbox one X, 30-60 fps on Xbox Series X

They added 30 fps mode to Halo Infinite for Xbox series x If u wanna play with stable 4K resolution with next gen graphic visuals. Obviously this “next-gen” is just SSD gen. Same game, same fps, ALMOST even same graphics (i stll have one x so i can compare every games i play with my eyes) but loading faster. Is this the 4K60 generation? Yes u can play 4K60 but with lower graphics, thats what One X doing already. Im just feeling disappointed. Can anyone tell me why this “next gen” cant hold 4K60 with “real next gen graphics”? I’d really love to learn reason.

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there is no 60 fps mode in FH5 for Xbox One X :woman_shrugging:


I got Series X at launch and it immediately paid off for me. Cyberpunk for Series X was my game of the year in 2020. Yakuza Like a Dragon Series X was my runner up. Astrobot for PS5 was probably third. And Spider-Man Miles Morales for PS5 was fourth. Rounding out my system launch top five was Watch Dogs Legion for Series X.

Honestly this was the best new console launch lineup since 9/9/99 and the Dreamcast. You seem late to the party. There have been ups and downs (my PS5 mostly collects dust) but it’s been a nice ride so far in my opinion. Gamepass combined with Xbox Series X makes this my favorite console generation ever with the best days still yet to come. The trailer for the new Forza is unbelievable looking just to name one game to prove games will get even better soon.

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most next gen games are also held back because they also on last gen. Like forza Horizon 5. The new game’s are coming out that only on next gen, so I believe you will see a big deference then.

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Most “next gen” games aren’t actually out yet and wont really start coming till next year

Things like Flight Sim are absolutely next gen though


The Medium was Next-Gen only game, but was 30 FPS also. Idk. I never had nintendo but had all ps-xbox through generations. Maybe its me idk but this generation so weird. Every game comes with performance mode quality mode rt mode bla bla. I just want a game real next gen graphics with real next gen fps. I dont even care about ray tracing honestly. But no, i have to make a decision always, next gen graphics or 60 fps

I do mind the absence of unlocked frame rate options

FH5 with dynamic could easily do above 40 on a vrr display. But PG doesn’t bother to do so and cap it to 30

Series X is next-gen in every sense of the word. Whether it be the SSD, desktop-class CPU, or 12tf GPU.

Also, people forget that last-gen was the first gen that introduced mid-gen refreshes. Of course the One X holds up pretty well. It was a $500 console that came out only 3 years before the Series X.

The legitimate comparison that lines up with how every previous generation worked is going from the base Xbox One to the Series X. In which case the improvements are absolutely astronomical.


Btw, The Quarry common 2052p on PS5 and 2160p on XSX, also XSX has almost pc quality god-rays while PS5 has no god-rays. Anyone played it? Is it really looks like next gen and worth to play also? (I am sorry for my English, i know my grammar as bad as can give u headache but im just Turkish who learning english. Sorry guy)

I’m actually pretty happy with the “eternal cross-gen” state of affairs, because 60 FPS modes are basically guaranteed. :sweat_smile: I kind of dread when games will start targeting all the next-gen graphical bells and whistles along with a 30 FPS framerate.


Issue with what you’re asking for is “next gen” is different for every gamer. What do you consider next gen? Are you looking for something similar to the Matrix demo? If so, it’ll likely be running at 30fps.

This generation is different than any before because the leap in performance is the smallest yet on the graphics side. Games are also more expensive to make, so it’s become more difficult to drop last gen support. So the increase in graphics is going to take a bit longer.

We’ll get amazing looking games. We just need to wait. One things for sure, the Series X is not just a One X Pro.


One thing that is good about this forum is that there are very few threads that have this kind of bad faith premise.


This is probably an unpopular opinion but I’m okay with them releasing updated consoles again this generation. The hard drives are way too small and having a Series S as my secondary bedroom Xbox is good but I will be more than ready to trade it in for an updated Xbox in a year or two.

The 60fps and ultra fast loading times made both my Series X and PS5 worth the purchase. Visually speaking, my #1 game is Horizon Forbidden West. Nothing looks better thus far. #2 would be Cyberpunk 2077. Then there’s probably a few other games all mixed in for #3.

While Forza Horizon 5, Flight Simulator and the upcoming Forza Motorsport 8 all look excellent, none of them do anything for me personally as im not into sports/sim games. I’m not expecting a visual showcase until Hellblade 2 to be perfectly honest but it is what it is.


I am Pro Xbox so won’t even mind an expensive Xbox with substantial upgrade in its specs

Will definitely buy one

I think with all the demand in the market right now, a $800-1000 xbox will also sell good and I would buy one

What is next gen to you?

And wth do you expect from a 500 dollar box?

I think youre delusional in terms of what you expect from these systems. They do 60 well at a good res with fast loading as well as many feautures

The one x had an awful CPU.

I don’t think it’s fair to assume the thread is made in bad faith. Some people aren’t familiar with game technology and some don’t want to be. I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking when we’ll see next gen games in the more traditional sense. While we’ve seen some nice leaps, we haven’t seen anything that hits the same level as the Matrix demo and it’s that level of fidelity I think many expect from these machines.

Again some people don’t have a good understanding of technology and how it applies to games. Nothing wrong with that.

Also please let’s not call each other names even if we disagree.



Imagine having access to more content than ever for a low cost, stream your games on the cloud seamlessly with low power devices, and play your games in 4K/60. This is next gen, and it just gets better with every iteration.

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I don’t believe it was made in bad faith necessarily either, but saying One X has a 60fps mode in FH5 when he says he has both systems is not correct. It’s just not true.

But I do get where he’s coming from. For me too the biggest differences so far are 60fps and the loading times because of the SSD. The true next gen game is Flight Simulator but that’s a game i barely ever play and I bet that goes for a lot of people. I’m still waiting for the I guess more mainstream games to become truly current gen(current gen) and it really seems Starfield is going to be that, the scale is amazing for starters. The one question though is, what framerate can we expect? We’ve gotten so used to playing most games at 60fps, gonna take some adjusting if it’s lower. But we want pretty graphics and we want current gen only, end of the day these are still consoles and sacrifices are going to be made.

We know the current gen only games are coming like Starfield, Redfall (right now visually not that crazy), Avowed, Hellblade 2 etc. They are all coming and will look fantastic but it’s just taking a lot of time, understandable, but also unfortunately.

That being said, I find all these enhanced BC games with things like auto HDR which is fantastic also part of the next gen experience, it’s stuff that the Xbox One isn’t doing.


Recently I’ve heard the PS5 describe as a PS4-Pro Pro and I can see where people are coming from, and this is why I let’s stress the importance of Direct X12 Ultimate.

One thing that people seem to agree on is that Unreal Engine 5 is “next gen”. Even though it runs at 30 FPS in many cases with various solutions to hit a 4K resolution, people are most impressed by the fidelity and lighting.

As Kage touched on, many of us seem to have a unique definition for “next gen” when games that are running at 4K and 120 FPS aren’t considered “next generation” but the sub-4K 30fps UE5 demos are.

What they are doing are things that you would see as a result of mesh shaders and RT hardware, but in software. It’s done in software so it can run on as many hardware configurations as possible. It’s these features that people are finding impressive.

The Series consoles are the only ones with these features in hardware.

(I won’t get into it now, but it looks like an efficient GI solution wouldn’t be completely based on RT hardware but could be boosted by it)

The only question now is whether a developer would create a game in DX12U from the ground up supporting these features. The answer is likely no.

With the silicon shortage, only a fraction of today’s gamers has the hardware to run it. There’s only 10 to 20 million Series console owners, and it looks like only a portion of DX12U graphics card owners are using it for games because another portion of owners are using it for crypto mining.

So to create a game that can only run on something like 5%-10% of gaming hardware out there doesn’t make financial sense.

In many cases developers want their games playable on hardware a decade old. I hope people wanted Halo Infinite to be a next gen only title, but if it ran on the Xbox One it could run on PC hardware from 2012. Which is great for getting more players to try out a free to play game and spend money in it.

That said, the industry does need its own “Crysis” that pushes people to upgrade their hardware. Flight Sim, which is a DX 11 game, actually pushed people to upgrade their computers because of how demanding it was. I think Microsoft first party would be wise to be the first ones to do this. They need to take that risk. Consider it a write off to encourage people to buy Series consoles or DX12U videocards.