Xbox Series X Sideways Gang!

So, I’m sure I’m not the only person who will be placing their series X on the side?

I have children and animals and am scared they will drop something down the top through the gaps. Also have a perfect space for it to go sideways.

Can’t help to also think the airflow could be better. Anyway, has anyone thought about buying or making feet extensions to raise it up slightly for even better heat reduction?


Nah, I’m gonna go vertical. You do you though!

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One horizontal, probably one vertical, 3rd is undecided.

Gotta be diagonal then.


Still haven’t decided. I can only put it horizontally if I want it inside my entertainment unit, under the TV. Horizontally I have to put it next to my TV.

Horizontal as that will fit best on the shelf in my TV stand with the controller underneath the shelf. I have never had any console vertical/standing up. Always laying flat horizontally for me.

I was going to put it horizontal as that was the only way to get proper airflow in my cabinet. BUT I realized that it was a beutiful piece of hardware so now I will build a shelf up on the wall to the side of the TV where it can stand free, upright and proudly asserting it’s dominance over the living room!

I just have to figure out how to hide the cables… Visible cables/cords is a sin.

Two suggestions (I’ve done both before):

  1. paintable cable tracks/raceways;
  2. punch through the wall, fish behind baseboards, and run along baseboards to head unit.

Third bonus option from a shoulder surfing smart-ass in my house: hang theater-style drapes behind your equipment and run cables behind that.

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Hm, interesting! There are no way to hide them “naturally” so something drastic is indeed required… Thanks for the ideas, off to YT I go. :wink:

Check out the 3rd suggestion I edited in from the peanut gallery.

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Will do, hehe.

Was anyone else planning on either buying raisers, or making the feet a bit longer to help with airflow when sideways?

I’m going…upside-down!!!

…what? I’m sure cooling won’t be an issue!


I’ll have to look in person, but I think all the intake would be on the bottom and back (or left and back if horizontal). Not sure risers would help horizontally. However, I may pad the feet a bit if for some reason the disc drive vibrates through the hardwood shelf during a movie.

Ahh, yes. Padding the feet might be an idea. The disc drive will be the loudest part of the XSX. Just wondering what material to padn it with. Hmm.

I use a thin(ish) woven foam cupboard/drawer traction pad (color to match shelf or device) and cut to fit the size of whatever it’s under.

Works great. A tip from a THX certified theater tech I’ve worked with for years. I use it to fine tune the position of my speaker angles while preventing vibration.

Yuck. Mods lock this thread! :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

He’s goin’ vertical!

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Mine is going to be standing tall and proud :stuck_out_tongue:

The tower of power looks beautiful standing.

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I built my shelves late last year assuming the new consoles would be default horizontal per usual. I sure was mistaken! I gotta have my Series X lay horizontal, and with the vents facing where I sit in order for it to fit properly now.