Xbox Series X - September 22 Preorders - $499 - November 10th Launch

'nuff said


This is amazing. Especially the All Access price. 24 months 0% interest. Unless you’ve got terrible credit or are planning a major purchase there’s no reason not to go that way if possible.

I’m really curious as to whether the loan is penalty free repayable. If so I’d go that route and pay it off in 15 months or so a few months before my mortgage was up for renewal.

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And there was me sat waiting for the PS5 price drop. that was unexpected.

£449 UK

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I am so happy with £450 and then EA Play added to game pass for free!? Ill freaking take it!


Wow! Both are amazing prices. How long have we waited for this day! Better clear my calendar for the 22nd September…

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I have been waiting since June! This will be a day long remembered my friend


£449 is a very good price for Series X. Happy with that. Finally the UK folks aren’t being shafted by US companies ignoring the dollar/Stirling conversion!


Can’t wait to pre-order. Now I just have to decide if I go through Microsoft or a local games store.

I’ll be booking November 10th off work.

Going through Amazon myself! I do not think you could go wrong with either! But with the current pandemic I would suggest Online for your safety my friend :slight_smile:

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In the UK I’m happy and my circle have all said 22/09 the S is going to Access for them

My wallet is ready. I managed to save 100+ Euros of credit with Microsoft Rewards too, so it’s actually gonna be even cheaper. Can’t wait.

Estimated? I don’t really get that.

Give it to me nooooow!

There are going to be a shit ton of people hitting refresh on their browsers! My wallet will have no compromises for this.

September 22nd it’s about to go down baby. Also incredible freaking value for the Series S it’s actually ridiculous. Still going for the Series X but man I have ppl hitting me up nonstop about that 300$ it’s too good to be true. #XboxNation

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I have 2 buddies switching over from PlayStation for the price alone.


I told my cousin last night, “You know they just announced the new Xbox gonna be 300$ right?” the look on his face was priceless lol he’s a big playstation guy but even he was like damn 300… that price man wow.


Honestly that price will really tempt a ton of people.

If I didn’t buy a CX to take full advantage of the Series X I honestly I would be tempted to just get the S. The value is incredible especially with EA Play being included in Gamepass. I’m heavy on Madden and NFS so that’s super clutch for me lol

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I wonder what time September 22nd

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