Xbox Series X|S SSD are 'not' soldered to the PCB

They are saying the SSD can’t be pcie 4.0 because of its read speed. They are implying that Microsoft is lying about the SSD’s generation. They are speculating that it is pcie gen 3.0 and not 4.0.

They are pulling up drives online trying to find the source of it.

Take the problem under another angle. Lol even with what’s inside it shows PS5 lighting fast superflash ssd is even worse if XSX beats it on all loading times. :rofl:


NOO, that doesn’t count because those are old games not optimized to take full advantage of the PS5 super-fast SSD !! lol

I am pretty sure DF has confirmed (well Richard anyhow) that the specs and hardware within the Series X|S are what Microsoft says they are.

So as for the XSX it is the same. Lol. The holy grail of ssd ssd ssd destroyed by XSX and not even using XVA or other tech yet. What will it be later…


The results are astounding, as the Xbox Series X comfortably beats the PlayStation 5 in this aspect.

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You do realize that the SSD in the Xbx is a WD SN530 PCle 3.0 with a seq read speed up to 2400 MB and a write speed up to 1950 MB.There is no speculation.

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Well then, why did Microsoft say it was Gen 4.0 in the deep-dive and on their website? This is what the speculation is about. Is Microsoft lying about the make of their SSD?

For the record, I am just reporting what is being said.

The Xbx has a Western digital SN530 Pcle 3.0 SSD,the Xbx has four channels for the SSD ,two for the internal SSD and two for the external cards.You’ll have to ask Microsoft about their claims.

Will be interesting to see how all this unfolds. Apparently, the controller is Gen 4.0 … whatever that means. I am sure someone will speak on it sooner or later.

But, this makes the situation with the load speeds/times even weirder.

Rato Borrachudo is live streaming his Series S disassembly right now. It’s also a standlone drive, it’s not Western Digital and they said it’s the same manufacturer of the Surface SSDs. He is about to install a larger Samsung SSD drive to see if it works.

They also said people yesterday thought the Series X SSD is gen 3 because they matched the model number of the Series X SSD with another one on WD site that has a similar model number. However, they said it has one different letter on the X model, which differentiates it from the gen 3 people were thinking it was the same. They said it isn’t, it is gen 4.

If anyone wants to watch his experiment with the Samsung SSD, here is his Twitch link (it’s in Portuguese, since he is a fellow Brazilian, but you can watch it anyway):


How did the experiment turn out?

Spawn Wave did a teardown, for those interested he showed the SSD.

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At the end of the day its on screen results that matter.

It didn’t work.

Just watched this, great teardown!

Im really pleased and surprised how high quality the materials used inside the SeriesX are.


I hate that we have to void the warranty to do this. Particularly given how easy it seems.

I would not worry about it, Microsoft make reliable hardware, I still have my launch xbox one and its still as quiet as a mouse and my 1X was also problem free since 2017.

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There must be difference between

‘CH’ SN530


‘PC’ SN530

So people can’t even look for correct part number.

XSX SSD’s are 2x lane drive, so the double bandwidth and halved channels mean the speed didn’t change.


Ist auf jeden Fall custom, die gibt es so nämlich nicht mit dem Controller.

Hier noch ein shot der XSX SSD