Xbox Series X|S SSD are 'not' soldered to the PCB

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Man this console just keeps on giving and giving :heart_eyes:


So will this mean we CAN replace the internal SSD? But we void warranty then though?

Yes! It’s good for in case it gets faulty. Then as repair you may have the SSD replaced.

It’s not designed form the expansion point of view.


Well, you can replace AFTER the warranty expires.

Just to let you guys know that Rato Borrachudo is one of the few Xbox enthusiasts who have received Xbox Series consoles from Microsoft here in Brazil. They sent to lots of “influencers” who have been shitting on the platform for years, which is something I will never ever understand.

Now THIS I like! Great for small repair shops everywhere! Please ms keeps this going, also in your other hardware products( like the surface). Right to repair is a great thing. This would mean that by doing a bitwise copy you can probably replace the disk. That is as long as they don’t have some checks somewhere in else on the ic. But I mean with a simple check to an online licensing server after it is replaced that should be enough for MS to be safe on the piracy concerns. After it detects a drive replacement, just force it to phone home.

Not in the case of surface devices of course. But since this device is sold at a loss it is a step in the right direction. Please don’t have any security on the drive itself so that if you just get the same drive of the same brand it’ll work as intended.

We need some pushback against this soldering in of replacable shit. It’s an Apple trend that should NOT be followed!

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That is quite awesome! I might actually do that too!

Rato Borrachudo disassembled Series X on a live stream, here is a short video of it - they were very excited when they discovered it isn’t soldered (“it can be replaced, it isn’t soldered!”)

It seems he will disassemble Series S live today.

I hope some of them are going to try and install a different one and see if it works.

Would be quite special if it accepts any of the same specced SSDds.

The size is the issue…I think that is a 2230 NVME drive. I am not sure the largest size in that form factor, but my guess is 1TB (maybe we could get a 2TB???). Too bad it isn’t a 2280 size drive, and we could (if Microsoft allowed it) expand it with a 8TB Sabrent RocketQ NVME.

However, this is great news it isn’t soldered to the board.

This won’t change anything for me directly but I’m glad it’s a thing.

Will be interesting to see what happens if you take the SSD from the Series X and put it in a Series S.

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I’m assuming this makes self repair more likely?



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The amount of people who are TRYING to shit on Microsoft because the internal SSD is nvme 3.0, both insecure PC and Sony fans, while ignoring the performance Microsoft is taking from it and the fact that it’s a standalone drive that can possibly be replaced, which is always something pro-consumer, shows how Microsoft has made the right choices.


Another teardown had a SanDisk SSD.

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Yup, I saw this too. Now “they” are trying to claim Microsoft lied about the SSD being 4.0. It never fails with them…


So a SanDisk SSD can’t be 4.0?

I mean what’s people complaining about?