Xbox Series X|S backwards compatibility thread + day one optimised games

Fallout 4 - 30 to 60 FPS

Xbox blog post -

500000 hours across all the entire backward compatibility catalogue.

Auto HDR is done without any load on CPU or GPU.

Upscaling to 1440p, 16x filtering

List of day one optimised games!


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This pleases me.

I wasn’t disappointed at all when Xbox stated that the Series S would run One S versions of the games in BC because I knew there were going to be inherent benefits from the additional hardware and general compute capabilities of the Series S and X. This basically confirms why I wasn’t, and while I already knew about the Auto-HDR and a bit on the doubling of framerates, it’s amazing to see it in action and to know there’s also going to be some Heutchy Method magic and 16x filtering to boot. I’ve been saying it for a while but I think the Series S is going to surprise a hell of a lot of people, and while I think that’s doubly so for the Series X, having the power the S does at $300 is incredible.



BC truly will be bliss on Xbox Series X, i have so many great titles still in my backlog, gonna love this!

Sounds like Xbox is ready to go when it comes to many titles being BC right on the launch of next gen.

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I think, aside from the Kinect titles, Microsoft has made it clear that all Xbox One titles already are BC, and the existing 360/OG titles are as well. That’s also definitely the impression this article leaves as well; no question of whether they will or won’t work as intended.

Nothing much we didn’t expect, but excellent recap nonetheless. As a side note, they also announced that Xbox 360 will no longer require Gold for cloud saving, making the entire Xbox Live ecosystem even more unified and accessible for everyone. Fantastic stuff, if they keep on mantaining all this support in future consoles too, Xbox will be de facto the retrogaming machine, at least as far as 2000s games are.


It would be awesome if they were to post a list of what every game runs at on Series X and Series S. Hope they do that in the future.


What does this mean?

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It basically means how far the full quality of the textures/overall image quality loads in relation to the player’s view. I’ll upload an image that helps highlight the function. image


This is truly brilliant work Xbox’s BC team is putting out. Doubling the framerate of Fallout 4 (which was capped at 30fps) without any patch from the dev is pure wizardry.

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Thank you for asking.

Thank you for answering! The photo was especially helpful.


Now this improvements worth having

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That list would basically be everything that you can play on xbone.

Haha. True. I just want a list of the improvements for all those games.

A-ha, sorry I misread you thought what were asking for the compatibility, not the status of each game.

That would be nice indeed. I get the wording from this post that they want to improve everything, and will continue to research not only extra ways to improve the games, but also how to make more games compatible with their enhancements.

I have a feeling that no matter how awesome the BC is at launch, it will pale in comparison to how it will be in a few years.

Of course! Any time I can impart knowledge, I’m always happy to.


that’s how you do back compat

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No worries. And agreed. BC will be even more amazing in a few years than it will be at launch. Just imagine future generations when they’re constantly and consistently setting everything up. Xbox BC is huge and in time will get to where they’re set and just have to maintain it all. It’s freaking insane.