Xbox Series X|S backwards compatibility thread + day one optimised games

Found this attempt of an explanation on From an pure software developing standpoint and how APIs work this is a possible explanation how they can pull this off. Not confirmed or anything. Just a thought.


Alan Wake side by side with XSX|X1X. The auto-HDR is REALLY noticeable here and looking great!


I’ve been missing these kind of news since the BC team went radio silent to work on the new consoles. :mechanical_arm: :+1:

Incredible stuff!!

Wonder what other games bedsides fo4 is gonna get 60fps bump

Dying for OG Xbox bc drop

Also, 16xaf how is this not a megaton to you guys!?!?!

BC is the main reason I’m going with the Series X this next generation. I will miss some Sony exclusives, but I really don’t have enough time these days anyway

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Man the BC team are magicians.


For those who doubted gears 5 running 4k@120fps on series X😎

(I was one of them too😅)

It is questionable. But unless both consoles aren’t tested by user, these are just numbers.

Still need to see how many games use this 30-60 FPS conversion.

That alone will transform so many games.