Xbox Series X Runs Cooler and Consumes Less Power With Instant-On After New Update

What an absolute wizard of a machine, this console deserves engineering awards.


What exactly is the Instant On mode?

A standby state so it boots quicker. Also updates in the background can be done in this mode.

I used Instant on constantly the past gen. Now the Series X boots up when powered down in like 5s so I don’t see the need tbh. I only leave it in Instant on if I’m downloading lots of stuff over night now.

The Series X is awesome.

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That’s great but if the console itself boots up in 5 seconds then how fast is the Instant On mode? Can’t wait to get the Series X. Oh man!!! Time needs to go faster. LMAO.

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Practically instant.

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The mode is named very aptly on Series X, it’s instant :wink:

Hahaha. That’s freaking awesome.

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Fucking hell this thing is a thing of beauty


Sometimes its so fast that my OLED needs to take a split second longer to recognize the HDMI.

This is why I don’t care if the dash is 1080p upscaled to 4K. It just makes the entire UI instant.


I agree. I don’t care about the dashboard resolution. I would like the dashboard to have HDR just so it wouldn’t have a black screen for a few seconds as it switches from when I play an HDR game to going back to the dashboard which is SDR.

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Instant on is a great feature. The Xbox One has it, too. It takes 6-7 seconds to boot up.

agreed, I bet this will be in a future update since MS has an auto HDR feature for games

I hope so. This way the screen is always set to HDR mode.

Everything is so faster in the Series X.

On my One X when I left the console on standby downloading stuff, it would take ages to prompt me with the “X was installed” when I’d turn the console back on. Now on the Series X this prompt comes even before the “Hi, Bruno!” pop-up.

My Series X is also set to turn on the TV when I turn the console on. By the time my TV is turned on the console is already on and I’m already logged in. It’s crazy!


Honestly, I only have instant on for updates overnight becuase cold booting is so quick it takes like 10 seconds to load up

I hope not or at the very least make it a user choice.

Same here, Series X is faster than my TV! :joy:


My console has to wait for the TV. It’s pretty fast …

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I mean…cold boot is like 20 seconds.

Instant on is instant. In fact so instant it’s faster than the TV it’s booting to if you were to turn them on at the same time.

My Series X in instant on comes on faster than my OLED and the universal remote I use turns on the TV a full second earlier than it turns on the Xbox. My Xbox still gets there first.