Xbox Series X pre-orders might be coming very soon

According to this post on Reddit, Telstra is Australia (the carrier I’m with) are sending out texts about the Series X being available soon with All Access.

So seemingly we might be getting the price and pre-orders this month.


I hope they give a fair notice on when the pre orders go up

There won’t be any pre-orders until after whatever they’re showing this month.

Makes sense to do it this month. I think they wait for Lockhart reveal which will give us then the whole picture to the next gen strategy.

It’s obvious that it’s coming this month. Now when in this month is the question.

Game of chicken needs to end. If Microsoft is really ahead of schedule compared to Sony and could launch in late September or early October, we need price and pre-orders soon.


I can’t wait. Already have the money set aside!

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money is ready to depart my account. I just need the pre-order link


I’m ready!

For now, i’m expecting news about Series X - and probably, Lockhart - after August 15th. Xbox dealing with announcements and general progress on a daily basis (due to COVID) makes it even harder to lock any date, until they really announce it.

Things can change (and we got a lot of examples about that :geoff:)

Probably end of the month after Sony and then MS has their events most likely

When is the next event planned?

We don’t know the exact date yet, but it will be in August.

I’m dying to preorder my Series X, 2 controllers, and a 1TB SSD expansion card.

My wallet is beyond ready!

I probably shouldn’t even admit this, but between my myself, my wife and 3 boys there should be 4 Xbox Series X pre-orders and an Xbox Series S/Lockhart pre-order coming from this household at least :slight_smile:

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I’m ready!!!

Super curious to see what Xbox All Access is about. If its a reasonable payment option this might be the first time I can snag both systems day one. Hopefully August has more info.

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Xbox All Access being rolled out to many more regions could be a huge deal for their next gen launch plans, as having Game Pass bundled into a monthly pricing with ZERO interest charges per some of the rumors/prior discussion is a very big deal.

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$399. Put me on the hype train.

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With Sony doing a PS4-only State of Play this week it seems like they might out wait Xbox again? Or does Xbox’ing day get yet another pushback possibly.

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