Xbox Series X Microsoft Store pre-order payment

So, I finally get charged by the Microsoft Store and… it’s only for half of my order. Naturally, it’s the Series S half, which is: 1. Not for me. 2. Not the Series X, dammit.

The wait continues…

Is that UK?

Just got charged by Microsoft in UK


Texas, to be more specific.

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Also from Texas but not billed yet… Boo!

If you used a regular credit card or debit card, you wont get charged until the item ships. Amazon is like this too. Not sure if Best Buy changed to that also. They used to charge your card right away but called it a “Hold”. But I have not been charged yet from MSFT Store or Amazon yet.

I might as well be in your position, fellow Texan; the Series X is the prize.

Thanks! Here is hoping my order doesn’t fail at the finish line.


UK here… i’ve just checked my credit card app…it says £449 pending :eyes:

Yeah, Amazon hasn’t charged me yet, and the order says I’ll only be charged when the item ships.

It seems I’ve been charged (pending, of course) for the other half of my order, as of an hour ago. Hopefully, this means I’ll receive both the X and the S on launch day; it’s a relief to know my order is legitimate and effectively paid for, regardless of when they actually arrive, though.

They charged me 2 times for my series X today. So almost 1100$ after tax. At first I was happy cause I thought They where sending me 2. In which case I would sell the other one for profit. But my ms account says there’s only an order for 1 so it seams like they double charged me.

After I get mine I will have to call and try to get my money back.

I have been charged by Microsoft for the Shock Blue Controller and the Expansion SSD. No charge for the Series X yet though. (US - Ohio, Debit Card Purchase)

I was charged from Microsoft on the 22nd of Oct for my Series X, the charge sat in pending then disappeared after 7 days. Microsoft even sent me an email with a shipping date of 27th of Oct but I knew that was incorrect, now my order is showing as pending with no date attached. I ordered on the MS store in Australia.

I am in the same boat. Finally see it in my bank statement. I’m afraid to hope considering that it’s 2020. Won’t truly expect it until it’s in the house.

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My credit card showing as pending, so no funds taken yet (seems to have happened on Friday). I ordered from MS Store.

my order also has that status since last friday (I also got an email that told me to recheck my delivery and payment info on my account at the same time)

on the store orders history it still says the same however: “pending”

Same here, take my money you cowards!


Yeah Just Wish They Would Take My Money Too I’m From UK just says pending

I think, if they don’t take it by tomorrow afternoon, you’ll have to live chat them as I’d personally be getting very worried after that.

Welcome to XboxEra btw. :grin: