Xbox Series X Microsoft Store pre-order payment

Hello All,

Has anyone had payment taken yet for the Series X through Microsoft? Or are we all still sat on ‘pending?’

Has anyone here bought pre-order hardware through Microsoft before, and how early is payment usually taken?


I paid with my gift cards 2 weeks ago. It’s said paid with Microsoft account for a week or so now. Contacted them last night to double check and they said congratulations, already paid for.

I’d imagine payments would have been all taken yesterday/today and should no longer be pending?

That’s a bit of a concern then, lol. I wonder if I can somehow force the payment now.

Wouldn’t be concerned until the 3rd or 4th. Think most places take payment 7 days before shipping.

I just spent an hour on hold to ask someone at Microsoft, in the end they said I had the wrong department, but generally expected the charge to go through by next weekend and I can’t manually pay early

This is why I went the Microsoft credit way, because didn’t want to even risk it and they take the payment really early and instantly…

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I finally have my order showing up in my order history. Now it shows up as pending but the money hasn’t been taken out of my account yet.

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I had called and asked how I could use my Microsoft Account Balance to pay for a portion of the preorder. I was told I had to wait until the emails go out on November 2nd; at that point I’d be able to change my payment options then.

Will keep an eye out for emails tomorrow then!

My Debit Card was charged Friday and is listed as Pending. Should be finalized tomorrow. The order itself is listed as Pending until the payment gets processed or Microsoft ships it out. Really hoping Microsoft ships the console out early. They have them. Start shipping them out especially to me. Hehehehe.

Anyone using Paypal been charged through the MS store yet?

Yep my payment was made on the 30th or 31th don’t remember exactly lol. They usually do it 10 days before shipping.

Anyone in the UK charged yet?

My mates got one with MS Store UK and he has not yet been charged

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Just got charged for the XSX via MS Store!!! I’m ready :slight_smile:

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May I ask what country my dude? UK? US?


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I was charged by the Microsoft store, US ( California).


Still waiting for the payment to come out for my Series X, as well as my wife’s. We were lucky enough to preorder both of ours from MS store on the 22nd, and just waiting at this point. A friend of ours has already been charged and is in the same area so it seems relatively arbitrary on the timing.

I was charged yesterday. I guess that means they are shipping soon?

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