Xbox Series X is limited to have 700- games installed, but Xbox One X is not

I tested this both with the console in Alpha Skip Ahead and on Public Release (currently). And the console consistently can’t have more than 700 games installed across internal and external HDD’s.

As comparison, I had 1600+ games on my Xbox One X without problem using the same HDD’s, cause “I only have to unplug them from there and connect to the Series X to keep playing”

The first time I did that, and of course the console needs to manually “Just get your game ready” for each one of them because it doesn’t know how to do it by itself, so I thought after going through my collection a possible data corruption or any weird thing could happen (as there was Kinect games on the drive).

So after thinking of it and asking in the support forums without any real solution to the error the console was giving me 0X80073CF6

I decided to return the console to the public release and format all my hard drives, effectively uninstalling all the games on it.

So again I started to download each game I cared about (skipping games already completed or demos from my collection). And when I almost reached the previously mentioned number (687) the console again gave me the same error message that my console does not have enough space and that I should remove other games in order to be able to get this other one ready.

But, currently my disk space is as below:

  • Internal : 19 Games (XSX Enhanced only) + 37 Apps / 67.9 GB Free (1 TB SSD)
  • External 1 : 668 Games / 8.8 TB Free (16 TB HDD) <— Default location.
  • External 2 : 0 Games / 7.3 TB Free (8 TB HDD)

So I don’t know how much more space the console needs to be able to keep installing my game collection freely or is it due the Quick Resume feature as some in r/xboxinsiders seems to point out


I will never hit 10 games being installed at a single time let alone 700 so I should be good. lol.


Very interesting, but… why would you install hundreds of games?

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I’m sorry, I didn’t read the entire post because the basis is false. I have over 830+ games installed and indexed properly on two Xbox Series X consoles. I’ll be happy to take a picture when I’m done packing for the night.

Did you redownload your games or just swapped your drives to the other console? All your games are ready to launch at one click or some of them throw you “Getting your game ready” screen first?

I had previously installed 1644 games across external and internal drive on the One X (all of them indexed and ready to play) and moved them to the XSX by swapping ports between them, while going through all of them to sync save files and stuff (seeing who had XSX enhancement or Auto-HDR) I reached the error screen near that number, I formatted drives and redownloaded the games by groups and again the error message began to appear at the same number range this time with more than 70% of free disk space available.

Convenience and years/generations of doing it?


I’m not bashing it, there are people collecting rocks too. To each their own! :wink:

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I’ll never own enough games to be able to even do that anyways.

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Sounds like a bug, its probably a simple fix, but unfortunately big gaming platform take time to solve these bugs.

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I hope they do something about it and not just let it go like the profile color bug.

We are at the frontline for when you are ready :wink:


If we include external drives I have 350+ BC games atm and several next gen games too. 700 does seem like a wildly high number though. HUGE numbers of those games could just be deleted and I’d never even notice for sure. Strange to have a limit though Is suppose.

What game were you trying to install when the error ocurred? Maybe you tried to download a Gen9Aware game, so it forced an install on the internal drive, which had no free space.

Just guessing since this limit does not seem to be on purpose.

It is not an issue of which game I’m trying to install, is about how many I want to install.

Currently, I have installed:

  • 19 XSX Enhanced Games
  • 462 Xbox One Games
  • 207 Xbox 360/Xbox Games
  • Plus uncounted DLC for a lot of these games.

So whenever I try to download any other game the error will occur. In some cases I need to delete 2 or 3 games in order a “new” one gets ready to play but once the limit is reached the issue comes up again.

And I have near 900 games on Ready to Install waiting…

I can’t think what the problem might be since it runs the same OS as the Xbox One and I can’t think of a scenario where it would straight up block a game from being installed in a drive with free space (unless it is a Kinect or an optimized game).

It is probably a bug and your best bet is a response on r/xboxinsiders

I did, and it gained a quick bit of heat, but at least one Xbox Staff is aware now, and it will take a look into it, I guess.

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The fact that it will be looked into is the proof that this limit was indeed not intended. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!

It is also worth hearing what @Knottian has to say since he doesn’t seem to have this problem

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I got similar replies on Reddit, but what I understood from those people was that they just swapped the hard drive from one console to the other, so each game are waiting a manual trigger to get them “ready to play” so it doesn’t count them, if that’s clear enough?

Very interesting… Since I don’t have a XSX I can’t verify anything but I currently own around 950 games and, just like you, I like to have everything ready to play so I’m very interested in this weird limit

interesting but i only have a few installed at any one time once there completed they get deleted so dont think i have to worry about 700

Apologies for the delayed response (in the middle of packing for a move). So I have three Series consoles (one is a Series S) and on two of my Series X consoles I have three external drives for each totally 18 TB: one is an SSD, another is a WD Black, and another is a slightly older WD drive. All three of these were previously used on One X consoles.

Previously to the introduction of the Series consoles in my household we had about 720 titles on our primary One X consoles, and since getting the two Series X consoles we’re now at about 848 titles installed. I read all the replies in this thread so I thought I’d take a stab last night since I couldn’t sleep. On the home Xbox Series X I launched every single titled installed (titles that haven’t been launched on a new console do take an additional ‘getting ready’ step to ensure license entitlement and that the versions up-to-date, etc.). However, once I completed the run through for every game, I then proceeded to install some additional Game Pass titles and had no issue.

I’m sorry if that’s not what some of you wanted to hear but I’m having no issues on my end. At the launch of the Series launches, I was having an indexing problem where the system would see the drives but not actually index (and therefore “present” the games as installed). This wasn’t a new situation as I had it on and off with the One X, but it was occurring nearly every day. Luckily, I do talk regularly with an Xbox engineer and I provided all my details to her, and within the next update the problem was resolved. I won’t post her name here because I know she values her privacy, but I will say that there are a number of Xbox engineers on social as well and the Insider submission tool is indeed reviewed and implemented when possible.

It’s definitely a bummer that it seems to be an issue for some of the community, but knowing that it’s not a universal problem is a good sign.