Xbox Series X Has Made A Better First Impression Than PS5 So Far

"The main game I’ve played on PS5 has been Godfall, which has suffered from odd hard frame drops and two very scary crashes that have shut off my PS5 altogether and put it into “recovery and repair” mode. I’m not clear why this is happening, but I’ve heard frequent reports of this across other games on the console.

The changes to the UI are not good. The PS4 had a pretty perfect UI and I don’t know why they changed it. They have removed the “hold the PS button” functionality that I had gotten used to for seven years, and the new system seems more awkward and like it requires more button presses to do anything. I also find it confusing to go in and out of games and the main menu and return back to them"


Yea it sounds like ps5 has more issues it seems on the surface i have not had any issues really besides a glitch on mcc closed the game and it fixed itself


Seems like The XSX|S OS environment is more mature… Which makes sense, they kept most of it. The big new feature, Quick Resume, can be pretty glitchy at the moment. Probably because it’s the big new addition.

Sony seems to have the better development tools at the moment, probably because they stuck with the legacy stuff as well.

The trend seems to be that things that were really counting on the last six months or so to make launch or get quality up to snuff have suffered.

It’s really impressive they both managed to make a fall launch at all IMO

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It sucks that people are having issues with the console.


Doesn’t seem like Sony has better development tools considering their games are also very glitchy.

I’m not surprised by the lack of craftsmanship or quality by Sony, all of their products are subpar and haven’t made anything quality since the early 2000s.


The head to head games seem shockingly close. Looking at what we have for analytics on AC:V they seem a bit closer then they should be to me. The DMC port I think was just a rush job. Not that I think the XSX should be blowing the PS5 out of the water… I just think it should be maintaining better frame rates, resolution and or an effect or two. Whereas parity seems to be more name of the game right now.


Oh come on. Dev tools and performance are different to OS glitches and buggy games.

I don’t think your statement is true. I do think though what we are seeing is the folly of making a new UI it means you have more bugs and less functionality.

I’m actually quite nervous about my ps5 that arrives on Thursday. It will absolutely kill me if I get a lemon. Buzzin etc.

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They’re closer for now but in the long run they won’t be when devs start learning and implementing RDNA 2 features.


I’m no developer, but even I expected near parity for the early cross-gen games on new platforms that don’t have the new tools and system capabilities designed for at the beginning of development. I expect, with proper dev attention, Xbox will pull away in the future as less focus is put into the prior gen games.


That tends to be what normal people think, Sony fans seems to enjoy inconvenience they barely notice all the awkward quirks and issues cause of their blind allegiance to Sony.


Its interesting to see the different type of reactions for each console. Xbox fans seem to be more vocal on issues and demand to be fixed while Sony fans rather be apologists and come up with reasons why its OK to be crashing. I also notice if a PS5 issue is brought up, someone will quickly look for the few Xbox issues that someone tweet about it and paste in the same thread as some sort of counter attack.

I’m not pointing any fingers here, just merely an observation of the different cultures that ‘fanboys’ have. I personally don’t like engaging in it, my judgement on Sony and Xbox is purely on performance, specs, value, and consumer approach. Sony misleading most of their fans, shipping a half baked console, raising prices on games is the reasons they deserve to be flanked on.


Well, in a cult you can’t criticize the leaders. You shift attention the ‘the enemy’ instead and close your eyes.


Wow, that and the article on Godfall below it (says it should be a Game Pass title) read very differently from most of what I’ve seen from that contributor in the past. Interesting.


You are being sarcastic, right?

Just because the development tools are better and “done” (there is always more to be done :slight_smile: ), doesn’t mean that the OS team was done. Covid did a number on all things, including the development of these consoles. They are two separate entities, the OS simply might be lagging behind. Where as with MS it’s the other way around.

Covid really did a number on almost every industry out there.

Nope, their hardware from all divisions is mediocre, likely because the lack of resources they have or just not attracting top talent to push innovation. I used to love Sony TVs and they were the industry standard until Samsung and LG destroyed them in tech. PS is another example of this, oversized hardware littered with bugs, less power than its primary competition.

Another example of their hardware failures are computers in which they had to sell of the division and smartphones. It was entirely mediocre and swallowed up by their competition.


But you weren’t discussing their hardware. You were discussing the quality of their software. You cannot keep a straight face while saying their games are of mediocre quality. You can apply what you said to their gameplay formula, but their software technical side is nearly always perfect. I haven’t faced any major bugs while playing their games.

Their software is also mediocre, the OS is severely lacking right now and its never feature rich, BC feels like a workaround than a full solution. In terms of games, thats a different story but do you want me to really post a video of Miles Morales bug that makes him a light post or a cement block? Or how it crashes the entire system?


Yeah, I was kinda disappointed seeing a few too many people telling others that their concerns are unwarranted and expected. But this is par for the course with a lot of hardcore Sony fans.

Sorry, I dont pay all this money to hear my brand new system buzzing or getting corrupted.