Xbox Series X - First impressions

Load times are wooooonderful! Framerates are really good and the OS is so snappy now! I hope Hello Games updates No Man’s Sky to run above 30fps on next-gen consoles.


802 GB of final usable space!

I hope that does not translate to the XSS

So what will people get on the ps5s 825gb?

Just spit balling, but I am going to say at most you will get 650GB I feel. The speed and seek time benefits of SSDs are great and much needed, but they come at a cost unfortunately.

Those load times are awesome! I can’t wait to see the optimized games.

Expansion card has 920 GB of storage.

Now i wonder how much space quick resume will take?

It’s 120GB for OS + (and i assume) for quick resume.

Via DF

So, just slightly more than the OG or 1X those were both 780. And this time aound we get to suspend and resume 4 games, so guess they have reduced OS footprint?

Any one know the numbers for PS4 so we can predict usable space there?

I don’t think we know about PS5 yet, probably going to be around 600-650gb.

Tom Warren is streaming it on twitch

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Witcher 3 isn’t supported yet for BC sounds like what he said. That’s why he can’t show it.

Er yea, meant to type PS4 there :slight_smile: Will edit


Oh boy, that really isn’t a lot. Yeah I’m gonna have to adjust to this big time. I got so many games on my external AND internal now.

And now knowing that BC games will have shorter loading too I probably will want to copy them to the internal.

I rarely play more than a couple of games at the same time. 1 main game (often a singleplayer game) and a few MP-games I play on and off. That doesn’t take up that much space, and the maingame gets rotated out when I’m done with it of course.

Now, I do have about 100 games installed, because I’m lazy af. Is it necessary? Nope not all.

In Jeff Grub’s article, an external SSD held up pretty well for BC games

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You are absolutely right. It’s a first world problem really. And I’m sure we’ll get used to it real quick.


But a external SSD is still a 100 bucks or more, right? Personally I would wait until I can get the SSD by Seagate for XSX then.

Jeff Grub’s “first impression review” is the best one. He details it pretty well, compares framerates, load times on different drives. Really well done.

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Best to use a big external hdd. It’s quick enough for not be a problem and wait until the expandable storage price drops.