Xbox Series X - First impressions

Premieres in 52 minutes from this post. Looks like that embargo is coming down today and if so, expect loads of Series X later today from various sources.


Yaaaaaaas. I cannot wait!

My body is ready.


Cool, can’t wait, MS is really on fire lately with being open sending out production consoles units over a month from launch.

I hope this actually seeing the console turned on and running

I’ll cry if they just show off the console and talk about the console :frowning:

MS delivering on Mondays again!



AHAHAHAHA! Loved the sense of humor!

This is going to be disappointing. As in they will be only allowing them to show a little bit probably.

Yeah I think we get a drip feed across the month. Doubt we see XSX gameplay.

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10 minutes to go!

Yeah that’s going to be the main thing missing. It’ll be BC.

DF won’t be far behind!

I am looking forward to gears 5 final 4k 60 upgrade comparison.

Yes, it’s better to expect nothing substantial.

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I am preparing to be disappointed 🤦

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In the words of the Bowerstone town crier, it is now officially impression time!

Let’s go!

Look at those load time cuts on UNOPTIMIZED games

Tears in my eyes


Ok so Jeff didnt really say much lol! Waiting for the DF video lol

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