Xbox Series X Console - What Features Are You Excited About?

I know that there is obviously discussion about launch games and Xbox Game Pass, but I thought it would be fun to have a topic for talking about what features of the console itself or platform have you excited going forward.

I will start by saying that I am really hyped for the ‘Quick Resume’ feature that Xbox has described as below.

Quick Resume – A new feature powered by the technical capabilities and the innovative Xbox Velocity Architecture in Xbox Series X, Quick Resume enables players to seamlessly switch between multiple titles and resume instantly from where you last left off.

For me the combination of Xbox Game Pass with this feature is going to be awesome because I have found that I am more willing to play several games in parallel because I may want to check out something new while taking a break from something else that I have been playing. This would be great to have up to 4 games that can be immediately brought back to where I was at any given time as they showed in their demo.

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Honestly, the pure power of it.


Biggest one for me is probably ray tracing (specifically for lighting).

Ever since Doom 3, I’ve been fascinated by lighting in games. I think actuate, real time, dynamic lighting can really affect and enhance the look of a game. I know it’s very hardware intensive, but I hope we see games implementing it.

Also excited about the SSD. Fast loading will be great, and I’m excited by how game design may change because of it.


Definitely no more loading times, hate that shit.

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Higher performance and framerate in more games and better support for VRR. Better loading times. I’m so over stuttering games and loading 1 minute for a track in a racing game. Better backwards compatibility, can’t wait what magic Microsofts team has in store for us this time.

With support for ray tracing by all hardware manufacturers I also expect big advancements in the coming years.

This will be a good generation.

So I’m excited for quality of life changes. The new store looks nice. Seems more responsive. Multiple game resume is gonna be big for me. What I really want are achievement changes. Separate the main game from dlc and I am hopping they have some type of say platinum achievement /trophy for finishing everything in the main game. I hope

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LOL, yeah I definitely second the SSD thing. While I was disappointed to not play Halo Infinite as soon, I can’t wait to get Series X day one just for all of these types of quality of life and overall gameplay improvements.

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Having multiple games saved at once. Parenting means I only get to play during odd short bursts, and knowing that I’ll spend half the time booting up a game/load often puts me off playing the game I want to, and instead playing whatever I was on last.


Quick resume, loading speeds and generally making all the games I own already as good as they can be.

Quick resume (even if the console is turned off!!), less loading times, higher framerates in general (Microsoft seems to be pushing it, at least, even if 3rd parties don’t go along), ray-tracing implementation, Series X seems more capable than PS5 on this regard.

Also am excited to get my hands on the new controller! :smirk:

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I’d be excited for Quick Resume but 2 problems:

  1. They already have it now and it’s garbage on Xbox One

  2. The fact that they’re attempting to support it on like 6 games when they can barely get it right right now on one makes me think…refer to 1)


Power power power. I’m tired of getting wrecked in FPS with crossplay becoming so mainstream. Being able to play on 120FPS is the biggest feature I’m excited for. Praying games like Cod allow optimization on a close level to PC already can’t wait for Halo in 120 omg

I can understand the hesitation on Quick Resume because of its current implementation, but they are designing this around the SSD and the Xbox Velocity Architecture in terms of storing game state. And they have been willing to talk about and even do the demo video for this as something that they think is cool feature wise. I will choose to be excited until proven it doesn’t work properly :slight_smile:

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Quick Resume

Very quick or (hopefully) non-existent loading times

Enhanced BC (imagine Fallen Order’s Performance Mode on Series X :relieved: - 120 FPS perhaps :thinking:.)

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These are mine too. Mostly the quality of life stuff is really compelling. Also these are features that aren’t even on PC yet, unlike better graphics which I can already get on my Personal Computer.

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Ok, I get XSX SSD is 50% the speed of PS5, but is that so slow it won’t be able to have super quick loading of open world segments? People talk about that PS5 SSD speed advantage, but it may simply mean the next part loads for PS5 game in 1.2 seconds and for Xbox in 2.4 seconds. Will gamers even notice?

Frame Rates- powered by consistent performance :sunglasses:

While the PS5 SSD has a raw speed advantage, Xbox has called their Xbox Velocity Architecture the “soul” of their console design that was absolutely designed with a major focus from the beginning too. So I really wouldn’t worry that in practice it is going to show up in a way that matters much during typical gaming. I think that the fixed performance advantages in both CPU and GPU on the Series X are likely to show less performance hiccups in particular on 3rd party games in game areas that are very demanding on the hardware.

Backwards compatibility enhancements and the CPU.

Give me dynamic rez and max framerates any day of the week.

Multi-game quick resume & reduced loading times. I play Forza Horizon pretty frequently and it’s going to be amazing not having to wait 3-4 minutes for it load from scratch every time I get the urge to boot it up.

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