Xbox Series X Console - What Features Are You Excited About?

Great question OP! I like that you brought this up. It’s something grossly overlooked by us Game Pass explorers. The quality of life around quick resume and short load times legit have me excited. I’m a lot more excited about those things than graphical potential of next gen consoles.

Basically this.

I love jumping from game to game, and this feature will be very useful to me

A legit CPU and SSD loading along with that crazy good bc

Honestly, and I have not been able to find an answer for the life of me. Will the XSX play Dolby VISION HDR via UHD Movies Physically or will it be tied to Netflix Streaming like it is now?

No idea honestly, but if somebody was to have that in place I would think Xbox would try given that they had heard some of that feedback and discussion with the Xbox One X over the last few years.

Agree. Quick Resume is my most anticipated feature for next generation of consoles, and another feature “don’t know if I heard it correctly?” When the Series X is completely turned off, it saves every thing even if it was in middle of updating the system for a duration that can be a week! If true? It’ll will be AMAZING!

Speaking about Quick Resume, it’ll be helpful when collecting orbs in CrackDown 3 then change to top-down shooter game then play some online matches in KI then back to collect orbs in Crackdown : )

Excited for the SSD, Quick Resume, the raw power and efficiency, even the new controller…hell all of it lol.

Loading times and better FPS.

Also excited to see the potential and what new games we’ll get.

Backwards compatibility tbh. I wanna see games I own on XB1 that ran like hot garbo on 1S compated to my PC run more comparably and allow me to play them in my living room.

Also using my Hyperkin Duke on the latest and greatest console is gonna be hella fire.

This might be stupid but I am a big PUBG fan on my Xb1X/PS4 and Gaming PC (8700k/1080ti) and running it on the consoles especially PS4 is awful but on PC I’m running 120-144fps at medium settings and it’s a game changer. Just running it at 60fps would be so much more immersive and hopefully bring some of my OG friends back on board because ‘Potato G’ as they call it doesn’t cut it anymore.

Other than that the BC is looking excellent I want to go back on my beloved Gears series but 60fps has to be minimum. I tried playing MP on Gears 3 last week and the 30fps was awful and I’ve spent some serious time over the years on that MP.

I’ve been wanting to upgrade from my Xbox One S for quite a while, so I’m mainly excited for the improved graphics that the Xbox Series X will have. Games are going to look really nice on my new 4K TV. Higher frame rate as well. Also, those pesky loading screens will be so much shorter with the new SSD.

  1. Higher frame rates.
  2. Raytracing
  3. SSD
  4. Quick resume

I am absolutely terrified they will try to sell the Series X and the PS5 for $600 though.

To be perfectly honest, im most excited for the entire console itself simply because as a total package, it’s as complete as it could be. I’m ready for all of the awesomeness that will be Xbox Series X!!!

Before I wasn’t excited about better load times. Its like one of those things that I have just got used to, but when you think about the prospect it would make gaming a lot better, games can take a good few mins to load, being able to get into a game in a fee seconds would be a lot better, i would play more games because sometimes I just cant be bothered to boot up a game and rather watch youtube or a movie.

Im looking foward to grander scales , better animation and AI. Crowds in games like assassins creed or rdr2 are pretty unrealistic and repeated, i want a big crowds of people that move and behave more realistically.

NPC behaviour, movement and overall realism.

Game worlds and NPC’s today are like very basic holodecs there are so many things which are very unrealistic, I hope we make some strides in this area for next gen.

Higher frame rates, probably my biggest bugbear for this gen.

Also the prospect of potentially having mouse and keyboard games on the Series X.

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I just want the Quick Resume and faster load times.

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-new gameplay ideas made possible by powerful CPUs and SSDs

-enhancements to BC. Like most gamers my back catalog is huge. Plenty of games could use a resolution, performance boost, or both. Also as a huge fan of HDR, I’m excited to see how widespread their HDR reconstruction technique is applied to past games.

-hopeful integration with xcloud. I know it won’t appear at launch but once the xcloud servers get updated with Series X hardware, I hope they add a feature that allows you to stream your game on consoles as the client installs in the background. This would take away one of Stadia’s few selling points in allowing people to play games instantly after a purchase.

-new rendering techniques. Last gen we saw normal maps become standard, Pam, SSAO and other more advanced shader techniques. This gen we saw physically based rendering, volumetric effects, image reconstruction, and more become standard. With all the features in next gen hardware, I’m curious to see how the RT hardware will be used, next gen reconstruction techniques, and other innovations created by developers.

-improved sound. Sound was fine this gen but more advanced audio like 3D sound or Dolby atmos support has been hit or miss. With both systems equipped with more advanced audio hardware, hopefully the sound will be pushed to the next level to be more in line with the visual presentation.

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I am - hopefully - nearing the tail end of this myself. I dropped out of my full degree program and nearly stopped gaming completely to focus on keeping my ASD kid focused on school and life responsibilities. The attraction for many ASD kids to games it strong. On top of such little time to play, the “shoulder surfing” during times I could was severely detrimental to the kid and still is a distraction he can’t resist.

The reduction in load times (tied in with backwards enhancements for graphics, frame rate, HDR, etc.) is my sirens call on the Series X with my backlog singing along.

By “now” are you referring to the One X/S? If so, what are some examples? I’m fairly certain I’ve watched UHD disks in Dolby Vision (definitely have in “standard” HDR).

I am so excited for this machine for many reasons, I guess we all are or we wouldn’t be on this forum. It is very tough to put the controller down, isn’t it? Mine is young enough to still have a nap during the day, and when I see/hear the first waking movements on the monitor I’m almost in denial, trying to quickly just kill one more guy, or turn one more corner as I crab walk my way out of the room to go get her, knowing I’ll not be on again until god knows when…

This is also the first time I’ve properly followed all of the build-up to the new generation releases

Xbox didn’t talked about it yet, but i’m waiting to see more about streaming with Xbox (they only talked about the new button to share stuff)

MS is well aware of the impact streamers can do to a game visibility, but Xbox One/X had just a few options regarding this subject. They could add a new UI with more custom options for your stream, also add layers and etc.

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