Xbox Series S/X Preorder Discussion (Poll included)

Release Date: 10th November

Xbox Series X: £449, €499, $499

Xbox Series S £249, €299, $299

Preorder date: 22nd September:

Launch Line up:
Assassins Creed Valhalla
Destiny 2: Beyond Light* (not sure if x enhanced)
Dirt 5
The Falconeer
Gears Tactics*
Tetris Effect Connected*
Watch Dogs: Legion
Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Star - represents included with game pass

Are you preordering the X, S, Both or waiting?

  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox Series S
  • Both
  • Waiting (post reason)
  • Neither/game pass PC.

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Series X, Day 1, let’s go…


Would’ve been nice to get Falconeer on Game Pass (I’m getting so greedy lol), but if it gets good reviews/comments I might get it, if it’s not too pricey. Looks really cool and pretty. That and Tetris + BC enhanced games could be the first games I play on XSX.

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Series X day one despite the really, really weak launch lineup.


Im tech. pre-ordering both at the same time, but the XSX is for me and my nephew, saved up his allowance all year and is buying the XSS, since he does not own a 4K tv. Funny…certain assholes are blindly asking…“Who is the XSS for?!” Well…lol there ya go. Plain and Simple.


I honestly see the S being a great option for children or for those who want to enjoy game pass/free to play games at a very attractive entry price point into next gen.

The system isn’t for me, but it definitely for others. :slight_smile:

X if I can get one. I’m expecting the preorder to turn out like the 3080 did, with bots snapping up almost everything available in minutes. Still, you never know. Unsure why most sites don’t use 2FA because a bot currently cannot beat that …

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If Xbox can nail the marketing for XSS, it could sell A LOT. I mean, 25$/month for a next gen console + Game Pass + Xbox Live Gold + Game Pass PC + xCloud + EA Play, are you kidding me? They can play Fortnite/Apex/Warzone etc + Destiny 2 and ALL DLCs + Sports games + a ton more, a lot day one… Freakin ridiculous value.

12 year old me would’ve jumped on that in a second.

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Sadly I’m in agreement, I’m mega excited for tetris effect connected myself, was pretty envious it was ps4 exclusive prior.

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got to be the series x from day 1 i made the mistake last time and bought the xbox one then upgraded to the one x

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Imagine Halo would have been there. I am still very excited for the new machines. But with HI it would have been crazy. I will play Call of Duty and Cyberpunk on the new Machine at the of the year and this is cool, but one big 1st Party Game would have been nice.

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XBOX SERIES X. Will be trying to pre-order at Best Buy and Amazon online when they go live and then go to GameStop an hour later.

For me, my launch lineup is as follows and includes the rest of 2020 -

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (digital, gold edition)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (disc)
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (digital, complete edition)
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising (digital/disc undecided)
  • Gears Tactics (game pass)
  • Marvel’s The Avengers (digital/disc undecided)
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps (game pass)
  • Watch Dogs Legion (disc)

Still waiting on a release date for Outriders and Crossfire X campaign. I am expecting to have a 10 game total launch/December lineup. This doesn’t include the mainline Halo games, Wasteland 3 or The Outer Worlds. Yeah, I have a shit ton of games to play. I already have a next gen backlog and the consoles aren’t even out yet!!! LMAO!!!


Going with the Series S, using the three months of GamePass Ultimate code I bought for $15 back in June to download Forza Horizon 4 and Gears Tactics, then I’m getting Cyberpunk 2077.

Going to get both on launch, will trade in the series S for the diskless series X when it inevitably is announced and released.

There is plenty to play…that’s not in question. And big games too…but it still doesn’t make it a strong launch lineup. When I think last time that on top of the big multiplats that launched in that window like COD and Battlefield I had Ryse, Forza motorsport 5 and dead rising 3. Games I really enjoyed too.

Series X baby!

Providing I can secure one day 1 that is… Already have GamePass locked in so looking forward to playing Gears Tactics, and I think I’m going to pick up DIrt 5, Yakuza and Valhalla.

Launch lineups is based on every game releasing, not just first party exclusives. Back in 2013, the best launch game available in my opinion was Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and nothing else was close. I’m not into Forza or racing/driving games so while those games are great, they’re not for me. Dead Rising 3 was at best a good 7/10. Maybe it’s because I played it years after launch but im not going to lie, im glad the series is dead and I hope it never comes back especially when Capcom has a better survival horror franchise IP in Dino Crisis.

Ryse was also a good 7/10 and while I would love a sequel, it’s basically the Xbox One version of The Order 1886 but with melee focused combat instead of cover based shooting. Visual masterpiece that is still top 20 now for the generation but it’s gameplay and combat was severely lacking. Sony didn’t have anything either. All good serviceable 7/10 games at best.

In general, PS5 will be the first time Sony has a top tier AAA exclusive in Miles Morales. Took them five generations. Congratulations to Sony for that. Microsoft hasn’t had a top tier AAA exclusive since the original Halo: Combat Evolved since the original Xbox. Nintendo is by the far the best with them having four out of seven generations include a top tier AAA exclusive including two of them being cross-gen.

Point is that despite what some may think, having a top tier AAA exclusive is NOT a necessity whatsoever. It’s a luxury. Having great third party support IS the necessity because that’s what the clear majority is going to play.

I get it. You’re disappointed. Nothing wrong with that and you can always wait until months/years later to jump into next gen if that’s what you want to do but the exclusives are what they are and nothing is going to change that.

I for one am happy that Halo Infinite was delayed for a few reasons. First, it needs a lot more time. Like 12-15 months more time. Second, the delay allows me to have plenty of time to play through the entire main line series. Third, even if it was a launch title, I wasn’t going to play it until Ray Tracing was fully and correctly implemented so it wouldn’t even matter to me personally.

Would it have been awesome to have a complete Halo Infinite at launch? Absolutely. Would it have been awesome if Microsoft had a backup plan and gave us an exclusive that wasn’t Halo Infinite? Absolutely. But neither has or will happen and that’s it. None of us can do anything about it.

All I can say is either A) wait and jump into next gen when it feels right for YOU to do so or B) jump in day one and be excited for all the games that we do have as opposed to the games that we don’t have.

I wish this gen had a Battlefield launching with it. Even if it was just a remaster of 3 until 6 comes out next year.

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Series X at launch, likely All Access. Series S next year for my son birthday.

Not sure what to get yet for launch but will be among these:

  • Gears Tactics (GP) - Defo playing this one. I love these style of games.
  • Watchdogs Legion - Maybe
  • AC Valhalla - Maybe
  • Cyberpunk - Not buying until the next gen patch is launched.
  • The Medium (GP)
  • Ascent (GP)
  • Immortals - Maybe, may end up getting with Series S for my son too.

What I love is Game Pass lets me play a lot of these day 1, also we will get new additions between now and launch.

Day 1 on Series X. I pre-ordered the PS5 Disc version also, but my brother is going to pay me and take that… if Amazon ships it to me. Based off that email they sent out who knows.

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