Xbox Series S was ‘Black Friday’s most popular console’, it’s claimed - VGC

The ID people that got Doom running on shit worse than the Series S lol.

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And then he did a steam on Xbox’s twitch channel too lol.

Anyway I’m glad ID is now under Microsoft. They’ve always had things to say about Microsoft development environment and especially DirectX. Id’s input and influence could end up actually benefiting the development environment of Xbox/PC


I knew this would happen, it was just a matter of time really.
This is how MS just does a big jump in console marketshare and mindshare, last and final nail in the coffin are the big annoucements coming at TGA.

Brilliant stuff.


Yep actually weirded by it. I understand Remedy but not Id. Anyway now that they’re first party it shouldn’t matter, they should actually be a great benefit to optimization and utilization of DX12U features and stuff.

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Was the Series S heavily discounted? or just sold for RRP.

Must have been a fun day at the office when they learned of the acquisition, wonder if its still a running joke among his team hehe.


No discount at all. Some may have been a bundle with Fortnite and Rocket League consumables, maybe around $20 worth. However, that updated bundle wasn’t available everywhere.


Some retailers / online stores are discounting it, at least where I live where Xbox isn’t popular.

I thought Black Friday was only a thing in the US, and there have been no discounts there. Might also be a thing in Canada too, and no discounts on it there either.

Nah, same here. It has been discounted $70-80 for Black Friday. Sold out at those retailers (biggest electronic chains here). First time I’ve seen “out of stock” since release.

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Black Friday is a global thing now. It gets rebranded in some regions, for example in the Middle East it’s called White Friday :slight_smile:

:moneybag: :rofl: :moneybag:

I just bought mine on Thanksgiving after rolling with the OG Xbox One since 2014. Halo Infinite feels so awful to play on the ancient hardware that I finally caved, lol. I think it’ll be enough console for me. I don’t care about visual fidelity too much as long as the performance is acceptable. It should be here tomorrow, I’m pumped!


Congrats, have fun!

The Sereis has better image quality and visuals than the the base XB1 for sure. Games look cleaner and more consistent (less aliasing and jaggies, higher settings, etc). But the 60fps (and 120fps if you have the TV) + the load times and quick resume are the real stars of the new hardware. Amazing stuff that legitimately makes you enjoy and appreciate games that much more


That to me is so strange, why all of a sudden hype for Series S when it apparently has been sitting on shelves for a while. I guess it’s the whole BF frenzy and everyone wanting something new haha.

It’s a thing in Aus too.


It isn’t hype. If it’s what’s on shelves and people need to buy Xmas gifts, it’s what they are buying.

My sister got a series s in our apartment and I legit cant tell the difference at times between our games when we do co-op (I got series x).


I just find it weird how no one wanted it before but now they’ll just take it, like are people that desperate for a xmas gift they would take anything even if they didn’t want it originally. I guess it’s the last resort, I guess that’s a good position for Xbox to be in.

So much for parents and grandmas buying the wrong xbox one s or x.


bUt tHe nAmInG iS sO cOnfUsiNG!