Xbox Series S was ‘Black Friday’s most popular console’, it’s claimed - VGC

So… it looks like the Series S was a good move from MS after all.

I mean, they couldn´t have predicted the current global situation, given the chip shortage and such, but it looks like they made the right call with the little one. I love mine.


Business insider is the original source.


Adobe is the source. Both VGC and BI cite Adobe.

This is a very good result for Xbox too, because it not only brings in tons of new customers looking to dabble in the ecosystem but those customer will eventually be likely to upgrade to XSX in the coming yrs I’d wager. Bet MS get tons of folks to end up double dipping.


I always said the first year of the series s would be slow but that it would significantly ramp up towards winter 2021. I love my S.

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Oh!! My mistake, sorry and yes this a very good result.


Series S could end up being more successful than MS anticipated due to the chip shortages. I don’t think MS thought of that when designing the console but the fact that it is easier to make available could end up making it a huge seller, not just the $300 price or small size.

Like, imagine if by the end of 2022, Starfield is out and demand for Xbox is through the roof while XSX and PC parts are still affected by the chip shortages, and here’s the little Series S that is wildly available and for $300, and plays Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Forza Motorsport, Redfall, Deathloop, Starfield…

And, Elden Ring at 60fps.


Power move by MS, the timing on it as well with the shortages and everything. The Series S being a smaller CPU is making it easier to make more console than Series X and people will cave while trying to get a Series X and just get a Series S, then when the Series X hits shelves and is easily accessible they’ll go out and buy a Series X and either sell the Series S, give it away to a family member or use it in another room so MS got 2 console purchases out of it.

Selling the Series S at less than RRP too will bring in even more gamers who can’t afford the full price Series S, they’re going to flood the market with cheap consoles that almost everyone can afford.

It’s the perfect casual box too, lets be real someone who plays cod/fifa/bf/fortnite/apex aren’t going to notice the difference between the Series X and S and it’s not like the Series S is super weak running games at 1080p30 either. It’s the perfect 1080p-1440p box and as time goes on I think it would be more 1440p than 1080p because remember when Xbox One could only hit 720p then later in the gen it was 900p and started to actually hit 1080p, that’s optimization.

Woah it was the among the top selling items not just gaming section :exploding_head:


I never understood the Series S naysayers. The console is a little beast.


Those customers didn’t really want a Series S, they wanted a PS5, but Series S was the only console available because it’s so unpopular. And now they’re going to be locked into a Game Pass subscription. You understand that you don’t really own those games right?! It’s almost like Microsoft is holding those poor people hostage! What an anti-consumer scam!

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Think of the developers!!

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Haha super weird how people are saying it’s only selling because it’s in stock, last time I checked MS isn’t forcing people to buy it and people aren’t going out to buy things they don’t want or like.


Yeah poor developers having more customers to sell their games too!


Lots of Big Mac in stock. I’m not buying one of those…

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But it’s the only burger in stock you have to buy it.

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I guess its because of the early talk around the console. That one remedy dev that said its gonna hold back the gen due to less usable ram and a few others. Plus it doesn’t get alotta ray tracing patches like the series x and ps5 games. Alotta minor insignificant stuff piled together. From what i can gather about the console’s specs i think it’ll do just fine it will just require more optimization than other consoles to hit like 1440p 60fps; FSR should help alot later in the gen though.

Anyone know how the Series S runs DOOM Eternal? :phil_lmao:


Didn’t he also say it should get better with next-gen engines and games? For example, there’s room to minimize the memory limitations when engines and games start relying on SSD to pull game data directly without the need for filling the memory. And when the Series S is the same SSD speed as the XSX, while needing to load less data, things start scaling accordingly.

There’s other efficient tech for memory footprint, GPU and CPU usage, that should introduce much needed efficiency for devs.


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It’s so funny when that Id Software guy talked about the Sereis S memory situation and then like some days later Microsoft announced the Bethesda acquisition :skull:


Hilarious stuff, haha.