Xbox Series S OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED, $299, £249. 512 GB NVME SSD, 60% Smaller than XSX, 1440p up to 120 FPS, Ray-Tracing, All Digital and More

Not a fan of that air grate. Perfect price.

Damn, $299 is a fantastic price.

Do we know if the Series S is exactly the same as Séries X, but at 1080p? Load times, Ray Tracing, FPS, etc?

Looks like we managed to post this scoop at the same time so I’ll C&P what I said on that post:

The color scheme is interesting way to tie the controller and console together with the black circles on white body motif. A $299 console is something that should appeal well to the FIFA/Fortnite/2K/CoD casual crowd.


Wth is that thing? And here I have been bashing the looks of the ugly af PS5… Guess Xbox wants a horse in that race… Ugly consoles for everyone!

Great price though!

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That’s a fantastic price! Console looks fine, I can see why some people wouldn’t like the black vent but it’s useful to make it obvious to not cover the damned thing LOL

That’s supposed to be the idea, yes. RT might be inferior due to lower number of CUs and power.


I’m not crazy about what looks like a vent when it’s in that upright position. The console must me able to lie flat as well.

That price. Man. This thing is going to sell.

The black vent is weird but other than that it looks like an xbox one s

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I like the design!


299 was always going to be the price, or cheaper !

Don’t care at all about the looks of the machine. If the price is correct I’m torn about which to get. I have a newish 1080p TV which I don’t intend to upgrade until it breaks but in the last couple of years the Xbox one has started to show its age. I don’t want to get to the end of next gen and have games struggle to run at good frame rates even at 1080p. The series X might be better in the long run but it could end up being double the price. I’m very curious to see a digital foundry breakdown of this machine.

This is what Jez was refering to when he said they were similar.

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Looks thinner than the One S

I actually kinda like the design! Reminds me of the adaptive controller.


Aw so we got the worst possible price!!!

Supposedly the price is estimated. Some people in the comments suspect they may still be waiting for PS5 price to undercut

That gamecube design was so cute, so much possibilities in special versions like a Minecraft block

at least is cheap

Uhhh excuse me? :smiley:

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So maybe $250-$300

Just not feasible no matter how nice that render was

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