Xbox Series S OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED, $299, £249. 512 GB NVME SSD, 60% Smaller than XSX, 1440p up to 120 FPS, Ray-Tracing, All Digital and More

Shit. That is nice.

Edit: Apparently price is estimated(?) according to the white text on the white background (thanks) but Brad contradicts that at points saying it is the price. Idk. 299 seems right. Still, I’ve amended the title to be safe

Edit 2: Um… holy shit. $499 Xbox Series X price. Both systems launch November 10th. $25 a month with Xbox All Access for Series S, $35 a month for Series X. Windows Central has the scoop here:



Out of absolutely nowhere, and my goodness, that is an incredible price.


Jez confirms no disc drive


Good lord. $299 is a killer KILLER price.


so they definitely have the prices decided now. expecting preorders to go up soon.

What the hell is that black circle vent?

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$299? Is MS ballsy (and ruthless) enough to make the (discloses) Series X $399?

insides probablty look like this.

$300 is a perfect price point for the Xbox Series S. Expecting $500 for Xbox Series X.


oh dang, on a random monday, and 299 as well. The vent is weird and shouldn’t stand out imo, but i will take cheap and small.

From Bdsams image it looks ugly.

Can’t wait for the oficial reveal.

But that price is game changer. :astonished:

Hmm I hope that;s the actual price. Price is still unverified but if it is that seems like a win for Microsoft.

Interesting price… About 12 o 13000 MXN, pretty close to the launch price of the XB1X which means that PS5 and Series X will be close to 20000 MXN, my God…

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MS marketing falling again.

Apart from this being leaked randomly because they waited so long I like it. Not for me in living room but my son’s room. Great price as well, could really be a game changer.

Honestly i might just get this if it’s €300

LOL, the price alone does all of the marketing job if that is really the target price. There won’t be any issues with that.


Looks small and sexy. Maybe the fan lights up like the X? I like it. It looks grey next to the white controller or are my eyes deceiving me?

I really want an X to take advantage of my TV, but this is hella temping. That price! :heart_eyes:

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Kinda love it when

Regardless of the design of that price is true its going to sell like gangbusters

bdsams should have stuck with just the confirmed info (the design of the console) if he was just speculating on the price. but gotta get those clicks.

as for the design, it’s just a rectangular xbox one s. i don’t understand why people are having extreme reactions to it. near exact design language.


I bet it looks better from every single angle than that one. The marketing fail is losing the initiative and ability to put this out the way they wanted. Memes are a go, don’t underestimate the ability of the internet to destroy something.