Xbox Series consoles to top NPD in revenue for the first time in June

If the Twitter is blocked I got it from this page

According this guy. Early npd leak it seems.

Switch best selling in terms of units no surprise there’s more switches out there.

Though series consoles tops list for dollar sold. First time it’s happened. Are we seeing a shift in balance? Series and ps5 has been close in the US for a while now. Hopefully ms can get more consoles out there.


Excellent month for Xbox in June and Microsoft must be very pleased. This generation will be the best ever for Xbox in every aspect!!


We sure are and this is WAY sooner than I expected. If this is happening right now, then it’s going to get massive next year.

The problem for Xbox isnt really the US Market where its closer than people care to admit. Its everywhere else lol.


Man sales threads…this is still simply about who can produce the most hardware in any given month and get it on the shelves. There is absolutely nothing to tell about demand from any random month of data.

What we can tell already is that the three hardware manufacturers are in an incredibly healthy position and that the whole doom and gloom pre Xbox launch turned to be a load of absolute hogwash as predicted. The brand is growing in strength and I’d say is comfortably back to 360 days in terms of its perception. That means something. Gamepass has done an absolutely amazing job of moving Xbox away from being tied to hardware which has been critical.

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It is a problem when xbox one lost share from 360 days in the United States. You never want to lose market share in your strongest market. Hopefully this is a small sign xbox is recovering…

Not the first time ever, cuz it happened back in June 2011 as he iterates in the followup tweet.

Yeah, considering these consoles still sell out the day they come into stock, there isn’t too much to discuss here.

Though I do think there will be more series consoles in stock before long, now that they have enough of the series x server blades for xcloud.

I believe the title means this is the first time the Series consoles have topped the NPD in revenue, and it happened in the month of June.

oh so just referring to Series Consoles only and not Xbox as a whole in history? makes sense

Yeah. It still is kinda newsworthy imo, but the more important part will be how long they can keep the lead. Considering NPD is US and Canada centric, I wouldn’t be surprised at all of the Series consoles continue to chart very well on it.

I doubt if the lead continues now, because I think the hype was bolstered by the amazing E3 they had. I do however think they will dominate the Holiday period, no doubt. Halo and Forza will pull in numbers the platform hasn’t seen before for more than a decade.

I’m fairly certain supply of the Series Consoles (Series X specifically) were reduced due to the components being used for the xcloud server blades. I’m not sure exactly how many more they plan to make, but with xcloud now running off of Series X blades, I think we’ll see a fairly decent spike in series x consoles on shelves.

I do think that November will be the series consoles on top for both revenue and units though.

I am confident in Revenue, but units, man, it’s gonna be hard to contend against the kind of stock Switch has and keeps selling every single month. We’ll see, if Xbox does indeed outsell Nintendo and Sony both units and revenue wise this holiday, it’s gotta turn the conversation around for good.

Oof yeah, kind of forgot about the switch there.

For Series to have the most units sold, the real contender will have to be the Series S imo. So then the question is, will Horizon 5 and Infinite make the series s look appealing enough?

Though now that I think about it, the more important factor will be how cheap it gets during black friday/holiday sales. Will it be 250? 200 with gift cards etc? Or will MS keep the price at 300?


Great news for Xbox in general if they do a bundle with either halo or forza this holiday oh boy

Worth noting that MS had a huge batch of console shipments immediately after E3. So that clearly helped them here.


Yea I remember gamestop notably

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I believe the same will happen in November.

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All sales really say in the era of chip shortages is ‘this platform holder managed to produce more stock this month’. Everything sells out as soon as it hits anyway.

I expect Xbox will do ‘better’ on paper now that the Series X xCloud server blade project is complete. They’ll have been diverting chips in that direction since launch, which will have limited production.

It’s good both platforms are selling well though. Sign of a healthy industry.


I’m talking about series consoles. The 360 dominated NA in that gen. I’m not sure how many months xbox one won if at all. But this is good news.

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