Xbox S|X issues to be aware of for launch

I just posted why lol

Xbox said a number of optimised titles had a bug that made smart delivery unstable so they have disabled it temporarily for those titles whilst the work on a patch.

Likely FH4 is one of those.

Usually HDR10 tvs only have one HDMI port dedicated to HDR, have you checked the manual and used that port?

Hi DannyEight

Thx for your help, but I tried this and also tried another “non HDMI” TV, even on my 4k Acer Predator it’s the same, it’s clearly the console, as stated by MS support

I use my TV since the One X release, never had a problem, HDR10 was always fine and on the good port

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Jesus man, that fucking sucks! :frowning:

I gotta say, I had a strange thing yesterday with AC Valhalla as well. It was loading the very first are, so you have the character in front of you and I saw these weird green artefacts in the middle of the screen. Immediately quit the game and booted it again and it was gone. Hasn’t appeared since. So I think it was the game causing this.

I was in a party yesterday and one other person who has the XSX has these weird audio issues with his headset. Out of the blue it stutters or sounds like robotic sounds, it’s strange and he said he didn’t have this on One X. Sounds like it needs a patch maybe.

One aspect I noticed is if if you have multiple storage devices, namely external USB (HDD or SSD).

If you have titles on externals that also have Series X|S optimized patches, when it’s updated the update will be installed on the internal NVME. Meanwhile, the title is still left installed on the external drives. This seemed to cause issues like the game not loading or exiting back to dashboard after launching. Once I deleted the title from the external, the issues went away.

Do you have a link to that list? Thx!

nice, has that f i l m i c look, you sure that isn’t a Playstation? Lol

sorry, jk, hope it gets fixed soon!

I don’t think there’s an official list yet, but see the below article which provides a link to the Xbox support page about the issue, and lists some games they are reporting as not currently supported.

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Another issue I’ve been having is that anytime I switch between games and apps, there’s some sort of green static screen for a split second. Also the instant response game mode on my LG seems to go off sporadically when opening up apps or when I go home.

ALLM is off in the UI. That is why I assume.

( The ALLM notification annoys me. Does anyone know how to disable those? )

Did you try a different HDMI cable?

after looking it up, doesn’t seem like you can turn it off. Only way is to disable instant game response but then you can’t use VRR or ALLM.

I tried doing that but quickly realized VRR is just too good, this is the killer feature of next gen on console

Same problem for me the are currently working to solve the issue.

Edit: your problem is on a another lvl… hope they can solve this soon!

I just set fortnite and destiny 2 to install, i just put knew batteries in my controller and the seriesX just powerd down, the console power button flash like 3-4 times, when I switched the console back on it started from a cold boot, also quick resume didnt work, I went back to star wars fo and it booted from scratch?

I think it might be this external harddrive ive had attached, this external harddrive has had issues with my 1X too im going to unplug it, I think its faulty. If its not that its probably just a launch time bug.

That really bad news, its sucks when electronics dont work. However if you just want to sell and get out of the xbox echosystem why did you get one in the first place? What happens if you get a PS5 and that is faulty too?

My Series X is not downloading while in stand by. Every time I turn the console off the downloads are interrupted. Is it happening to someone else?

Yes, seems to be happening to a lot of people, including my son. I read there is a fix coming for it.

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Thanks for letting me know!

By the way, here is a little tip to everyone for maintaining the download speeds at a high while not closing your game (as it is known, the download speed is much slower when there is a game running, even while suspended):

  1. Go to the home menu without closing the game you are playing;
  2. Open a second game. The game you were playing will be saved tanks to Quick Resume;
  3. Close this second game. There will be no games running in the background, so the download speeds will go up;
  4. When you finish your downloads and go back to the game you were playing, you will be back right where you were thanks to Quick Resume.

Hopefully they add a option later on to save a game on Quick Resume without closing it.


We can add Little Hope and layers of fear 2 to the list, no quick resume on those I discovered yesterday. LoF2 was only playing to check out the auto HDR (impressive!) little hope was playing with wife and switched out to Ass creed while she was on a phone call, lost a lot of progress, not impressed. At least MS should be publishing a list of titles that support or those that don’t (which ever is smallest)