Xbox S|X issues to be aware of for launch

There’s a few things to be aware of when you get your new console and these will likely get patched asap:

  • 4K/120hz
    • Known Issue: If you are using a 4K@120Hz TV that also supports VRR you might encounter no signal or corrupted image when the Xbox is configured for 4K120+VRR. This issue occurs with various TVs from LG, Samsung, or Vizio.

    • Workaround:

      • Update to the latest firmware on your TV
      • If the issue still persists, also consider trying the following:
        • Configure the console for 4K/60 with VRR by going to Setting > General > TV & display option s > Video Modes > check the box for Allow variable refresh rate .
        • Configure the console for 4k/120 with no VRR by going to Setting > Genera l > TV & display option s > Video Modes > uncheck the box for Allow variable refresh rate . The resolution and refresh rates are found under “ Display ” in TV & Display options.
        • If you wish to experience 120hz and VRR, please configure for 1080p/120hz VRR or 1440p/120hz VRR by Setting > General > TV & display options > Video Modes > check the box for Allow variable refresh rate. The resolution and refresh rates are found under “ Display ” in TV & Display options.
      • If you are experiencing a corrupted image, here are your workarounds to reverting back to a safe video mode:
        • Restart your console and configure your video modes to one of the listed options above.
        • If you’re still experiencing a corrupted image after restart, disable VRR on the TV. Please consult your TV manufactures on how to do this.
        • If the issue still persist after steps 1 and 2, perform the video mode reset sequence to get back to a safe state and configure for one of the two options above. To do this, follow the steps on this page here under “ Your screen is blank after you turn on the console > Reset your display settings ”.
  • EA Play app
    • Known Issue: The EA Play app will not launch or install on an Xbox Series X|S device.
    • Workaround: There is no workaround at this time but we are working with our app partners to find potential resolutions for the future. At this time, the app will only work on an Xbox One generation device.

If you are looking for ways to claim your 10-Hour trials for popular games like FIFA 21 or Madden 21 on an Xbox Series X|S device, you can find them in the Store. To do this, go to Store and Search for your game. Select the game desired from the search results and click on the “ Free Trial with EA Play ” button on the game description page.

If you are looking to play full games included with your EA Play subscription, you can access them in My Games & Apps > Full Library > EA Play .

  • Game Captures
    • Known Issue: Some users will see HDR captures appearing too dark when captured on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.
    • Workaround: There is no known workaround but a fix will be coming soon in a future console update.
  • BBC iPlayer app
    • Known Issue : The BBC iPlayer app will not launch or install on an Xbox Series X|S device.

    • Workaround: There is no workaround at this time but we are working with our app partners to resolve this. At this time, the BBC iPlayer app will only work on an Xbox One generation device.

    • Q: Why isn’t the BBC app available on Xbox Series X|S?

    • A: Many of your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, Sky, Now TV and more, are on the Store waiting for you when you boot your new Xbox console. There are a small number of apps that are not yet available - like BBC iPlayer – but we are working with partners to add these as soon as possible.

  • DVD & Blu-ray playback
    • Known Issue: Some users may insert a DVD or Blu-ray into their console and encounter a black screen.
    • Workaround: If you are experiencing this, simply remove the disc from the console, restart the console, and then re-insert the disc into the console to watch your disc.
  • PeacockTV app
    • Known Issue: Some users will experience occasional pixelated frames while using the PeacockTV app on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.
    • Workaround: There is no known workaround at this time but the proper teams are working on a fix to be included in a future update.
  • Quick Resume
    • While Quick Resume is fully operational with thousands of titles, we are aware a select number of Optimized titles may be experiencing issues with this feature. To ensure the best possible experience for our fans, we’ve disabled the feature for these titles and are working as quickly as possible to fix this at the platform level.

Sounds like nothing too major on the level of RROD that’s good to hear


Bumping this to let people know xbox has some core service issues today, probably from load of people downloading.

Reguarding the EA play app, you can access EA play titles from the gamepass tab.


Anyone else can’t change dynamic theme yet?

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I have not witnessed quick resume yet, ive tried to do it with gears 5, warzone and mother of sker but when I reopen them they start from a cold start.

This thread is very welcome. Not good to put it all in the one Xbox thread.

I had the “no signal” issue three times today. I had tested Ori 2 with 120hz and I had forgotten to put it back to 60hz, although apparently that isn’t even the culprit. It likely is the “allow variable refresh rate” setting that I should have disabled.

As for games.

Friend of mine lost 3 hours of progress in AC Valhalla. He noticed a loading sign on the lower right of the screen sticking around, it didn’t go away. So he rebooted the game completely, turns out nothing was ever saved.

I have problems with hdr but apparently a fix is in the works…

HDR in general or for a particular game? I have trash HDR with AC Valhalla, black levels are elevated and ruins dark rooms and night times in the game. With HDR off it’s a world of difference.

no my tv should support hdr10 but when I try the setting: HDR for Gaming it does not apply

Hi there,

So I had my Serie X yesterday, played few games (SoD2, PUBG, RE2, Grounded)… everything was fine…

Today AC Valhalla finished downloading, I tried it… then 15mn into the game I had weird artifacts on the screen, the console shut down itself, and when I’ve switched it on again, weird white dots were everywhere…

I called MS support… I have to send it for repair, 1 month mnimum…!

Launch is already f…d up for me, as I took 2 days off, I had also lots of problems with my One X, I changed it 2 times… I’ll send it to repair, as I have no choice… Absolutely disgusted, I’ll sell it asap when I’ll have the new one, and unfortunately I won’t buy another Xbox for a loooong time

I mean that’s really unlucky. And annoying. But every launch of an electronics product will have issues like this sadly. My first PS4 was a BLOD victim. Its sadly the way it goes sometimes. Hopefully MS can sort you out quickly.

Hiccups I experienced:

Dynamic theme shows no slection list. Only one theme available. No feedback on the UI if it was selected or not. But the theme shows up

Quick Resume did not work for some games for me: Including FH4 and another one that I don’t remember at the moment.

And that’s already it for me so far

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Regarding the dynamic theme, I saw a windows central article stating there is only the one theme right now unless you’re in the alpha insider ring. For the quick resume, there is a small list of games that aren’t currently supported.

Yeah, thx for your words, but unfortunatly it will take minimum 1 month certainly more for MS to repair or send me another one…

The thing is… I don’t even want another one, I’ll sell it as soon as I’ve got it, I’ve prepared this day, bought games, accessories, took 2 days off and what happened nearly killed ALL the hype I had for this console… I know it’s bad luck, but it what it is, Xbox Serie X doesn’t interest me anymore because of this s…t

erm that looks like it could just be a HDMI cable issue

Hi Daniel,

I’ve tried everything possible, another cable, another TV, another port… still the same

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These are locked, I can get them in the preview build so not really an issue they’re just not ready.

Not every game supports quick resume, FH4 could be one of those games.

FH4 isn’t an online game? If is it, it can’t work

My “dynamic theme” button doesn’t work