Xbox S/X in Brazil - Loading

Diffrent from the speed of the SSD, the details of the Xbox in Brazil are very slow.
We don’t know price, pre-sale, date, absolutely nothing.
Meanwhile, Sony Brasil announced everything on the same day.

The work of Xbox BR is no better. Since before already suffering criticism for being slow on social networks and still with weak content.

The community asks for details on social media, but we have no concrete explanation. In fact, so far the only explanation has come from outside Brazil.

The Xbox community in Brazil is big. The new generation has everything to dominate in the country, since the price of consoles and games is extremely expensive in the country, but Microsoft has low cost options.



How much is the official Ps5 price in Brazil?

They prolly are taking the time to set up all access with some retailers as here everything goes in a much slower rhythm here. I heard a rumor about it being R$4999 with 249/2ys payments for the SX. Although I think the consoles prices are abusive, it is nice to have this option and could be gamer changer for Xbox brand here, especially witg the Series S.

According to Cindy, the console will not be up for preorder on the 22nd in here, and it is not confirmed to launch day one aswell.


R$4499 / R$4999

I don’t know what happened but Xbox Brazil has only been disappointing lately.

They don’t give a position, someone from XboxUS has to come and explain why it takes so long. Honestly, I hope it is because the price is going to be excellent because there is no point in all this delay to bring a price equal to the PS5. Xbox around the world sending super well and we in Brazil going really bad.

In the past Xbox Brazil had the best price on the console market here, now we have to pay the price of 2 xbox to receive 1, this is too sad.


It was better to be without the price. Very expensive

All the hype for it? Sad

Yeah, it followed the current rule of adding a 9 after the US price.

Which actually makes it weirder that the PS5 DE is R$ 4499. A R$ 1500 difference between the Series S and the PS5 DE is HUGE and could make a difference in Brazil.

It is, but the next-gen Series S is being sold at the same price of the Nintendo Switch.

In Portuguese, for a moment:

Eu imagino que chegando Black Friday e o Natal, vamos ter promoções - e tem aquele esquema do cashback que muitos varejistas já tem, então pode ser que consigamos abater algo no preço na compra lá por novembro.

Eu guardei dinheiro imaginando que o preço passaria dos R$ 6 mil, então tô um pouco aliviado. Mas também tô com aquela sensação de que o preço poderia ser menor que o do PlayStation, visto a presença maior da Microsoft no Brasil.

Isso é bom também pra abaixar o preço no mercado cinza. Isso deve garantir o Series X por uns R$ 4300 e o Series S por uns R$ 2300 no começo de 2021, mas a falta de garantia estendida sempre preocupa.

Vou tentar pegar no lançamento, mas tô achando que não vai chegar no mesmo dia que nos EUA. E ainda tem o agravante de as varejistas não garantirem a entrega no dia do lançamento.

Meu plano é fazer a pré-venda via boleto à medida que os sites forem disponibilizando. No final do dia eu pago o boleto referente à melhor oferta: desconto à vista, cashback, etc. Minha preferência é a Amazon, visto que sou Prime e isso me garantiria uma entrega mais rápida. Mas acho que a melhor oferta vai ser no Submarino / Americanas (cashback + AME).

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So 500€ seems to be 3.200R$. This looks wrong. Can some of the friendly brazilian users here explain their pricing situation to me please?

High taxes in Brazil for games.

We expected a better value in S. Even with taxes, Microsoft was able to offer the best values ​​in Brazil. But the current work of Xbox BR is not very good.


As putfire explained, taxes. Almost everything that comes outside our country is taxed. The tax rate varies, but electronic goods have higher taxes. And sometimes goods are taxed more than once, because there are different overlapping taxes.

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thanks for the responses and insights

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